HTC shipped Mango ROMs leak on XDA including Verizon Trophy

We covered the unbranded Mozart Mango ROM the other day and now like dominoes, the rest are here too--well most of them. Yes folks, leaked "final" builds of Mango updates for numerous HTC devices are now available for your unauthorized usage, meaning you are taking matters into your own hands.

What these ROMs (7720.68) offer over the RTM build is of course updated radios, some HTC customizations, presumably specific APIs for things like the compass and other unique tweaks to improve the Mango experience. So here's what's available:

  • 7 Pro - RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE.exe
  • Mozart - RUU_Mozart_S_HTC_Europe_4.06.401.00_5.69.09_RELEAS E.exe
  • Mozart - RUU_Mozart_S_HTC_RUS_4.06.411.00_5.69.09_RELEASE.exe
  • HD7 - RUU_Schubert_S_HTC_Europe_4.05.401.02_Radio_5.69.0 9.29a_22.50.50.21_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE.exe
  • Trophy - RUU_Spark_S_HTC_Europe_4.06.401.00_5.69.09_RELEASE .exe
  • Trophy - RUU_Spark_W_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.01.605.04_2K_new_parti tion_RELEASE.exe

Most of those are Europe-only ROMs, so take heed but look at that last one--yup, for once Verizon HTC Trophy (review) users get something early! Head on over to XDA for all the goodness.

Source: XDA; via Pocketnow

Breaking: New video of Nokia Sea Ray prototype running WP7

Look at what we have here, leaking clearly out of a development factory in either China or Hong Kong (forgive us, it's 2am), we get a nice clear look at the Nokia N9, cough, 'Sea Ray' for Windows Phone 7. We can finally see the buttons near the bottom, putting to rest the "virtual button "speculation from earlier.

Watch as halfway through the video the device even boots up with a new "7" logo screen and it pops in a build of Mango (check out the Mango lock screen, natch). The camera also boots up quickly and we get the first glimpse of what that will be like.

Updates: We also have word that this version of Mango is RTM aka release to manufacturer, meaning this may be pretty close to final for everything. Specifically it is build 7710 (Thanks, anon).

By the looks of it, no front facing camera. In fact, in the camera app we should see the camera toggle, like here.

Source: WPXAP; Thanks, Talan1314, for the info and Rafael Rivera, for the assist!

Leaked Omnia 7 firmware now available

SamFirmware have just posted leaked firmware for the Samsung Omnia 7 handset - I8700XXKC1, which is reported to contain the NoDo update. No information on any improvements or fixes it contains. We recommend caution if attempting to flash your device, be sure to back up all your data prior to beginning the process.

Thanks Joseph for the heads up!

Game stats reveal some new WP7 devices in the field

The blog Occasional Gamer, by Elbert Perez (who makes a ton of games for Windows Phone), has listed the stats of devices running his games. Like the app "Dude, where is my update?", we can gain some insight into unreleased and upcoming devices for Windows Phone--or at the every least, get an idea of some of the things being tested.

The chart above shows a few of the devices that caught our eye from Occasional Gamer and we'll try to break 'em down for you:

  • HTC Mazaa: reported as a Sprint HTC Trophy, some of us actually believe is this is the finalized Verizon device instead. Reason? With 98 devices running Perez's games, that seems more like a device in tester hands, ready to be rolled out rather than in development--and we know the Verizon Trophy is out in the field, being tested. And we find it odd that a Sprint Trophy would be in more hands at this point than a Verizon version.
  • Samsung GT-I8703: We still don't know what this phone is--possible variant of the Focus Omnia 7
  • HTC-MWP6885: likewise, we saw this earlier too and still have no info on this device ID
  • DELL Advist: this is new and may one of the reported Dell devices from the leaked roadmap back in February
  • HTC MSM7x30: clearly this is HTC testing out Qualcomm's latest chipset (see Engadget), which was just approved for the Windows Phone 7 chassis specs. Good to know that this will becoming probably in the fall
  • HTC-PC40200: reported by the FCC as a CDMA Trophy--possibly for Sprint or just an earlier, pre-production model still floating around

See anyting we missed? Hit us up in comments. Have any insight as to these device's real IDs? Likewise!

Source: Occasional Gamer

HTC 7 Pro (Europe) 'NoDo' ROM leaked on XDA

Although the Sprint HTC Arrive (aka CDMA 7 Pro) comes with 'NoDo' built in, thankfully avoiding any needed "updates", the European 7 Pro which came out a a few months ago, obviously does not.

Keeping up with the unlocked HD7, Trophy and Mozart leaked ROMs, the 7 Pro evidently now has it as well. According to forum member Football (who hails from Moscow and seems to have a solid rep at XDA), this ROM version has a filename of:


Not much in the way of feedback yet as far as any other HTC "fixes" or improvements, so we suggest you watch the thread for a bit to get some feedback before proceeding. Either way, looks like HTC devices luck out again, avoiding the Microsoft/carrier machine.

Source: XDA Forums; Thanks, Ali at Aliwaqas, for the heads up!

