Test your memory skills with Match It!

Match It! is a Windows Phone app that may be a little on the elementary side for many. But if you want to test your memory skills or give your kids a challenging memory game, Match It! is worth a try.

There are four categories of images and five puzzle sizes. You try to match all the hidden images as quickly as possible with your time being your score.

Match It! is a simple game and not a bad way to pass short bits of time with.

Windows Phone Game Review: Pandoodle

Pandoodle is an enjoyable, relaxing Windows Phone puzzle game that has enough challenge to keep it from getting boring. Pandoodle is a multi-level puzzler with the goal being to connect color sources with their corresponding colored symbol.

The challenge comes in that you can't cross paths unless you need to combine colors to match the color of the symbol you are connecting. Pandoodle has 75 puzzles or levels that span three worlds or books. Pandoodle is nice time waster and even has a bit of an addictive quality.

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