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Mood Swing

For this week's developer interview we've had the pleasure of being joined by Pratik Kothari of Techark Solutions. The company has produced some high quality (and highly rated) Windows Phone apps with Social Mints, Mood Swing and RedMinder to name but a few.

As well as having Social Mints winning the Core77 Fast Track to the Mobile App International Design Challenge and being featured at Mobile World Congress by Microsoft, the developer has also been selected for the "Your App Here" campaign.

Head on past the break to read the full interview.

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Techark Solutions, the company behind a number of Windows Phone apps including Mood Swing and RedMinder, is giving away Mood Swing branded t-shirts and mugs on Facebook. Mood Swing, which is available for both Windows Phone and iOS, features the following:

  • Easily track your moods using our beautiful expressions
  • Pick from a personalized list of mood images
  • Attach a photo with your mood entry (camera or pick from gallery)
  • Share your Mood Swing on both facebook & twitter in one easy step
  • Become aware of your own emotions and improve your life
  • Customize your specific mood situations and categories

Be sure to enter the giveaway, by providing your name, gender, email and desired shirt size, before the closing date of April 12th. Open to U.S. residents only (T&Cs). What mood are you in?

Source: Facebook (Techark Solutions)

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Mood Swing - App Spotlight

Feel the need to track your moods from day to day? Maybe even hour to hour? If so, there's a Windows Phone app out there that might be of help.

Mood Swing is a simple, straight forward, frustration free app that is designed to track your moods. Feel the need to share your joy? Mood Swing also has Facebook and Twitter integration to allow you to share how your feeling with your friends.

You choose your mood by the respective cartoon face and add what you have on your mind from a preset category list and optional text field. You can even attach a photo to your mood entry.

Once you save your mood, it is added to your mood history where you can see how you've felt over a period of time; view a pie chart of how your moods add up; and even read about what your moods may mean.

Settings allow you to choose an appropriate cartoon representation, add custom categories for the "What's on your mind?" entry and set your Facebook/Twitter integration.

Mood Swing could easily double as a diary and you could always use it to dispute your wife's/girlfriend's claims that you're always in a grumpy mood. The app is not recommended to illustrate how grumpy your wife/girlfriend can be though.

There are two versions of Mood Swing available over at the Marketplace. A free, ad supported version can be found here and a $.99 ad-free version that can be found here.

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