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Little Acorns for Xbox on Windows Phone gets a welcomed price chop

Just two days ago we put the Xbox Windows Phone game Little Acorns though its paces in our detailed review. At the time, the platformer game with super cute graphics was fetching for pricey $2.99. Now, the game has serendipitously dropped to just $0.99, which last we check is the exact price-point many of you go crazy for.

We gave Little Acorns high remarks noting "...objectively speaking Little Acorns works much better as a phone game. If you crave a mobile platformer, you’d be nuts not to get this one." Anyway, if you were on the fence before and hesitant to buy, we think that price cut should change matters. No word if this is permanent or just a sale (it's technically not the deal of the week, which is GeoDefense Swarm).

You can pick up Little Acorns here in the Store for the ultra low price. Thanks, Brad and Andy, for the tips!

Little Acorns: Xbox Windows Phone Review

As I’ve said on a few occasions, getting a platformer to work just right on mobile phones can be very challenging for developers. Whether they opt for touch screen controls, tilt, or even a combination of the two, the game will never feel exactly the same as it would with a physical controller. Leave it to the folks at Chillingo (and their “Team Pesky”) to create a platformer that not only feels great, but works perfectly in short doses on the go.

Xbox Live - Little Acorns is now gathering nuts on the Marketplace, Deal of the Week looks MIA though

It looks like those ongoing Marketplace errors haven’t stopped this week’s Xbox Live release from making it out on time, unlike last week when we got the game a day late. That’s right, Little Acorns from Chillingo and Electronic Arts is now on the Marketplace!

Little Acorns going nuts on Xbox Live for Windows Phone this week

iOS version

If there’s one thing we love in the gaming division at Windows Phone Central, it’s bringing our readers exclusive news about upcoming Xbox Live releases. Once again we have the scoop on this week’s new Xbox Live game: Little Acorns from Chillingo.