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TELUS launching Nokia Lumia 800 in early March

TELUS has been listing the Lumia 800 as "coming soon" since mid January so it only makes sense that we start hearing about it launching soon. Rogers already has the Lumia 710 which went on sale last week but Nokia's other Windows Phone needs to get into some hands and hopefully soon.

Mobile Syrup is reporting that launch events are now being scheduled (see above) and employees are being trained on Windows Phone--meaning a release is immenent. Some dates tossed around include March 9th or at least during that week.

That gives you folks just a few weeks to start saving for that phone, which hopefully won't be priced too high.

Source: Mobile Syrup; Thanks, Jesse B., for the heads up

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We mentioned that Indonesia was slated to receive the Lumia 710 and 800 sometime in February and it looks like that day is today February 17trh. We have some photos from one of the launch events, presumably Jakarta, and it looks to be quite a blast.

And in the image below is a shot of some of the 800 coders on hand for Nokia Developer Day which was run in conjunction with Microsoft. The goal: 800 devs for 800 new apps. Now that's a way to kick start development in Indonesia.

Seems like a lot of action is going on in Indonesia as Nokia also appointed a new country manager in the last day. As reported in the Jakarta Post, Martin Chirotarrab is taking over operations in that country and will focus on the Windows Phone Lumia devices and developers “One of the keys is to let consumers know what the Lumia phone is. We are going to put forward ways for people to experience the phone”.

Sounds good to us. Congratulations to Indonesia on the launch! Big thanks to Aca S. (@superaca) for the images

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Yesterday we mentioned that Nokia was finally launching in Malaysia, pushing the Lumia 710 and 800 big time with some nice celebrations and giveaways. Now we have a superb video of the event published by who were there covering the whole thing.

What can we say besides that it's great to see crowds gathering and getting excited for both Nokia and Windows Phone? You can feel the momentum building. (Although we we chuckle a bit at the slogan "Gets you to interesting faster".)

Make sure you check out the rest of the photos at

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If you're in Malaysia, you best get your spare cash together as today you can finally purchase the Nokia Lumia 710 or 800 (see our earlier coverage). At about 5:30 pm local time, Nokia's big push into that market will finally begin and the first 100 buyers of the Lumia 800 will get a pair of Nokia Purity HD Stereo headset by Monster, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and an "exclusive Nokia premium worth up to RM 1,000". Not too shabby!

Though they have a few hours before all of this happens, people are already lining up. The last count was about 80 people with 5 or so hours before the purchases can be made--not huge but that's not bad either.

The blog is covering as it happens, adding new photos as the day goes on so make sure to keep up. You can also follow them on Twitter for live updates @smashpop.

To all of Malaysia...congrats! (I've always wanted to say that)

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It's official, well... more official than it was. The Nokia Lumia 710 (our review) has launched in the UK and is available from a number retailers and carriers (some are still pending availability). Should the Lumia 800 be not within your price range, or you'd rather have the 710, then today marks the day where you'll be soon able to get your paws on the handset.

As this is a simple reminder of what's coming to the UK shores, should you be looking for a SIM-free option there's always ebuyer that's stocking the 710 for £250 (inc. VAT) and will be available for delivery in just over a weeks time. Let us know in the comments if you're looking to purchase one for yourself or if you're looking forward to the 900.

Source: Windows Phone UK

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It only takes a few hours to go by before we get a new report of a Nokia launch somewhere. While the info may not be of interest to all of our readers, it's important for the OS to spread as far and wide as possible. And having Windows Phone with Nokia's backing land in Indonesia is nothing to ignore either. With nearly 240 million people, it's a fairly large population yearning for some smartphone technology from the likes of Redmond and Finland.  So it's with great interest to see Indonesian news site Detikinet reporting that the Lumia 710 and 800 are both headed to that country within in weeks:

"Anvid Erdian, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia stated that Nokia is still as planned in the series Lumia brought to Indonesia in Q1 2012. "Approximately in February"...The price is pegged in the range of Rp 5 million to Lumia 800 and Rp 3 million for Lumia 710."

