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Locksider apps updated, fixes inconsistent lockscreen updates

Locksider and Locksider+ for Windows Phone have both been updated. We've been informed by the developer, Liquid Daffodil that both releases fix an issue relating to consistent lock screen updates, or rather lack of. The team relied too heavily on consistent patterns in the background agents, which often caused scheduled updates to be skipped. What has been put in place is a more reliable update pattern.

Locksider+ updated to allow saving images locally

We’re starting to lose track of the number of apps that let you update your lockscreen, but one that has been a favorite among a lot of readers has been Locksider+, which just got an update today. The update brings a handful of fan requested features to this handy Windows Phone 8 app.

Weather and art on your screen? Do it with Locksider+ for Win Phone 8. (Psst it’s free.)

We’ve already covered the much loved app Locksider form Liquid Daffodil, one of the first apps to give your Lock screen some fresh art on an hourly basis (or once a day, if you’re more tame). The app went free for a few days before going to $0.99 and received some great feedback, including a request for weather.

Well, look no more as Locksider+ is now here, which gives you all the same pre-selected images to your phone with the additional option of a weather overlay. Sure, it’s not as robust as Weather Flow, but being able to peek at the current temp as well as the day’s high and low temperature is pretty awesome. It’s also laid out well, not hindering your view of your data and being easily visible.