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ilomilo join FitLife620 and Grow as this week's Red Stripe Deals

You know the drill, folks. Every Thursday a handful of apps have their prices slashed in the Red Stripe Deals promotion. This week we've got ilomilo, FitLife and Grow. Check out the reduced prices, further details and store links after the break.

Top Windows 8 games to sit back and relax

Windows Phone Central Roundup: Windows 8 Games

Last week we checked out the Top Windows 8 games for the “hardcore” gamer; this week, we are heading in the opposite direction and taking a look at the top Windows 8 games for those of you who just want to kick back. Cue the relaxing playlist on Spotify, grab a glass of California Merlot, and turn on that foot massager – we are counting off some of the Top Windows 8 games to sit back and relax.

Look out! 6 Xbox Windows Phone games on sale while Earthworm Jim drops its price [Updated]


Update: As part of the Microsoft Publisher sale, a total of six games are on sale this week! Full list after the break.

On Xbox 360, the Xbox Live Spring Sale has just concluded. Starting later today, a selection of Microsoft Studios XBLA sales will go on sale. On the Windows Phone front, the big EA games sale took place during the same time as the 360’s Spring Sale. You’ll remember the EA sale as the one that took a bunch of crazily overpriced games like The Sims 3 and marked them down to just angrily overpriced. It’s good to own a Nokia phone, where the EA exclusives sell for much more reasonable prices.

Coinciding with the XBLA Microsoft Studios sale, it looks like we’re getting another Xbox game sale on Windows Phone! The sale titles include Gerbil Physics, ilomilo, and Zombies on the Phone, and three more games. Plus Gameloft’s Earthworm Jim just got a permanent price drop. More details after the break!

Must-Have Xbox Live games for your Windows Phone

Best Xbox Live Games for Windows Phones

Today WPCentral is pleased to bring you a new entry in our ‘Best apps for your Windows Phone’ series. Past installments have included Must-have Games, Word Games, Free Apps, Photography Apps, Weather Apps, and Must-Have apps. Our Must-Have Games and Word Games articles already covered a ton of great Windows Phone titles, so where do we go from here? Let’s focus on just the top few Xbox Live games this time out.

If you’re new to Windows Phone, the distinction between Xbox Live games and regular ones (usually called indie games here) might seem confusing. Xbox Live is Microsoft’s multi-platform gaming brand/service. Xbox Live debuted on the original Xbox console but really came into its own with the Xbox 360, where downloadable games are called Xbox Live Arcade games. Xbox Live titles on Windows Phone are basically the equivalent of XBLA games: high-profile downloadable games that (usually) undergo a rigorous certification process. On Windows Phone, the chief advantages of Xbox Live games (beyond increased marketplace visibility) are Leaderboards, Achievements, and occasional connectivity with Xbox 360 titles (which we’ll save for another article).

Head past the break for more Xbox Live primer plus our picks for the top five best Xbox Live games!

Xbox LIVE title ilomilo gets a Mango update

It's been awhile since we've seen ilomilo get an attention. In fact the premier launch game hasn't been touched since February when it received a hefty update, including a whole new story. The popular puzzle game is a great example of an original title for the platform, with great level design and a well executed UI (see our review). One could argue it's one of the best Xbox LIVE titles out there.

Unfortunately while version 1.2 does bring Mango support e.g. fast-app switching (perhaps 60 FPS), no new story was added nor any bells and whistles ala ringtones. In fact, we haven't seen any other changes, but like always we'll get a full changelog as soon as we can and let you know.

Anyways, for those who want it, you can grab the new version right here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Harry, for the tip!

ilomilo is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. Yay!

Ready for an awesome Deal of the Week? ilomilo is on sale for $2.99, down from $4.99.

ilomilo is a fantastic portable adaptation of the hit XBLA game. It stars two friends, ilo and milo, who are averse to capitalization but love playing together. After playing every day, they go home, only to find that the next day, the world has rearranged itself, preventing them from being together. Thus the object of every level is to find each other (while perhaps finding some secrets along the way).