We're also told by reader Rahadyan that Nokia has two events in preparation for the launch that may interest some locals:

  1. Mesin Waktu Nokia (Translation: Nokia Time Machine), a contest in the form of Facebook app where a user can pick his/her favorite classic Nokia phones, then type in his/her memory about using the phone. The prizes are 5 Lumia 800 and 5 Lumia 710. (redirect to Facebook app)
  2. Nokia Developer Day: Coding 24 hours. This event, collaborating with Microsoft Indonesia, will be held on 4-5 February 2012. Nokia+Microsoft hope to gather 800 developers and challenge them to create 800 apps for Windows Phone in the course of 24 hours. Those apps will then be submitted to the Indonesian Marketplace. A little twist: this event will be monitored by the Indonesian Record Museum (Museum Rekor Indonesia / MURI), the Indonesian equivalent of Guinness World Record, and will be registered as the largest developer coding event in Indonesia if they manage to attract 800 developers. Link.

Sounds like that could be a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll get some on-the-ground feedback once everything starts.

Source: Detikinet; Thanks, Rahadyan, for the info!

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Taking note of a number of Lumia 800 launch parties occurring across the world, the Czech Republic has joined in with Nokia putting on a show in Prague on January 26th to celebrate the launch of the 710 and 800 (February 1st). Two hundred journalists, developers and devoted fans were selected for the event, which featured a number of cool presentations and gimmicks.

From Windows Phone cakes to a water-rippling Lumia 800 floor projection, it looked like a unique experience to say the least. Nokia also began advertising the 710 and 800 in Prague (and beyond) as can be seen in the below photo, taken by Martin Suchan in a subway. 

Source: YouTube, @MartinSuchanthanks Thomas for the tip and video!

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Nokia hasn't failed when it comes to hosting some awesome events and parties, neither has HTC for that matter. We looked at the Lumia launch event in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier today that was held at a football stadium, and now we have the Korean Lumia 710 launch party (December 30th), which looks pretty darn awesome.

There appears to be a lot of drink, food, live music performances and prizes - we wish we could have attended. Oh and if you're interested in the tune, it's "Believe" by Elite Force and Meat Katie.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the heads up!

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Vodacom just held a really amazing launch party to welcome the Nokia Lumia 800 (and the 710 at a later stage) Windows Phone to South Africa. This particular event was the one we previously spoke about being held in Midrand.

Nokia South Africa recently announced that the Lumia 800 would be available from the 7th February. However yesterday we learned of a promotion starting tomorrow for the phone. The latter turns out to be correct and will most probably mark the start of the rollout to stores nationwide.

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Attention all Canadians who are still after a second generation Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 710, which is coming to Rogers, is set to launch on February 6th (or there about) - just two weeks away. So what's the pricing like for the contract and SIM-free options?

  • $49.99: 3-Year contract
  • $99.99: 2-Year contract
  • $149.99: 1-Year contract
  • $254:99: SIM-free

Not bad for a second generation handset with the listed specifications. Be sure to read up on our review as well.

Source: MobileSyrup

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T-Mobile U.S. is set to launch the Lumia 710 in just under a week's time (for just $49.99 - not available for pre-order), and the stores are now starting to receive units (as can be seen above). The 710 is Nokia's first Windows Phone to launch in the states, and will mark the birth of a huge marketing campaign

With how Nokia has tackled Europe and the far east, it'll be interesting to see how the 710 is received in the U.S. and how the manufacturer pushes the handsets out the doors to consumers. Of course, we're still waiting on the Lumia 900 announcement, which will be the brother that's just finished working out at the gym.

Source: TmoNews

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It's official - the Nokia Lumia 800 (our review) is set to be released into the wild in Sweden on January 23rd and you can pre-order it now.

