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Toughest Game Ever, a collection of fast paced mini-games for your Windows Phone

The Toughest Game Ever is a collection of mini-games for your Windows Phone that are designed to test your concentration, speed and reactions.  The multi-level game can be challenging at times, a little frustrating as well as a little humbling at times.

Is this Windows Phone game the toughest game ever? Hard to say but the Toughest Game Ever will keep you on your toes and isn't a bad game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Critter Camp, a collection of Windows Phone mini-games

Critter Camp is a Windows Phone 8 game that is a collection of four mini-games that are surprisingly challenging. Critter Camp's first impression makes you think the game is more suited for your Windows Phone's Kid's Corner.

But after playing each of the mini-games, Critter Camp can be a challenging game for the older crowd as well.  There's a few bugs that still need to be ironed out but Critter Camp has the potential of being an appealing game for all ages.

Pirates Plunder: Windows Phone Game Review

Pirate's Plunder is Flight Control styled game where you direct trade ships to the appropriate port, avoid high seas collisions, pirates, sea monsters and other dangers along the way.

Along with the main objective of docking your ships, there are a handful of side games with Pirate's Plunder that crop up to keep things interesting. Animations are nice, game play challenging, but the game has a cluttered feel to it. Still Pirate's Plunder has a bit of appeal to it and is worth a try.