As our review notes, there is no way to die in this game. It’s all about finding your way around, which is challenging enough on its own since the protagonists can walk on all six sides of the cuboid levels. ilomilo remains of the most beautiful games on the platform, with catchy music and great touch-screen controls to boot.

AT&T users who purchased their Windows Phones prior to December 31 got ilomilo for free. Since the start of 2011 it has been available to everyone for $4.99. South End Interactive, the developers, even added 23 new levels to make it a better purchase.

ilomilo is on sale for $2.99 for one week only. To help ilo and milo reunite, head over here (Zune link) to the Marketplace.

ilomilo gets updated with new levels, features and story

Personal opinion here: most Xbox LIVE titles on Windows Phone have been underwhelming, to say the least. But there are a few gems out there and 'ilomilo' is definitely one of them (see our review). (Plus for early adopters on AT&T, you got the game for free).

So it's nice to see Southend Interactive rolling out a substantial update to the game that delivers more content, bonuses and story. Check it out in the above video. In fact, you get all of this:

  • The story of ilo and milo continue through two new gorgeous worlds.
  • 23 new levels of cubistic puzzles!
  • New eggs to find in order to unlock two new challenging bonus levels!
  • New brain teasing cubes!

We like every one of those bullets, so much so we're gonna go play the game right now. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

Source: Blog ilomilo; via wmpoweruser

Ilomilo is now available to UK fans

Live in the UK? Love cute, cuddly, adorable, puzzle games? Well you are in luck! Developer Southend Interactive has officially released Ilomilo a few days ago, which was locked to the AT&T network alone. Branching off from our review of Ilomilo, this beautiful little fantasy adventure will be ensuring that you forget Narnia, and focus on reuniting with your other half of the coin.

I have waited some time for this as some folk I know have explored the depths of puzzling on their phones, which has led to them to venture on a boasting spree. Installing and opening up the title, I hadn't put it down for a good hour and half making my commute on the train bareable. Below is a video from our review, by Rob, giving a great run through the game.

Head on over to the Marketplace to pick up this title for £3.99 ($4.99).

Ilomilo coming for all on WP7 in January; Xbox secret site is live

Ilomilio is one of those great games (seriously, see our comprehensive review) that unfortunately AT&T grabbed a three-month exclusive on--well it's great if you're on AT&T but bad for the rest of the world.

Looks like in January, the game will finally roll out to all in the Marketplace, regardless of territory. That should be welcome news to many who are missing out on one of the more high profile games for Windows Phone 7. (ed. I happen to really dig it, even though I think I now have diabetes because it's so cute)

In other news, the Xbox console version is set to launch around the same time but users can get a sneak peak now by visiting the secret site. The site was only known to those who have the WP7 version but alas, we're going to ruin the party. From there, you can grab an access code to play on your Xbox. Schweet.

Source: Know Your Mobile,

Ilomilo Review

I like puzzle games and I like things that are expressly cute without overdoing it. I like quirky fun music and the graphic styles of old story books. Forgive me if I'm not just a little bit biased toward Ilomilo. Southend Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios have crafted a heartwarming and fun platform puzzler which was (at launch) an exclusive with AT&T.

Ilomilo: AT&T Exclusive game?

Just though this was interesting. The game Ilomilo, one of the most talked about (see video demo after the break), is a free download for AT&T Windows Phone 7 users. On top of that, it's an exclusive to the carrier as the game is not yet available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

No word on how long AT&T has this game all to themselves, but if you were thinking of getting that Samsung Focus or HTC Surround, there' s one more reason. But it stinks for non-AT&T customers!

AT&T offering free Windows Phone entertainment pack

The new Windows Phone 7 devices are headed to AT&T and to help sweeten the deal, AT&T is offering a free entertainment pack for a limited time.

The entertainment pack includes the XBox Live puzzle-game "Ilomilo", a 30 Day Zune Pass, and a free month of AT&T U-Verse Mobile. The $29.95 valued freebie will be available to AT&T customers who purchase a Windows Phone between October 25, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

You can find all the fine print on the offer over at AT&T's website.