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I'm a WP7

Changes are coming to the popular Windows Phone app ...I'm a WP7!. Changes that will give the app a name change and a few design changes.

For those not familiar ...I'm a WP7! is a popular Windows Phone app that lets you locate Windows Phone users in your area, interact with them, share tips and tricks, have access to daily and weekly wallpapers, tap into custom ringtones and tons more. ... I'm a WP7! has grown so much since it's launch in April of 2011 that a core group of users have put together the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" to help guide everyone through the ...I'm a WP7! environment.

With Windows Phones moving to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 right around the corner, the developer has decided to change the name to better capture the nature and intent of the app. The version 3.12 update has been submitted to Microsoft for certification and will give ...I'm a WP7! a new name and slightly new look. With the update, ...I'm a WP7! will become Outsider for Windows Phone.

Why the "Outsider"? Since the app is heavily “unrecognized” by Microsoft and the Windows Phone Team, the term “Outsider” has been chosen in direct contrast to “Insider”. The app's concept and features won't change (well... the features will continue to grow), it's just the name.

Look for the update to be pushed out in about a week and if you haven't checked out ...I'm a WP7!, it's followers number over 300,000 and span 189 countries. It is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Oh...and you can find the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" here on Skydrive. It's a OneNote document and is a work in progress.

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In honor of their nomination for "Best App of the Year" over at WP App List, the developers of I'm A WP7! are running an “our fans rock" freebie offer. Starting today, you can download the full version of the social networking app, plus the features of the I'm A WP7 Extras! app, free of charge, saving yourself the usual $2.99. This offer runs until Midnight PST on Sunday. Here are the full details from Scott J. Peterson, developer of I'm A WP7:

Unlocking of the all features and functionality of the app, including the Forums, GamerHub™, as well as full access to all Statistics, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Easter Eggs and Extras normally requires the purchase of the $2.99 U.S. “...I'm a WP7 Extras!” app, but all these features will now be unlocked and available for both new and existing users. Existing Fans who access the app through the weekend will continue to have full functionality as well, as long as they access the app at least once during this period. Thanks to our 310,000 fans worldwide for their support!

I'm A WP7! is a great way to share your love of Windows Phone, and has been quite a useful tool in learning about new versions that are out there in the wild.

Clarification: The app "I'm a WP7!" is always free but certain features within it are "locked" and supplanted by a secondary app called "Extras". This promotion unlocks those features in the original app for free and keeps them unlocked going forward if you do it during the special period.

Pick up I'm a WP7! here in the Marketplace.

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Although we're still tinkering with Windows Phone 7 Mango CR2 and Tango is floating around, it makes sense that Microsoft already has early builds of Windows Phone 8 in the works. Perhaps it's already on some hardware and someone has installed the fan app "I'm a WP7!" (though it's not too smart).

Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" build 8.0.9662.0 is now recorded in that app and visible under the device statistics sections. The obvious question though is it real or fake? From our discussions with the developer, Scott Peterson, it's a bit difficult to "spoof" the device ID checks that he has in place (though we certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility either). For this reason, we're treating this with a grain of salt.

Windows Phone 8, expected to be announced this summer and released later in 2012, is the first major overhaul of the OS since it's release in 2010. Dual core CPU support in addition to additional display resolutions, NFC and more advanced features are all expected to be introduced with the OS, though exact details are scarce at the time.

We're also reaching out trying to get more information such as the device make and carrier to see if we can discern whether this is fake or real. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to discuss the possibilities below.

Update: From Scott Peterson, developer of "Im a WP7!":

"It’s running from an Emulator, doesn’t appear to be spoofed, is using the default Emulator location, and the Time Zone Offset lines up with Pacific Coast…"

Update 2: We have it on good word that Windows Phone 8 has begun internal testing aka "dogfooding" at Microsoft on March 30th.

