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Aluminum Nokia EOS 41MP is more than just a prototype; already being mass produced?

It looks like the aluminum version of Nokia's EOS 41MP, of which pictures were leaked yesterday, may not just be a one- or two-off prototype. A new image leaked by the same Weibo user, ictech, depicts the metal EOS in the foreground, along with a plethora of its brethren in the background behind it. What does it all mean?

Nokia EOS 41MP metal lens caps show up in black and white versions too

At the rate we’re getting leaks about the forthcoming Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone, set to be revealed next month here in New York, we’ll know just about everything there is about the camera-centric device.

Last night, a machined body of the EOS was displayed on the microblogging site Sina Weibo by @C Technology. The lens cap revealed that indeed it was for a 41MP device but what was not clear is why it was metal—was it a machined prototype or a second, metal version for non-AT&T carriers? (The one for AT&T is expected to the same polycarbonate as the Lumia 920.)

While we still don’t have those answers, we can now see that at least the metal version will come in two flavors: white and black, matching that of the Lumia 925 color offerings (actually, the Lumia 925 comes in black, white or grey).