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E3 2017

Everything we expect to see from Xbox's E3 2017

Computex 2017

ASUS ZenBook Pro (2017) + ZenBook Flip S hands-on

What could've been

This is Microsoft’s original vision for the Lumia 950 series

All in on AI

Did Microsoft shift to an AI-focused strategy because of Google?

Clamshell vs. Kickstand

Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro: Spec showdown and form factor wars

Windows Central Digital Offers

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Quick comparison of the new Surface Pro and Dell's XPS 15

Both great devices

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Microsoft's 'Beam' service is getting a rebrand, say hi to 'Mixer'

Star Wars hits the big 4-0

Celebrate Star Wars' birthday with these great gifts!

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Should you buy Microsoft's Surface Pro or Surface Laptop?

Love/hate relationship

8 things you'll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you'll hate

Monkey see monkey do

Is Microsoft's Fluent Design a clone of Google's Material Design?

Surface FTW

Surface Pro beats iPad Pro in a tech spec comparison — by a mile

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The pinnacle of Surface

Why isn't the new Surface Pro named 'Surface Pro 5?'

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Missing the future

Why Microsoft's new Surface Pro doesn't have a USB Type-C port

All new for 2017

Meet the new Microsoft Surface Pro!

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The Daily Show has turned its satirical lens onto Google Glass. Stories of Google Glass Explorers getting attacked, harassed, and expelled from venues are nothing new anymore, though to the average person seeing somebody walking around with Glass, it can be a touch unnerving. As Comedy Central's The Daily Show is apt to do, they dug into that uncomfortableness with comic results.

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Last week a woman says she was attacked in a bar for wearing Google Glass. It took place in Molotov’s, a San Francisco bar in the Lower Haight district.  It’s an area where you’ll find a lot of young artists and post-college vagabonds idling about. Sarah Slocum was the victim and the incident a real-life manifestation of the comment section of a tech site.

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Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld's been back on the prowl recently with his oddball and descriptively-titled Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, though his eponymous "show about nothing" has never been far from the public consciousness (see: iToilet and Google Wallet). Seinfeld himself showed up on The Tonight Show this week and he, as he's prone to do, talked about how we use our smartphones and the way they've changed how we communicate.

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Heard any good jokes lately?  If not, the Windows Phone 8 app Jokebox hopes to change that.

And if you have heard a few good jokes, the app will let you share your witticism with others to see if you are really that funny.  Jokebox is laid out in straightforward fashion and does have a few wisecracks that may make you crack a smile.

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The Skype apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone have been involved in a rather heated, yet slightly humorous discussion in the past. Microsoft originally made it so consumers could not close down the app completely on either platform, unless you rebooted or uninstalled the app.

Cartoonist Scott Adams has published the above Skype comic, illustrating just how annoying this problem was (and still is) for some.

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How does a team of talented personnel come up with a revamped UI? You'd imagine there'd be planning, special software and other techniques involved. But what if you could actually create a mobile UI in a word processor? That's exactly what Vaclav Krejci has managed to achieve, by reproducing the iOS 7 Home screen in Microsoft Word. You have to see it to believe it.

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See Stephen Elop with the Lumia 1520

In a few short weeks we’ll hopefully be learning more and getting our hands on the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s the upcoming device from Nokia that will be the first Windows Phone 8 device with a 1080p display and a quad-core processor. Earlier this summer we heard that Nokia had an event planned for September 26th in New York City, however dates could be changing due to the Microsoft deal.

Regardless, wherever and whenever Nokia decides to announce the Lumia 1520 we’ll be there to give you guys and gals coverage. But before then, we wanted to share an image of Stephen Elop and the Lumia 1520.

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Believe it or not, there are some settings where you shouldn't have your smartphone around. Places like a doctors appointment, job interview, or court hearing are fairly obvious places where you should leave it in the car or at least put it on silent. So what happens when the professional across the table breaks this rule, especially if it's your own? In the case of a Michigan judge, you hold yourself in contempt. No, this not the Onion. 