The country has already seen the Samsung Omnia W being added to carriers, but now it's Nokia's turn according to an official statement. The Windows Phone will be on Telia, Tele2, Telenor and Three (Sweden), as well as a number of retail stores just three-weeks from now. The price tag of the handset is aimed to be around the 3900 SEK ($560) mark.

Source: Nokia, via:

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We know the Lumia 710 for T-Mobile, in both black and white versions, is just days from launching. In fact, it's exactly two-weeks from now on January 11th and T-Mobile already has it listed on the site as "coming soon".

The mid-range 710 features a 1.4Ghz CPU, 5MP low-aperture lens and "clear black" 3.7" LCD screen with physical buttons, making it quite the nice offering especially for the low-price point of $49.95 on contract. The device is the first Windows Phone from Nokia to land on the US shores but many are expecting it to be upstaged by whatever AT&T and Nokia have to show off at CES in the same week.

Hopefully we'll be able to pre-order this lil' guy soon as we're itching to get our hands on it ASAP.  Check our hands-on with the Lumia 710 after the break to get a quick tour.

Source: T-Mobile - Black, White; via WPCentral Forums (KingCrimson)

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Here's a site we hope to see more of: ordinary people lining up to get a Nokia Windows Phone. We mentioned the Singapore launch for the Lumia 800 a few days ago and now we have some photos of people braving the...ummm...temperate conditions for nearly 8 hours to get their 800's.

Of course those first 100 people did get a free Xbox 360 with a Kinect for their suffering, so we suppose we'd line up for that too. Great to see, regardless.

Source: Nokia Devs (Facebook); via: The Nokia Blog

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Dobroye utro to our Russian friends yearning for a Nokia Lumia 800.  We just got word Nokia Russia announced that starting on December 1st, you can pick up your very own Nokia Lumia 800. Only caveat is that you have to buy it directly from a Nokia store--at least for now. In two weeks, we'll see a more general and traditional rollout across the country.

Even better? The flagship Nokia store in Moscow is looking to hold a celebration for the event, including offering a 10% discount and other prizes for those who register (via Facebook) and show up (translated):

"In the flagship salon in Moscow for the occasion will be a festive event. The first half hour after the announcement of the start of sales at the counter will be Eric Bertman, vice president and general manager of Nokia in Eurasia, and Nikolai Pryanishnikov, president of Microsoft in Russia. Hurry up to buy Nokia Lumia 800 of the first-hand =) Discount for Nokia Lumia 800 is waiting for you on the day of start of sales! Reserve a place for 10% discount on the page of the event"

Sounds like a good time and a great way to get a Lumia not only early but discounted. Good luck to anyone who attends (drop us some photos if you're there).

Source: Nokia Russia (Facebook); Thanks, Andrey M., for the tip!

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The Nokia Lumia 800 continues its tour-de-force world-wide launch as it pushes next into Singapore on December 7th, as detailed on their Facebook page. But before the big launch, Nokia has numerous events in the preceding days leading up to the big celebration. Such events include 'The Amazing Nokia Style Challenge', 'The Amazing Nokia Entertainment Challenge' and 'the Nokia Lumia Amazing Rides' all taking place on December 3rd and 4th.

What's even better? The first 100 people to buy the Nokia Lumia 800 at the launch will also get an Xbox 360 with a Kinect for free. Say what? That's some incentive and hopefully there won't be a riot (see BlackBerry).

Finally, on December 8th, there's a workshop available at the Pan Pacific Singapore. You'll need to reserve a spot for the event and you get more info from this super-cool, interactive Lumia website.

Source: Nokia Singapore (Facebook); Thanks, VoodooKing, for the tip!

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As we previously covered throughout the marketing campaign Nokia has thrown at us the past few weeks, the Lumia 800 is now available at retail stores (and for delivery through pre-ordering) in the UK and a handful of European countries. The handset, available in black, was greeted by queues of potential buyers outside retail stores across the UK.