Pick up I'm a WP7! here in the Marketplace; Thanks, Lee T. and clubdirthill, for the info

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We know a lot of you folks enjoy your "I'm a WP7!". The free Windows Phone enthusiast app has had constant updates not for bug fixes but for new features nearly every few weeks. The developer, Liquid Daffodil has done a knock out job with the program by developing one of the most unique and dedicated communities around (well, except for our forums, ahem!). He's done all of this, remarkably, for free as that app doesn't even have ads in it--just straight gorgeous content.

Now, he's released a companion app called appropriately "I'm a WP7 Extras!" which brings a lot of advanced features that many users have been demanding. Of course, there is a price for those "premium" items which is $2.99. While some may balk at such a price, many users are more than pleased as the app sits with 5 out of 5 stars in the Marketplace right now. So, what do you get for the cost of a cup of coffee?

  • Change your Hive! (Actually “Swap” Hives with another user!
  • Use an image or photo as your Profile Pic!
  • Get access to ALL the Today’s Picks and Category Wallpapers for your own use!
  • Unlock the full Forums, GamerHub™, and all the Extras and other cool features of ...i’m a WP7!

In other words, some pretty cool features that make the main app and experience much better. Sure, not everyone needs all of those additional items and luckily for us the main app "I'm a WP7!" is still free and was just recently updated to version 3.9. But for those who want those bonus items, well, we have to give a thumbs up to "Extras!". Plus, if you use the main app, this is a great way to show the dev some appreciation for him keeping it free and ad-free.

Pick up "Extras!" here in the Marketplace for $2.99 and give the main app, "I'm a WP7!" a spin for free right here. We'll also see about doing a new review for the both of them later this week.

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According to the "...I'm a WP7!" app, the percentage of Windows Phone users who have updated to Mango has almost reached 50%. NoDo installations still account for 36% of the statistics. Germany has gained second place with the number of users on Mango at 57%.

Some data for you to wrap your head around should you be interested in the status of the Mango rollout.

Thanks Robert for the tip!

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I'm a WP7! updated to 3.4 with secret lairs

The social app "...I'm a WP7!" has been continuously updated on a regular basis, no complaints here. Now we've received word of version 3.4, which brings a few new features. The most notable change is the introduction of lairs for members to collect awardables and show off their "booty" to other users.

As well as the lairs we have a new Easter egg and GamerHub Meetup messages. Being a statistics freak, the included "top carriers" list will prove to be insightful. The features packed into the small download is nothing short of amazing. As a small bonus, should you use Foursquare, "I'm a WP7!" will be sporting Foursquare Check In in version 3.5. 

You can download "...I'm a WP7!" from the Marketplace.

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It wasn't long ago that ...I'm a WP7! was updated to version 3.2 that brought gamer meetups, wallpapers and ring tones, and much more. Now we have version 3.3 available for download. Highlighted features in this update:

  • Gamer Achievements and profile fixes
  • New easter eggs
  • Mini game "Match-Atar"
  • More "pinnable" live tiles
  • Numerous updates and fixes to all areas

Version 3.3 is a fix-focused update with the mini-game being the main feature added.  It's a free app and you can download ...I'm a WP7! from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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We're kind of big fans of the app "...I'm a WP7!" as it's elegantly designed, feature rich and well, it's free. We mentioned v3.2 a few weeks ago, including some new features that were on the way and today, you can grab that update.

Here are the new additions:

  • Download Wallpapers & Ringtones
  • Task “Extras” like Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode access, even a fun little WP7 Flashlight
  • The GamerHub™ (this is a BIG COOL FEATURE) with Gamer “MeetUps”
  • Tons of Live Tile integration, essentially all areas can now be pinned: Messaging, Forums, GamerHub™, Tips & Tricks

The gamer meetups are pretty awesome--basically if you're a Gears of War fan, or enjoy online multiplayers, it's a quick way to call up a bunch of folks from the community for a match up. You also get gamer news integrated right into the app, which is convenient.

But for the wallpapers and ringtones alone, it seems silly not to pick up this app. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

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For those curious, the world-wide attempt by Microsoft at updating Windows Phone to version 7.5 aka "Mango" seems to be hitting a steady pace of about 1.5% per day. Using the app 'I'm a WP7!' which has data sampled from a massive 83,527 users, we can see that Mango (builds 7720, 7721) is now on 20% of devices the world over (17% in the U.S.).

