Lumia 630 now available in Pakistan

Microsoft''s budget priced Lumia 630 smartphone is now available for purchase in Pakistan via Mobilink and the people who buy the phone from that outlet will also get some free unlimited 3G data service.

The Nokia 1020 now available from Advance Telecom in Pakistan

It's been a steady global roll out for the Nokia Lumia 1020 over the past few months and the Windows Phone with the 'super camera' has now hit Pakistan. Local carrier Advance Telecom has announced via their Facebook page that they now has the device for sale for Rs. 82,500.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phones already available from Mobilink in Pakistan

Nokia is launching its hardware in Pakistan, with multiple Lumia Windows Phones heading to the market. We recently looked at the official Nokia website revealing which colours the Lumia 920 would be available in - yellow, red and grey, as well as white and black. It appears we missed mobile operator Mobilink already releasing the hardware last month. The Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 Windows Phones join the flagship in the line-up.

Nokia's better in colour. Lumia 920 heading to Pakistan in yellow, red and grey

Nokia will be splashing some colour at consumers who reside in Pakistan. The company has revealed that the Lumia 920 will be available in the market soon. Not only that but the Windows Phone will be available in yellow, red, grey, black and white - quite a fair selection. This will come as a slight shock to those who are wanting to be able to purchase one of the less common variants of the device.

Asus phone featuring Windows Phone 7 shows itself

Who would have thought that one of Asus's prototype (?) phones featuring Windows Phone 7 would show up in Pakistan (via Twitter)?

Nothing is known about the CPU, radio, camera or what carrier--all we can tell is it's a black slab with a nice brushed metal face. Not to shabby, but obviously those specs for Chassis 1 are pretty strict with little in the way of differentiation so far.

Will we ever see Asus in the U.S.? Probably not anytime soon, but hey, we're hopin' they make a deal somewhere, sometime.

[Shaistajafri (Twitter) via Pocketnow]