The Lumia 800 is being carried by Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone (Phones4U & Carphonewarehouse, etc. too). O2 were in talks with Nokia to also stock the Windows Phone, but communications broke down with the companies not agreeing on strict criteria laid down by the manufacturer. After today, the next step in Nokia's plan for market domination is a free, public event in London on November 28th, which will see 4D projections being beamed onto the Millbank Tower with deadmau5 performing some numbers.

The above shot illustrates the service Nokia was running for those who were patiently awaiting their turn to get their hands on the new Windows Phone. Rightly so, the queues should be fairly large and sales should be relatively good, with the sheer scale of promotion Nokia has carried out being pretty massive. We had Nokia World, the introduction of the Arch in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre, and roof-hung display boards at Heathrow Airport being overtaken by the handset maker to name but a few.

2012 will prove to be an interesting year for the platform to say the least, but one thing is for sure - we're lucky to have Nokia dedicating all resources. Cyan and magenta choices will arrive later this month for the Lumia 800 (November 28th for magenta) and we expect (and hope) networks to begin pushing Windows Phone as well as Android and the iPhone in the near future.

Let us know in the comments if you went out to get one.

Image credit: Nokia, thanks TheWeeBearUK for the tip!

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While we've been waiting for AT&T to finally announce some dates for their new Windows Phone Mango lineup, it looks to be real close. Like next week close.

On the official AT&T Facebook page, it was announced that the Samsung Focus S ($199.99) and Focus Flash ($99.99) will be available starting November 6th--hooray!

Of course the HTC Titan is left off of that list, presumably because the big guy is still getting ready (it's tough being that large, they need extra big ships to get 'em over here from Taiwan we hear).

The Samsung Focus S, featuring a gorgeous 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, super thin and light body, a 1.5GHz CPU with 8MP rear and 1.3MP cameras is sure to impress and makes a worthy successor to the original Samsung Focus. And that Focus Flash ain't no slouch either.

The AT&T annoucment looks ideally time for that NYC launch party going on the next day, no?

Source: AT&T Facebook; Thanks, James G., for the heads up!

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Even more good news for those emerging markets, Nokia Bangladesh has confirmed via Facebook that the Lumia 800 will be coming to that country in February 2012.

"Dear All the Nokia Fans: good news is that Nokia Lumia 800 will be available in Bangladesh starting from February,2012. Another good news is that this device will come with Windows Mango software not WP7.Lets wait for the device..Surely it will rock you.."

That's an interesting date because it's the first 2012 time-frame we've heard and could signal when Nokia plans to launch, in quantity, Nokia Windows Phones to the rest of the world--and yes we also mean the United States.

Fingers crossed.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, James A., for the tip!

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If you live in Brazil and you've been itching for the HTC Ultimate aka Titan, you'll be pleased to know it's now available (though limited supply) on Vivo for R$1,800 (about $1,000 USD), just as we reported earlier.

The 4.7" Windows Phone Mango device is one heck of a first for the country and should make a lot of new customers happy. Gizmodo Brazil has some hands on with the phone and seem quite impressed with both the hardware and OS (who can blame them?), noting that the 1.5GHz CPU makes the OS very fast. They also noted the quality of the screen was also top notch--not iPhone Retina great but up there, nonetheless.

Only complaint is a common one: the Marketplace is very limited, with only a few games available. Microsoft evidently responded to the criticism:

"In that first moment, we have 10 games in the franchise available on Xbox LIVE marketplace Brazil by the end of October. Microsoft wants to bring more titles, but as is necessary to follow the Brazilian legislation indicative classification, cash will not be simultaneous to the United States."

So all in all a pretty solid launch, but there's certainly room for improvement on the services side. Check the hands on video after the break for some eye candy.

Source: Gizmodo Brazil

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