If you throw in the developer and beta builds of Mango, we're at nearly 30% of those 83,000 users, putting us up about 12% from a week ago.

While that official number of 20% may seem low, remember that Microsoft is doing a controlled update process, meaning only a small percentage of users will actually get an update notification. That number has increased this week, but we imagine it will still be another 10 days before we hit 50% of users on Mango. What we are seeing though is a consistent and steady daily increase in those upgrading to Windows Phone 7.5, much faster than any previous build.

Want some perspective via our competition? Android's latest version of the OS titled 'Gingerbread' (2.3x) was released in December of 2010. As of yesterday, they are hovering at about 38% devices world wide on that OS build--that's 10 months out. Microsoft, meanwhile, has managed to get 20% of its users on their latest version of the OS in 10 days. Clearly, we see who the real winner is here.

Edit: We should point out that it's not so much about numbers of users here that's the difference between Windows Phone and Android, but the model for update distribution is vastly different. Microsoft has taken a much more direct approach to ensure that those 10 devices on 50 carriers world wide were all on the same page at the same time. Scale matters, but the update model here is the key differentiating factor between the two platforms. If you threw in a million HD7s to the mix, it would change very little since that same update is still approved for a million phones. We're just saying, we're not the Samsung Infuse 4G.

Grab 'I'm a WP7!' for free here in the Marketplace to add your stats.

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...I'm a WP7 updated for Mango and even bigger plans

The app ...I'm a WP7 is one of those quite impressive offerings that many over look (though not too many as it's constantly #3 is the top free social apps). The program has just been updated to v3.1 making it the second Mango update to the given in the week. While v2.5 was quite an overhaul, we were pleased to see where 3.x has started to go and how it continues to improve. New features in v3.1 are the following:

  • Multiple Live Tiles
  • Hub Start screen
  • Member forums
  • Easter Eggs (hint: there's a ringtone)
  • Badge integration
  • User statistics
  • Twitter status integration
  • Save favorites
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

The forums are an interesting twist that are actually kind of fun (and a great way to anonymously discuss Windows Phone news) and the new layout and options are much welcomed. Plus with the fast-app resume and live tiles, you get a little more pizazz going on. We've also managed to learn about some new features coming very soon: 

  • GamerHub will, among other things, allow users to set up “meetups” where other users around the world can see them and join in, and help other Xbox users achieve goals, or just have fun
  • Extras area will Wallpapers/Ringtones, etc. updated constantly

Of course the app is free and even more importantly, ad free (and we're told always will be). If for nothing else, the app is just worth looking at as it's some nice programming skills. Microsoft should think about including this on every device, just our thoughts. Pick up the app here in the Marketplace.

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The stable of Nokia Windows Phone numbers keep growing--we have the SeaRay (number unknown), the 800 and now the 703. The latest showed up on the app "I'm a WP7!" by Scott Peterson (v2.6 just passed certification), which collects user model data and he kindly aggregated for us.

Of course we still don't know if these are all separate models or just variants e.g. a CDMA version, etc. We're actually leaning towards the idea that these are all different models, seeing as they have completely different categories i.e. this isn't a Nokia 801 vs 803. Still, we don't want to be premature on the issue but Nokia may be getting read to hit us big with Windows Phones.

Speaking of, they are also allowing us to vote on what the new Nokia Windows Phone series should be called in the U.S. In a tweet from Chanse Arrington, Nokia Head of Developer Marketing, North America, he linked to a poll where you can choose from a select set of names for their new phones. The choices are 

  • Fusion
  • Genesis
  • Phoenix
  • Elite
  • EZ
  • Challenger
  • Share
  • Suggest your own
  • Other

So far, "Other" and "Suggest your own" are leading the pack, which doesn't bode well for the rest. Whether or not these names are binding remains to be seen, but kudos to Nokia to reaching out to the public for some interaction on the matter. You can vote right here: http://polldaddy.com/poll/5450687/

via: MyNokiaBlog, I'm a WP7! (App); Thanks, Just Visiting, for the heads up!

