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Deal Alert: Vectored, a pretty sweet Missile Command styled Windows Phone game, is now free

If you're a fan of the classic arcade game Missile Command, you'll enjoy the Windows Phone game Vectored. Just like the classic game, with Vectored you are tasked with protecting a collection of cities from waves of incoming missiles.

Vectored is now a free game for our Windows Phone (down from $.99) making Vectored all the more attractive.

Windows Phone Game Review: Smashing Planets

Smashing Planets is a rather entertaining Windows Phone game that is a missile defense styled game.  You are required to defend Earth from evil alien invaders that are determined to smash the planet into tiny little bits. Your perspective in the game is from space and you have an arsenal of missiles to take out the alien ships and bosses before they blow things up.

Smashing Planets has over sixteen levels of play, really nice graphics and addictive game play. It's a neat little game that is a very nice time waster.  Smashing Planets is a nice addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

Windows Phone Game Review: MissileDefender

MissileDefender is a new game for your Windows Phone that comes from the developers of Grow. MissileDefender is a Missile Command styled game where you defend your city from incoming missile and alien attacks.

However, unlike the classic arcade game MissileDefender allows for upgrades to your defenses and conduct repairs to damaged buildings in between attack waves. The game screen is simply laid out with buildings and trees lining the bottom of the screen. Up top there is a pause button, your missile count and your upgrade/repair point total. As you destroy enemy missiles and ships you earn the upgrade/repair points.

Bullet Asylum is safe on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Following Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the second Must Have Game of 2012 is now upon us. Bullet Asylum from UberGeekGames and Microsoft Studios has hit the Marketplace.

Bullet Asylum, which WPCentral previewed earlier this week, is a modern update to the classic Missile Defense formula. Aliens rain down from the sky and it’s up to your turrets to stop them. You can use a single finger to fire all your weapons at one area or two fingers to split the fire. Game modes include the extremely easy Arcade, an endless Survival mode that has no Achievements for some reason, and the frustratingly hard Architect mode. Seriously, what were they thinking with Architect?

That one mode notwithstanding, Bullet Asylum is a mostly easy shooter to zone out to. Plus it has the flashy neon graphics that we all love and a fair upgrade unlocking system... Just wait till you see the Peace Mode modifier; it’s a trip.

Bullet Asylum costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace and help stop those aliens!


Steam Castle - Review

The developers who brought Impossible Shoota and Traffic Cop to Windows Phone 7 are now offering Steam Castle.  The Windows Phone game is a tower defense game where you defend your castle and surrounding forest from a barrage of missiles.

The story line of the game goes that you are the last fortress of hope for humanity. You are fighting a losing war against the Mechanitrons and must fall back to Steam Castle to use the advanced steam compression technology to fend off the Mechanitrons as best as possible.

To see if all hope is lost and whether or not Steam Castle is worth the download, blast on past the break.