Here are some Windows Phone apps to help you welcome the New Year in style

Some Windows Phone apps to help you say farewell to 2014 and welcome the New Year with a few drinks.

As everyone prepares to bring in the New Year, we thought a Windows Phone app roundup of mixology apps would be in order. Many are planning social gatherings where you'll need to showcase your bartending abilities or maybe there will be those who would like to impress their dates by ordering a fancy beverage while out on the town. These apps will help with both tasks.

We've got a few mixed drink apps and a few beer apps for those who prefer the brewery to the distillery.  As always, if we missed your favorite cocktail or beer app please feel free to sound off in the comments. There are plenty alternatives available in the Windows Phone Store and we picked the ones that jumped off the screen at us.

Cocktail Master 2, a Windows Phone game that is shaken not stirred

If you’re in the mood for a casual (almost novelty) game to help you pass the time, take a look at Cocktail Master 2. The Windows Phone 8 game has you directing your faithful bartender Miguel around the bar.

The goal is to mix a concoction that will delight Miguel or at least not kill him. The interface is straightforward and Miguel is full of comical reactions to your drinks. Cocktail Master 2 may not be a challenge packed Windows Phone game but it is an entertaining option to consider.

Deal Alert: Cocktail Bar free through myAppFree partnership

myAppFree is a Windows Phone app that works with developers to offer one free app or game for free per day. The Windows Phone mixology app Cocktail Bar is currently on the clock and will be a free app for the next twenty-four hours.

Cocktail Bar delivers over 150 cocktail recipes to your Windows Phone that is sorted out rather nicely by categories that are based on ingredient, time of day, and style. You can tag mixes as favorites for quick reference and share them with your friends.

Windows Phone App Review: BarBuddy

BarBuddy is a great app to have on your Windows Phone if you're not sure what you want to order at the bar or make yourself. It also doubles as a novelty sobriety test.  It's not as extensive of a mixology app as Cocktail Flow but BarBuddy ain't too shabby in its own right.

Cocktail Flow adds Big Game package to the mixology

Cocktail Flow is a popular cocktail/mixed drink application for your Windows Phone. The app is well presented and one of Cocktail Flow's main features is the drink packages. These are collections of drinks for special occasions, holidays, and classes of drinks (e.g. shooters, non-alcoholic drinks).

In preparation for this weekends Super Bowl, the developer has added the "Big Game" package to the mix. The package contains thirty football themed drink recipes that can be served not only during the Super Bowl but any football event. Drinks include the Quick Kick, Brady Bomb, Go for it on 4th Down, and Manning Martini.

Cocktail Flow has a free trial version and the full version will run you $2.99. You can grab Cocktail Flow here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Gergely, for the tip!