Windows 8 Phone? No... it's not a typo

Remember i-Mate from the Windows Mobile days? They made the rugged Windows Mobile hand-set that could survive just about anything. Now it appears that the company is working to produce a Windows 8 Phone.

No... not a Windows Phone 8 device, but a phone running Windows 8.

Rumors have the company introducing a 4.7" device running Windows 8 Pro at Mobile World Congress 2013. The device will be powered by an Atom processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and work with HSPA+ and LTE 4G wireless networks.

Care For a Little Ketchup with Your Phone?

We've all been there, something spills on your phone or it gets wet during a tropical down pour and we collectively hold our breath to see if it still works. We first reported that the new iMate 810 was a rugged Windows Mobile device capable of surviving most of what the urban jungle could throw at it. captured a demonstration from iMate on how rugged this Windows Mobile devices is. The demo was shot at the 2009 Mobile World Congress and also includes a brief appearance by the other new Windows Mobile phone from iMate, the credit card sized Centurion.

There's still no report on a release date for either phone but if you are prone to dropping your Windows Mobile phone in a vat of ketchup, spilling coffee on it or having it run over by a car (check out this BBC Report), you may want to check out the 810F.


Follow the break for more photos of iMate 810F.

I-mate prepping laptop/smartphone combo?

Remember that rumor about an iPhone-powered mobile companion, where the phone was docked into the device? Looks like the ol' Windows Mobile gang may be beating it to the punch. And by beating we mean actually giving it a go.

Above, you see the i-mate Legionnaire, courtesy of Pocket Lint. [via] While not yet in production, it'd sport Windows Mobile 6.5 (note the flag button), WiFi, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, MicroSD. You know, the usual fare. It'd also have an 800 MHz processor to run the laptop end of things, known as the Warrior (as in road warrior, natch). The Warrior would have a 10-inch screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and its own SD card reader — thus negating the need for a standard hard drive and keeping the price at a very respectable $200. Cost of the Legionnaire wasn't mentioned by Pocket Lint.

Will the Warrior ever see the light of day, let alone a U.S. release? Who knows. But this could give the Celio REDFLY a run for its money.

This i-mate phone can beat up your phone

Here's a Windows Mobile phone that's supposed to be able to take anything you can throw at it. Go ahead. You know those rivets are daring you. You wuss.

The i-mate 810-F is built with "military-grade credentials." You are worthless and weak. There's your basic Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional touchscreen phone with an impact-resistant screen. Yeah, like an impact with a fist. It's waterproof, can handle pressure, humidity and shock. You're still scared of clowns. It'll also keep ticking from minus-10 degrees Celsius (that's 14 Fahrenheit) to 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit). For those weekend trips to do battle in Hell.

You'll also get HSDPA, 2 gigs of onboard stoarge, GPS, WiFi, a digital compass, Bluetooth and an accelerometer. It never asks for directions - directions will come to *it.* There's also a system called Secure i-q that lets you remotely lock your device wipe your data or sound the alarm should it be lost, stolen. Or just gets tired of having to deal with your pansy self.  It also reportedly will have a lifetime warantee. Yeah, like you'll ever have to use it.

We'll learn more about this bad mamma jamma at Mobile World Congress next week.

Mobile Choice UK (via The Raw Feed and Computer World)

i-mate's 8502 lives; clears FCC (gasp!) Doesn't feel so "ultimate" anymore :-(

Sure, no sign that any carrier here in the States will even touch an i-mate device, leaving that company to abandon their US team of engineers, QA and technical writing departments.

But there is still some life in that Ultimate line as the 8502 recently got clearance from the FCC gate-keepers. To refresh your failing memory, the 8502 (pictured above) has:

  • TV out
  • GPS
  • QWERTY kb
  • 2.6" qvga (320x240)
  • Qualcomm MSM 7200 400 MHz processor
  • 256 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM
  • Wifi
  • 2mp camera
  • 1530mah battery (nice)


For some reason the Ultimate line doesn't feel so ultimate in mid 2008 as it did back in early 2007 (!)

Anyways, it's looks decent enough though it would have been more amazing in 2007.

I-Mate JAQ3 Hits Middle East

I know it's not a huge deal that somewhere in the world we have YATQKMS (Yet Another Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone), but the i-mate JAQ3 is notable because of its combination of touchscreen, qwerty, and wifi. It's like a Treo without the square screen. Maybe I'm just easily impressed as I'm still stuck in a wifi-less world.

Also notable, as Brighthand points out, the JAQ3 is a reminder that there are manufacturers other than HTC out there. :)

By current standards this device is a bit weak in cellular-wireless capabilities; it has GSM and GPRS but nothing faster. However, it sports both 802.11b and g.

This model, which includes a 2.0 megapixel camera, was designed and manufactured by TechFaith Wireless, the company i-mate turned to for smartphone development after HTC decided to no longer let i-mate sell its products.

i-mate is now offering the JAQ3 in the Middle East. It will likely expand the availability of this device at some point in the future.

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