Windows Phone platformer games to help pass the time with

Windows Phone Central platformer game roundup
Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Platformers

Now that Fitness Month has passed, we'll return to our regularly scheduled roundups for the other various games and apps available in the Windows Phone Store. This week we revisit platformer games.

We grabbed a handful from the "Top Free" platformer section of the Windows Phone Store that includes a bouncing ball, a lost space traveler and a hedge hog.  As with all our roundups, if you've got a favorite platformer game sound off below in the comments with your recommendation.

Windows Phone Game Review - Pendulous

Pendulous is a neat little game for your Windows Phone that has you swing gears from point to point until you reach the safety of a portal. The multi-level game scores your performance on how quickly you can navigate your gear to the exit portal.  Along the way twists, turns and electrical sparks will make the journey from Point A to Point B all the more challenging.

Nicely animated, challenging enough to keep things interesting Pendulous is a fun time waster and a nice addition for your Windows Phone gaming library.