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The last time we checked in on Windows Phone Central forum member Nisse Tuta, he was making beautiful videos in honor of the Lumia 920 and also humorously testing out its wireless charging capabilities.

Now Nisse has a new video available that goes through some various cases for the flagship Nokia phone and we have to admit, it had us in stitches.  Whether you need a big solid case, an official Nokia one (CP-600) or the ultimate day-to-day one, you’ll want to take a moment from you day an appreciate Nisse’s humor.

Speaking of, we should just hire Nisse to make us videos on the Lumia 920 as clearly he has a knack for it.

Source: WPCentral Forums; Thanks, Norbert S., for the tip!

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Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement on its YouTube channel, which illustrates just how simple Windows 8 is. Consumers are shown to be hovering around a Windows counter with a handful of demonstration PC units available.

An employee approaches said members of public to enquire if they require any assistance, which leads to a child to pop out with a stool to run the weary traveller through the delights of the new operating system. The video is recorded in Portugal and is in the native language with subtitles.

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Chuck Norris Facts is one of about thirty six some odd Windows Phone apps related to the famed action hero. Chuck Norris Facts stands out because it includes some humorous wallpapers and  has landed on the Windows Phone Store's New and Rising list.

The Chuck Norris Facts app contains over three thousand facts about Mr. Norris and dozens of wallpapers. Wallpapers that can be pulled up at random or you can choose your favorite to remain in the background. Wallpapers can also be saved to your Windows Phone for use as lockscreen wallpapers. Just go to the settings, find your favorite background image, tap/hold on it and choose Save Image.

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An interesting video has been published on the Microsoft Norge YouTube channel, which takes place on October 26th in Oslo, Norway. The video shows a team setting up a stage for the popular Norwegian electro rock band Datarock. This platform for the band to perform on is hidden behind a false wall on a street. The band, along with volunteers, will then surprise the general public.

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It’s never fun to take things too seriously, which is why we like this video of a purported Surface unboxing. Performed with a mock Russian accent, the video takes a jab at the “old” Microsoft (or rather what some people still perceive as being Redmond’s problem: clunky, non-working software and hardware).

We won’t say too much more on this because it speaks for itself. But we definitely got a chuckle out of it.

Source: Puppet Shed; Thanks, 47project in comments for the tip!

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Head of Windows Steven Sinofsky managed to take the Microsoft Surface out for a spin, and not in the way you might have assumed. Showing off just how durable the product is, Sinofsky took the Windows 8 tablet, which has just been made available for pre-order, and turned it into a skateboard. Yes, the head of Windows was literally riding the Surface.

What appears to be an extension attached to the underbody of the Surface tablet reveals four bright green wheels. We're not entirely sure how far Sinofsky managed to skate, or if it would survive a journey with someone of a larger stature, but it's a humorous example of just how well built the Surface Windows 8 tablets are. The company previously published a video showing some choices that were made through its development.

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President Barack Obama has been known to be a die-hard BlackBerry fan for years now, even as the Waterloo company is scrambling for its life to stay afloat. While he can wait for BlackBerry 10 to arrive sometime next year, we think he should start considering other options. (After all, that platform won’t have 100,000 apps, right?)

In a somewhat humorous moment this past weekend, the President started to use an iPhone, presumably either as a backup, transition device or just someone else’s. Either way, he evidently wasn’t at all familiar with neither the phone nor the OS and he scrambled a bit when trying to dial out.

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Rage against the Galaxy

To close out this exciting, Windows Phone 8-filled week, The Nokia Blog managed to get their hands on a few more pics of the Finns crashing Samsung’s party this week at IFA in Berlin.

Previously we had what seemed like a single person with a sign but as it turns out, it was a small crowd of at least 6 people with placards and smiles. What’s more, you can tell Samsung’s security was not to impressed with the brazen display, pulling the signs from the Astroturfers.

While silly jesting, it still pales when compared to what RIM tried to pull off with Apple back in April but clearly Nokia has a bone to pick with Samsung.

See more photos at the Nokia Blog.

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