App Update Roundup: Pepper, WeChat and even eBay make today's rounds

It's a busy Friday in the world of Microsoft. We've just covered the finalization of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia, but developers have also been busy pushing out updates to the Windows Phone Store. Today we'll be checking out what's new in Pepper, WeChat, among other apps.

Pepper for Windows Phone updated with general fixes; get involved to add your local venues

Pepper is a free music discovery service available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. While Pepper has been around since Windows Phone 7, the team behind the service has only just launched Pepper in the US. It has taken some time, but one should not underestimate just what their end goals are - to not only enable consumers to check out and attend local events at known venues, but discover new music in the process. 

Today an update has been released to the store. We're also calling out to US consumers who would like to get involved and lend a hand by seeding some local venues they'd like covered by the Pepper team. Head past the break to read more.

Pepper for Windows Phone receives massive update; now available in the US!

Pepper, the cross-platform music discovery service, has been available on Windows Phone and Windows 8 for some time, but the service itself has been restricted to just the UK. This is because the team behind Pepper are building more than just an ‘app’ – development time has been invested in creating services and tools for the live music industry, ensuring that the content provided is more detailed and accurate than standard event listing services. Folk in the US have been crying out for localised support and we've got some great news for you – Pepper is now available in not only the UK, but the US too.

Whether you're an avid music fan attending every local gig advertised or someone who enjoys discovering new talent with friends, Pepper is a service worth checking out. The Windows Phone app enables you to check out local venues in supported areas, seeing what's on the calendar, not to mention checking-in, sharing the experience and more. It's quite the companion for live music lovers.

Pepper update on the way; addresses NFC bug preventing the app from running on low-end hardware

This is just a short PSA to relay news from the Pepper development team. An update for the popular live music Windows Phone app is on its way to address an NFC bug that can prevent the app from successfully starting when loaded on hardware with no NFC support (Nokia Lumia 520, etc). The fix has been submitted and should go live shortly. 

Live music discovery service Pepper looking to break into the US; the team requires your help

Pepper is a familiar name within the Windows Phone community. The service originally launched on the platform early last year and has since branched out to iOS, but location support is still restricted to the UK. Why is this the case? The live music discovery and social service is incredibly accurate when it comes to local events and performances. This requires data that's frankly hard to come by, even today.

Pepper for Windows Phone receives massive update, further bringing music to life

Pepper is a popular Windows Phone app here in the UK ( The service is essentially a music social network that helps you check out live events and gigs across the country with friends you know and share interests with. Venues and events are listed with times, artists and other details that make it that much easier to get down and enjoy local music.

Pepper Windows Phone app update and Windows 8 and iOS apps on the way

We first looked at live music service Pepper earlier this year at a previous WPUG event. The app and backend service impressed us with the variety of features available, as well as how unique the functionality is in a package we've yet to see elsewhere. Exclusively available for Windows Phone, we enjoyed having the Pepper team on-board pushing the platform further with continued support. We've now got word that an imminent update is on its way, as well as apps for both Windows 8 and the iPhone.

Developer Interview: David Hamilton, CTO and co-founder of Pepper

This week in our Windows Phone developer interview series we're joined by David Hamilton, CTO and Co-Founder of Pepper. We took a quick look at Pepper from a recent Windows Phone User Group meet-up and were intrigued by both the idea behind the app and the vision for future cross-platform development.

So what's the deal with Pepper and how did it come to be? We threw Hamilton a set of questions for an insight into not only app-specific development, but how the team views Windows Phone against competitors. Head on past the break for the full interview.

Pepper: a new Windows Phone app making live music more social

Wouldn't it be useful if you were able to join a music-focused community on your Windows Phone, which would enable you to search, filter and attend music events? An app and service called Pepper aims to provide such functionality. Launching on Windows Phone (iOS, Blackberry and Android ports on the way), Pepper brings a new social network to the platform.

Finding live music events near your location has now been made a whole lot easier. Once an account has been created (takes two minutes through the app itself) users are able to follow venues and artists to find out where and when the next interesting event is. Any gigs or club nights that are to be attended can then be shared with friends to bring a number of people together for the evening. Best of all - it's free.