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What could've been

This is Microsoft’s original vision for the Lumia 950 series

All in on AI

Did Microsoft shift to an AI-focused strategy because of Google?

Clamshell vs. Kickstand

Surface Laptop vs. Surface Pro: Spec showdown and form factor wars

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Quick comparison of the new Surface Pro and Dell's XPS 15

Both great devices

Does the new Surface Pro really edge out the cheaper Surface Pro 4?

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Microsoft mixes up Beam

Microsoft's 'Beam' service is getting a rebrand, say hi to 'Mixer'

Star Wars hits the big 4-0

Celebrate Star Wars' birthday with these great gifts!

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Should you buy Microsoft's Surface Pro or Surface Laptop?

Love/hate relationship

8 things you'll love about new Surface Pro – and 3 things you'll hate

Monkey see monkey do

Is Microsoft's Fluent Design a clone of Google's Material Design?

Surface FTW

Surface Pro beats iPad Pro in a tech spec comparison — by a mile

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Will you buy Microsoft's new Surface Pro? (poll)

The pinnacle of Surface

Why isn't the new Surface Pro named 'Surface Pro 5?'

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Missing the future

Why Microsoft's new Surface Pro doesn't have a USB Type-C port

All new for 2017

Meet the new Microsoft Surface Pro!

Tilt and shift

New Microsoft Surface Pen: Everything you need to know

Spec showdown

Which is the best? Surface Laptop vs. Spectre x360 vs. XPS 13

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The HTC Titan is a sleek, attractive Windows Phone that still remains to be a favourite among many consumers. Now that both the 8S and 8X are readily available in multiple markets, how does one spice up the Titan to prolong (or refresh) its beauty? A fresh paint job, of course. This is also perfect if you've somehow managed to accumulate a few scratches on the back plate.

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Review: VsNotepad 2

All of us use our Windows Mobile devices (er, Windows phones) differently. And this is one of the strengths of the platform. Some of us use it solely as a messaging device. Phone, e-mail, text and chat are all things that Windows Mobile (with some help from third party applications) excel at. Multimedia is an area in which our Windows Phones don’t necessarily beat everyone else, but with a few additions in the software department it can compete with any other device on the market.

One of the things that I am always doing with my phone is taking notes. I tend to forget things like what my wife likes on a particular sandwich and simple things like that. Being able to jot down quick thoughts in a low drag environment is incredibly valuable to me. The Notes application that is built in to Windows Mobile has the ability to save notes in a variety of different formats. Sound, text and handwriting or drawing can all be used to create and save notes. My problem is that I’ve just never liked the feel of the Notes interface.

My search for the complete note taking application begins with VsNotepad 2 by Vetasoft. Check out the breakdown after the jump.

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