Microsoft apologizes for Saved Cloud Game outage by offering free month of Xbox LIVE Gold

This weekend Microsoft experienced a problem with their Xbox LIVE Saved Cloud Games service, causing some gamers grief as they could not save their progress to the cloud or access previous saves. Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson reported early this morning that the problem been resolved and that those affected would be given a free month of Gold service for their troubles. Microsoft's General Manager of Xbox Live, Alex Garden, sent out an apologetic email trying to reassure users that this will not happen again.

Bing Reviews having issues? [Updated]

Between a Marketplace outage and Xbox Live services problems, it's been a rough few days for WP7 users.  Unfortunately, here's one more to add to the mix.  Reports have been circulating that business reviews are currently not working in Bing search results.  We ran some tests of our own and found those reports to be accurate.  It is not clear whether the issue is limited to certain devices, OS versions, carriers or geographical locales, like the Marketplace outage.

We will keep you posted as we get more information on the matter.

What are you experiencing? Shout out in comments.

Update: Looks like Microsoft/Bing finally fixed the issue as Reviews are now showing up as they should. Let us know if they're still not working for you.

via: MobileTechWorld

AT&T Data Outages East of the Mississippi

Engadget Mobile is reporting some major AT&T data outages on the east coast, from New York City to St. Louis. AT&T is aware of the reports and working on it, though as the big E notes a perusal of the AT&T forums shows a lot of unhappy 3G and EDGE users.

I'm doing fine down here in my little neck of the woods, where the recent 3G upgrade gets utilized by just a relatively small number of people. How about you big city folk -- emails coming in? Browser working?