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late marketplace update

As folks ‘in the know’ know, updating a platform’s Marketplace/app store is a challenging and laborious thing. Regular occurrences like publishing the latest Xbox Live game and updating the Deal of the Week might seem (to simple laymen) like things that could be easily set up in advance, but that is not the case at all. If you need proof, just notice how the Windows Phone Marketplace hasn’t updated yet. Challenging, I tell you!

All sarcasm aside, these late updates happen from time to time, most recently in June when Fling was scheduled to launch. Today’s delay means Sally’s Spa is not available just yet, much to my dismay (the last game was seriously fun, naysayers). Nor do we have a new Deal of the Week. Interestingly enough, last week’s sale, Need for Speed: Undercover actually ended on Monday, well before the scheduled end time of Wednesday morning. More evidence that running a Marketplace is super hard? You tell me.

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As Windows Phone gamers know, every Wednesday we get a new Xbox Live release and Deal of the Week to keep us entertained. Microsoft has actually been updating a little early lately – often on Tuesday evenings. But every now and then the Marketplace doesn’t update by Wednesday morning - the last few instances happened in January this year and September last year.

Unfortunately, today looks like one of those days – Fling has yet to show up on the Marketplace. Perhaps not the most hyped Xbox Live title, but it’s set to cost only 99 cents, which pretty much assures it will be a sales success. Likewise, the new Deal of the Week has yet to appear. Both of these problems could be rectified any minute, or it may take several hours yet. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as Fling and the new sale pop up.

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Remember how the Marketplace didn’t update until about 9:30 AM PST last week? We may be in for a repeat, as neither the new Xbox Live game, Fragger, nor the Deal of the Week have gone live yet.

Fragger, in case you’re wondering, is an Angry Birds-style game in which players toss grenades at enemies. It comes from Miniclip, the makers of Gravity Guy and will cost $2.99. As for the Deal of the Week, it's definitelty Burn the Rope for $1.99.

Keep checking back and we’ll let you know as soon as Fragger and the Deal of the Week go live. Why the delay? It doesn’t seem to be snowing at the Microsoft HQ, but it’s still a nice day to sleep in.

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As you may have noticed by now, this week’s Xbox Live release, TextTwist 2, hasn’t shown up on the Marketplace. Nor has an older game’s price dropped as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. It’s frustrating for folks like me who want to grab TextTwist and get their spelling on.

A little background info: the Windows Phone Marketplace usually updates during the wee hours of Wednesday morning in the US, though the actual update time is far more erratic than the Xbox 360 Marketplace. I’ve stopped staying up for it. Occasionally – maybe three or four times a year – the mobile Marketplace doesn’t update until later in the day (most recently in September). But it has always updated by Wednesday night, so we shouldn’t have to wait too terribly long for the new game and sale game to appear.

Speaking of the sale game, Microsoft didn’t announce it in advance like they usually do. Rumor has it that Flight Control may be the Deal of the Week, but nobody knows for sure. Keep checking back at WPCentral and we’ll let you know as soon as the Marketplace update goes live!

Update: Flight Control's price has dropped to $1.99 and TextTwist 2 is live. As for the delay, perhaps the snow in Washington mucked things up for our friends at microsoft. Thanks for the comments, everybody!

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