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Looks like whomever is testing these phones sure likes to broadcast they're doing so. The popular, free and fun "I'm a WP7!" which recently had a major revision (see here) obviously collects interesting data from users and the developer, Scott Peterson, shared them with us. The info is an "...aggregate of over 46,000 devices, in over 150 countries worldwide." Yowza!

First, as you can see above, many of the new "Mango" devices that we've been reading and writing about have recently come "on line". That date is when they were first spotted. For those wondering, the Asus Galaxy6 is actually a very, very old Windows Phone 7 device that never got past some development work. Interesting to see it show up though. We also see the usual suspects:

  • Acer M310
  • Samsung GT-i8350
  • Nokia 800
  • HTC Eternity
  • HTC Omega
  • Fujitsu IS12T
  • Samsung SGH-i677
  • LG-LS831 (still unknown)
  • Toshiba Tsunagi (TG01 developer device)

Missing from the list? Any Dell device. There was one spotted back in May with a missing "device name", but other than that, it looks like Dell may not have anything further, confirming the idea that they're out of the mobile phone biz.Then again, perhaps they're just really disciplined and secretive.

Finally, Scott tells us he's seen a new build of Windows Phone, which would be Tango 8310. The previous version was 8200, seen here.

Interesting stuff and hopefully we'll have more on the way. Pick up "I'm a WP7" here in the Marketplace, it's worth a spin.

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The app 'I'm a WP7!' (see AppSpotlight) is certainly one of the more unique programs available to Windows Phone. It's a social network created by and for Windows Phone users, a way to share tips, communicate and even know who's around you with a similar phone.  On top of that, it's one heck of a polished app--excellent Metro layout, smooth scrolling, beautiful dialog boxes and all sorts of options.

Version 2.5 just came out today and it's a pretty major one--so major that we felt the need to do this post. For those of you who use the app, you should be getting notified about the update. For those who have never used it: we strongly encourage you to give it a spin. It's free and has zero ads--what's not to love about that?

Here are the new changes:

  • Push Notifications for messages
  • Individual status and status updates
  • GamerTag/Avatar integration
  • MAJOR Search and Map enhancements
  • Windows Phone Tips & Tricks
  • Latest Windows Phone News
  • Member Apps
  • More statistics
  • More themes, including a new "Mango" theme

The GamerTag/Avatar integration is great as it gives your ID some personality. The options to share (or not share) your location, device info, etc. will give those who are shy some reprieve as you can choose how much (or little) to share with others.

What can we say--we love the design and operation. If you dig Windows Phone, this is a great app for building up the community and being a part of something. The app is free, in the top Top 20 of social network apps and just a great example of ingenuity on our platform. Oh and the developer has graciously integrated our RSS feed for the Windows Phone news, meaning you have yet another easy way to stay on top of the latest info out there. Huzzah!

Give it a go here in the Marketplace and join the party!

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I'm a WP7 - App Spotlight

Curious if you're the only Windows Phone user in your area? There's a way to find out. I'm a WP7 is a free application over at the Marketplace that will let you see Windows Phone users and developers who are in your area.

Key features of the app include:

  • Register by Location, Postal Code, or “In the Cloud”
  • See the latest WP7 Users and Developers
  • If you're a WP7 Developer, you can provide your Company Name to make it easy for WP7 Users to access your apps
  • Search anywhere in the world to see other WP7 users
  • Surprise Me button to pull up random locations, world wide, to show you the WP7 developers and users in that area
  • See WP7 developers in your area, and automatically search the Windows Phone Marketplace for their apps
  • Send messages to WP7 Users directly around the globe

There's no registration required and once you give the app permission to use your Windows Phone's location services, you're set. You can customize your profile within the app or keep it to the default settings that simply identify you as "WP7 User".

Once you download I'm a WP7, remember the title has "..." preceding the "I'm a WP7". It will show up at the top of your application lists (as opposed to mid-way down in the "I" listings).

You can download your copy of ...I'm a WP7 here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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