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Windows Phone App Review: Photo2Cloud

geoGallery & Twitter: More WP7 demo applications

As we delve deeper into what current Silverlight programmers are up to in exploring Windows Phone 7, a few things are becoming evident:

  • Generally speaking, they love it
  • It's easy
  • There's lots of development and excitement amongst the community

Case in point is this "sample" app (e.g. something someone whipped up in very little time to explore the framework): geoGallery.

geoGallery is a photo app that pulls pictures from Picasa to your device based on your current location. Pretty cool.  It's even more cool knowing that developers are turning out programs left and right so easily and enthusiastically.

Another is this Twitter app from Governor Technology. They seem to be keen on actually building this, so may be worth to keep an eye on at this very early stage. (And lets not forget Twikini's WP7 app).

We're confident in stating that WP7's development framework is going to give a huge kick in the pants to software offerings in the Marketplace. In other words, we haven't seen this much interest from developers since the iPhone and Android SDK days.

Check out the video of geoGallery in action and how it all works from Silverlight developer Levente Mihály. And Levente? Go ahead and submit that to the Marketplace, kthxbai!

Picasa on Windows Mobile

Google's Picasa photo services aren't our favorite (we're Flickr Folks), but a new service they're offering might just get us to switch. Over at the Google Mobile Blog (via My Today Screen, welcome to the WinMo Blog World, guys!) there's info on how Picasa is now optimized for Windows Mobile.

The best part is that you can actually cache the stuff locally for offline viewing. How's that? Well we told ya a month ago that Google released their Google Gears for WinMo, and so now we're starting to see the benefits of that. Neat, eh?

Using the newly announced Google Gears for Mobile, they have added a few new features like viewing albums of your choice offline, and adding a Picasa icon as a shortcut for faster album access.