Ballance Resurrection review, a Windows Phone game for those not afraid of heights

Ballance Resurrection is a fun, challenging, wonderfully drawn-up puzzle game for Windows Phone 8. The game is a Marble Madness styled game where you have to navigate a ball through a series of platforms, rails, and other obstacles.

The gaming platform is set high in the clouds and one wrong move will send your ball plummeting to its demise. Ballance Resurrection is a multi-level puzzle game with a bit of an arcade feel about it. The game requires a gentle touch, steady hand and a good bit of patience. In playing Ballance Resurrection for a short time, it comes across as an entertaining option for your Windows Phone.

CrazyMaze Lite, a Windows Phone game full of challenging Labyrinths

CrazyMaze Lite is a challenging Windows Phone puzzle game that has you maneuvering a marble through a series of creative mazes. Mazes that are full of holes that will end your journey, portals that will send you across the maze and other pitfalls that you will have to negotiate around.

CrazyMaze Lite has a bit of a casual feel to game play but challenging enough to keep things interesting. If you are looking for a change of pace for you Windows Phone gaming needs, CrazyMaze Lite is worth a look.

From Cheese, a Windows Phone 8 puzzle game with a smelly twist

From Cheese is an interesting puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 where you lead a hungry little mouse through a maze to a block of cheese.  The smelly twist is that you guide the mouse by the cheese’s aroma, drawing a path for the mouse to follow from the cheese.

From Cheese has fifty-eight levels of reverse-logic puzzles full of obstacles and dangers to work around to get your mouse to his dinner.

It may be another puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 but From Cheese’s approach to solving the puzzles makes it an appealing new addition to our Windows Phone gaming library.

Block the Trapper for Windows Phone, a puzzle of a game worth trying

Block the Trapper is a fairly new puzzle game for your Windows Phone where you have to guide your dragon through the various game levels while avoiding being captured by the Trapper.

The multi-level game has three arenas of play with some fairly challenging mazes to navigate through. Block the Trapper has more of a casual pace to it but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Robo & Bobo is now available in the Windows Phone Store

The new Windows Phone 8 game Robo & Bobo hit the shelves today over in the Windows Phone Store. We shared a sneak peek yesterday on the new puzzle game and found it to be an entertaining addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

You are tasked with programming moves that will guide Robo through a series of mazes so he can be re-united with his teddy bear Bobo.

Altern8: Windows Phone Game Review

Altern8 is a puzzle game for your Windows Phone that offers you an alternative to mazes with walls. Instead of having your movement restricted by traditional walls, Altern8 restricts your movements through maze puzzles by colored squares.

You move through a grid of colored squares, alternating the colored squares you land on, as you seek the exit. Altern8 has five gaming modes, five difficulty levels and four color pairs. Altern8 is a fun, change of pace styled game that is worth a try if you're looking for a game to play while passing the time.

Windows Phone Xbox Live Review: Breeze

While it’s tough for indie games to get noticed on Xbox 360, several of them have found new life as Xbox Live titles on Windows Phone. Breeze is the latest game to make the jump. Developed almost entirely by one person – Rob Hutchinson of Null City Software, Breeze doesn't quite share the scale of most other Xbox Live games. Thankfully it’s a free (and ad-supported) game, and should go over well with a wide variety of gamers.

Monkey Madness - App Spotlight

Phoebit Software is offering Monkey Madness over at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The platformer game has you controlling your monkey with the phone's accelerometer. You work your way through a moving maze/ladder to reach the top of the screen. Jumping is controlled by tapping the screen to leap through openings in the walkways or rungs in the ladder.

Along your journey you try to collect bonus items and avoid dangers such as snakes and ghosts. If one of the monsters catch you, you will loose one of your three lives. You also need to be careful not to bump your head on the walkway above or fall through the gaps in the moving rungs. You won't loose a life but your monkey will be stunned for a short period.

Monkey Madness has an online leader board to compare your scores with others. As you advance in levels, the game becomes more challenging and you really need to stay on your toes as the direction of the rungs will change.

There is a free trial version available for Monkey Madness with the full version running $.99. You can download either here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Prof. Stone - Review

In the spirit of Pac-Man, MaSta Software is offering the Windows Phone 7 game Prof. Stone over at the Marketplace. The Windows Phone game has you playing the role of Professor Stone who has to work his way through a multitude of mazes, collecting diamonds along the way.

While Pac-Man had cute little ghosts such as Blinky, Pinky and Inky that chased you about the screen, Professor Stone has various monsters (they appear to be an alien, wild boar, and mutant chicken) that chase you down. To help combat the monster, torches are scattered about the maze that will fend off the monsters and make them vulnerable to attack (you simply walk over them and they go running away).

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