Trophy and HD7 NoDo factory ROMS find their way to XDA

Not long after the HTC Mozart NoDo factory ROM was leaked on XDA, ROMs for its sister devices, Trophy and HD7, have arrived as well.  They sport the same version number as the Mozart, 7355-89, and are unbranded with no carrier customizations.  The European ROMs support English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.  In case you have been living in a cave up until recently, the NoDo update most notably includes copy/paste functionality and improved performance.

One quick note on installation: If you are a T-Mobile or o2 HD7 user, you must flash it using the "Gold Card" method in order to bypass the device ID check.

Click the links to download the ROMs for Trophy and HD7.

Source: XDA (1, 2); Via: PocketNow Original Image: TechieLobang

ROM for upcoming Sprint 7 Pro leaked?

The website 911HTC, a sort of well known and more underground site, has posted what appears to be the Sprint ROM for the upcoming HTC 7 Pro. The site generally has a very good track record for these releases so we're betting on legit here. It's also not too uncommon to find ROMs of unreleased devices making their way onto the 'nets due to HTC's FTP servers, which host the ROM files (something for which they're trying to combat).

The ROM's name is: [WP7]RUU_Gold_C_Sprint_WWE_1.25.651.01_1.51.00_RELEASE.exe and what is significant is the "RELEASE" part which usually implies a finalized build.

No, there's nothing in the ROM that mentions a release date, but it is a good sign that we're inching closer to the phone making an official appearance  (something that looks to be not happening here in Barcelona).

Source: 911HTC; via WindowsPhoneHacker

First Windows Phone 7 ROM leaked. Now what?

Evidently, the first leaked ROM from a true and true Windows Phone 7 device has made its appearance.

We say evidently, but perhaps it should be supposedly since as of now, we don't have any proof of anything besides a file. This does come from a Chinese site and spoofs (cough, HD2 running WP7, cough) are a plenty these days. So grain of salt, lets not all believe it quite yet, yadda yadda.

Information is sparse at the moment as the XDA folks sort through the information and decide what the next step will be.

What is known so far is this:

Model: HTC Mondrian (Cingular USA)
AKU: WindowsMobile_7_AKU_6176
Language: 0409_WWE

So no shocker there that HTC will probably be the first to market with a WP7 device. AT&T may be a surprise for some, seeing as they have not been exactly embracing of anything Windows Mobile as of late.

Download-mirrors for the ROM can be found here, though we're betting they won't be of much use to many. And no, porting this to your Touch Pro 2 or HD2 probably won't be an immediate possibility, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

Update: Becoming more legit. Da_G (his rep is quite high) has posted this:

After further examining the file, there is indeed an IMGFS inside, the D000FF format appears to be a new "store" type of .bin, will need to figure out the format for it to pull out imgfs (because just cutting in a hex editor gives you some invalid data)

Also, IMGFS is compressed with XPH (rather than XPR or LZX as we're used to)

[XDA via @Conflipper]

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (28004) is out and about

And the leaks keep coming...

For those who are staying abreast of all the recent WM6.5.x builds, 28004 just hit the streets today.  No major changes are evident, though there are some graphic and speed improvements as usual.

WM6.5.3 is the latest branch off from the various "COM" builds, which look to be the testing grounds for new improvements to Windows Mobile.  The main feature of these latest builds appear to be making the OS very finger friendly, incorporating gesture support, moving the Start menu to the lower left corner, enlarging all menus and redoing certain sub-sections like the address book (see above).

What no one knows as of yet is what is the end goal? I.e. what will this final branch look like, what is the expected finish date, etc?  Build 28004 is from November 19th, meaning it features some of the latest changes.  By comparison to WM6.5, these latest builds of 6.5.x are as fast if not faster, feel more modern and are quite stable.

Look for your favorite chef's to update their ROMs.

For those on Sprint with Touch Pro 2's, feel free to try my custom build of this ROM along with HTC Sense 2.1 (weather-clock), Office 2010, Opera 10 and some graphics improvements.  Get it here or directly download here and thanks to SSK for the kitchen.

Official WM6.5 Leaked for Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz)

While we AT&T Pure users here in the States enjoy our spanking new Windows Mobile 6.5, the unlocked Touch Diamond 2 released months ago is still awaiting the official upgrade from HTC. Gasp!

The date for the upgrade keeps coming and going, but it looks like Froidstar at XDA has gotten his/her hands on the official version, unofficially, of course.

It's an older build (2.07.58475) from July, which is evidently what HTC will be releasing to the masses. Hands-on reports are that it is very stable and fast so far.

So if you haven't rocked a custom WM6.5 update already (hard to believe) then you may want to give this a shot, or perhaps you "Chefs" need a new stable base to work from?

Windows Mobile 7 vs. WM6.5: Calendars & Settings (updated)

Here's something interesting that dropped in our mailbox. What you see here the top row  is normal, vanilla Windows Mobile 6.5, but the bottom row was supposed to be WM6.5.1.

Of course for those of you who have played with WM6.5.1, you might have surmised those design elements are not part of that build and in fact, you would be correct.

From what we've been told, the bottom row is now, roughly speaking, what WM7 will look like. This was an internal mockup used for design planning.

Sure, not mind blowing but the comparison is nice to see and those little improvements to dialog boxes and menus go a long way in the end.

Update: Looks like the mad tipster's on the loose again. Pocketnow's been slipped some more shots from this same batch, it appears.

Treo 850 specs leaked

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