Trouserheart for Windows Phone 8, battle enemies of the kingdom to get your pants back

10Tons Ltd is a fantastic Windows Phone game developer and their latest offering doesn't disappoint. Trouserheart is a Windows Phone 8 game where you play the role of a King who has had his pants stolen.

Clad in heart print boxers, the King must travel the kingdom battling a wide variety of goons and bosses. All in an effort to find his stolen pants and restore order to the world.

Graphics are on par with all of 10Tons offerings (great), game play challenging and overall Trouserheart makes a very nice first impression.

DemonDefence, can you keep Alice safe in this Windows Phone tower defense game?

Tower defense games can be a fun way to pass the time on our Windows Phone. DemonDefence is a relatively new gaming title and hopes to join the crowd as an entertaining tower defense game.

The story line has a damsel in distress, that would be Alice, lost in a demon infested land. You are armed with snowmen, robots, scarecrows and characters who must defend Alice from wave after wave of monsters.

Graphics aren't too shabby, game play on par for the genre, and there are enough themes, levels and difficulty settings to keep things interesting. DemonDefence is available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and is worth at least a peek.

Epic Battle Dude moves on over from Android and IOS, kicks butt

Epic Battle Dude is an action packed Windows Phone 8 game where you play the role of a king who has to battle a variety of monsters that have invaded your land and kidnapped your queen.

Epic Battle Dude has had decent success over on the Android and iOS platforms and we can see why. The game has bold graphics, simple but addictive game play, fifty levels of play and fantastic sound effects. It even has a unique approach to adjusting the volume in the game's settings.

Epic Battle Dude is quickly becoming our favorite new game and with it being free, dude, you've gotta give it a try.

Skelly Archer, a bone rattling Windows Phone game

Skelly Archer is a new Windows Phone game that has made it to the Windows Phone Store's "New and Rising" ranks. It is an adventure game where you play the role of Skelly the skeleton, a fallen archer, set on conquering a wide assortment of monsters and discovering magical jewels.

Skelly Archer has two game modes and twenty-six levels spread out across six different lands/scenes. It's a decent game for your Windows Phone that is full of challenges and not a shabby way to pass the time with.

Super Voltage a puzzling way to fight monsters

Super Voltage is a Windows Phone puzzle game where you race to solve puzzles.  It reminds me a little of the Windows Phone game Metro Pipes but instead of racing a clock, you're racing pesky little monsters.  Super Voltage features Koo Monsters who, when they reach the bottom of the screen, drain you of health point.

You are tasked with solving a series of puzzles and as you do, the Koo monsters are slowly working their way down your Windows Phone screen.  However, as you complete one of the puzzles, super voltage electricity power is unleashed that destroys any monster lying within it's path.  Again, if the monsters make it to the bottom of the screen, you lose health points.

Super Voltage is a fun, fast paced game that is full of challenge. It's a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Windows Phone Game Review: Defender 3D

Defender 3D is a fast paced shoot 'em up type game for your Windows Phone. You have to defend your position against a wide assortment of monsters that will be coming at you from all directions. You begin the action with your faithful crossbow and along the way you can collect weapons with a little more destructive capabilities.

As you take out the monsters, your score grows.  Bonus points are awarded for consecutive kills and multiple monster take downs.  Defender 3D has an online leaderboard for bragging rights across five categories of scoring (points, kills, time survived, streaks and combos).  Animates are nice, game play simple but fast paced. Defender 3D ended up being a fun game and worth a try.

Windows Phone Game Review: Monsters Pinball

Monster's Pinball, as you would guess, is a pinball game for your Windows Phone that pays tribute to the what is described as the cult classic pinball games of the past. Nicely animated with simple controls, Monsters Pinball is more than just a typical pinball game.

You have experience levels, tasks, power-ups and online scoreboards. Monster's Pinball has over one hundred bonus items to unlock. Add two pinball tables into the mix and Monster's Pinball has plenty of gaming to it.

Windows Phone Game Review: Rise of the Mummies

Okay, so this Windows Phone game may not deal with zombies but Rise of the Mummies has potential.

Zombies Attack Free - Review

Zombies have become a very popular character these days and Windows Phone games have their fair share of zombie games. Zombies Attack! Free is the latest incarnation of the zombie themed games.

The game premise is simple, destroy the zombies by dropping an assortment of bombs on them as they parade across your Windows Phone screen. Any zombies that make it across, will eat away at your health. To see how you prevent the undead from devouring your brains, skip on past the break.