matching games

Sweets Mania Space Quest, a Windows Phone game long on name but not short on fun

Sweets Mania Space Quest is a matching game for Windows Phone 8 that has an assortment of missions where you are tasked with pairing up various styles of candies. Game mechanics are similar to what you would find with Bejeweled but with a set number of levels with an assortment of mission goals.

Graphics are well done, game play challenging and overall Sweets Mania Space Quest is a fun game to pass the time with.

Flip Blox, a Windows Phone game that might surprise you

Flip Blox is a matching game for our Windows Phone that surprised us a little. The game's concept isn't new and calls for you to create combos of the same colored boxes for points.

You have a handful of gaming modes to keep things from getting stale and the animated faces on the boxes keeps things interesting.  Flip Blox comes across as an entertaining, casual game for our Windows Phones. Well suited for passing the time with.

Find your match with the Windows Phone game Memory Battle Time

Memory Battle Time isn't your typical memory challenge game for our Windows Phone.  Memory Battle Time is a card matching game that tests your memory but along with the traditional game play where you find matching pairs of cards Memory Battle Time also has levels of play where you find matching pairs based on association (e.g. tennis ball matches with tennis racket, baseball with baseball mitt).

To add to the challenge, Memory Battle Time will also test your speed skills in that each level is played on the clock. 

Graphics gets the job done, there's definitely plenty of challenging game play and overall... Memory Battle Time is a fun Windows Phone game to spend a little time.

Windows Phone Game Review: Pairanoia

Pairanoia is a Windows Phone puzzle game from Beautiful Mind Games, the developers of Triangula, Quadrata and other puzzle games for your Windows Phone. Pairanoia is a game that calls upon you to match up tiles with assorted colors and shapes. As you create the matches you earn points in an effort to out score you opponent.

Pairanoia does take a few games to get the hang of things but once you do, it's an entertaining way to pass the time.