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inconspicuous mode

Microsoft granted patent on 'inconspicuous mode' to make your device less disruptive

Microsoft has been granted a patent for a new "inconspicuous mode", which would automatically adjust settings on your phone in certain situations to make your phone less distracting. The company first filed for the patent about a year ago.

Microsoft's recent patent filing would make your Windows Phone more discrete

Our Windows Phones are great devices to keep you in touch. Either through actually using it as a wireless telephone, checking your email, chatting through text messages, surfing the web or accessing your favorite app or game. But there are some occasions where your Windows Phone, or any other smartphone for that matter, can be rather annoying.

Occasions such as a movie theater when someone pulls out there Windows Phone to check a missed call and the screen lights up the room. Or when you're in a meeting and the chime sounds for an incoming text that interrupts your bosses in mid-speech.