DEAL ALERT: To-do list app, Due, free for 48 hours

Squallstar Studio has made their simple, easy-to-use to-do list app, Due, available for free for the next 48 hours. Due is a cleanly designed task list that lets you manage your chores and errands quickly without having to use your calendar. A start screen tile displays the latest item on your list for easy viewing.

Review: MOBO Wallet Organizer Case

When it comes to cases for your cell phone, there is no one form factor that is perfect for everyone. The perfect case for you depends entirely on your needs. This concept makes it imperative for manufacturers to make a variety of shapes, sizes and designs in order to accommodate the variety of people that buy their products.

Cases that double as a wallet have come and go over the years and no one manufacturer can seem to get a design that really takes off. The idea that you can have your wallet and cell phone in one compact package is particularly appealing to those of us who walk around with what could easily be mistaken for Batman’s utility belt.  Mobo makes this attempt with their Wallet Organizer Case.

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Review: PDA Skins Organizer Case


I love going on vacation. It doesn’t matter if it is a 3 day weekend at the coast or a week at Disney World.  At times like this I find that I want something to take with me that will hold my phone along with any other small items that can come in handy, i.e. hotel keys, local tourist maps, an autograph book for when we bump into Mickey Mouse, etc… A backpack is too much and even a fanny pack can be more than I sometimes need. So, I am always looking for a good phone case organizer, just for these special occasions.   With this in mind I wanted to try out the PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer. Looking at the stock photos and reading the description, it looked like this would fit my needs very nicely. But when I got my hands on it, I started to have my doubts. There are times that when my first impression is not very good, that after using the product for a while I gain more respect for it. Take a look at the full review to see if this is truly one not to waste your money on or if it eventually did live up to my initial expectations...