Bing introduces Venue Maps for malls and airports in India

Microsoft has announced today that Bing users in India can now use Venue Maps to easily navigate malls across the country.

Venue maps provide an easy way of seeing the layout of a venue like a mall or an amusement park. Currently, Bing Maps provides maps and level wise layouts of over 5,300 venues across the world.

People lining up in the US for the Microsoft Surface

We have had a few of you send in photos from around the US today showing some MS Stores opening and sure enough, there are some crowds.

While none of it touches New York City and Times Square, it’s a good sign that quite a few people are interested in the Surface. And those kiosks seem like a great way to intercept people traversing stores in the mall.

Windows Phone App Review: FastMall

Here's a Windows Phone app for those who like to shop or who just hate getting lost in shopping malls.