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Sure, when it comes to the Lumia 920, Nokia has supplied us with black, glossy white, yellow, red and even the return of cyan. There's also the hard to find matte grey. But what about the more lady friendly magenta? We saw magenta come out for the Lumia 800 and eventually the 900 release but so far, none for the 920.

However, forum member Pontifex has spotted what clearly looks like a highly shiny, glossy magenta Lumia 920. Although it's only spotted at a distance, you can clearly see that curvature and the signature headphone jack of the Lumia 920. 

We're not really sure why Nokia doesn't come out with Magenta with the main release of the 920, instead presumably we'll have to wait awhile until they mix up that polycarbonate. But one thing we do know is that color looks to make a comeback should carriers ask for it. Check the video after the break.

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Although Windows Phone Central likes to have our own contests regularly, we would be remiss to ignore this fun one that Nokia USA is having via their Twitter account.

The contest is simple: Tweet a photo with something pink that you are wearing—shoes, your hair, or if you’re like me, my giant pink feather boa (okay, maybe not, but we all know I’d make it work). The winner will be showered with all sorts of prizes including...

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With news this week that Nokia has had mild to moderate success on AT&T with the Lumia 900 we should not be surprised to hear that a price drop is coming. After all, the phone has been out now for nearly four months and product cycles dictate that there is always something better down the line.

We’re hearing from an AT&T employee (and we verified with someone higher up in the food chain) that the flagship Windows Phone is set to get a $50 price cut this Sunday and will now be offered for $49.99 on a two-year contract--all colors.  That’s in addition to AT&T stores still offering $50 in free accessories making the Lumia 900 a decent deal for new users looking for a solid smartphone.

This Sunday is also a big day for Nokia and AT&T as the pink Lumia 900 is also going on sale, a carrier exclusive. The combo of a pink Lumia 900 for the ladies along with a $50 price tag should give the phone a modest boost in sales--at least that’s probably what AT&T and Nokia are hoping. It should be interesting to see if sales are brisk or stagnant in a few days from now.

Curiously, the Lumia 900 is still the #3 best-seller for AT&T phones on Amazon Wireless and has remained in the position for quite some time. While Amazon Wireless is not a direct reflection on overall sales, it’s a good sign that at least some people are buying it.

Are any of our readers looking to pick up the pink Lumia 900 this weekend for their woman-folk? Does the $50 price tag make it that much sweeter or do you think it won’t matter with sales? Thanks, Danny, for the tip

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Nokia has today announced the pink Lumia 900 exclusively for AT&T in the US. The device is identical to the Lumia 900 we know and love, which is already stocked by the carrier in white, black and cyan. We've continuously looked at hints of a possible pink / magenta Lumia 900, and this announcement will please those who wish to stand out from the crowd.

As with all Lumia devices, customers will be able to take advantage of the app collection, which is exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones. Unfortunately there's no word on availability outside the states, though we'd imagine the manufacturer will launch the colour globally.

With Windows Phone 8 just around the corner, we expect many to hold onto their hard-earned cash for more advanced and future proof hardware. But should you choose to go for the magenta Lumia 900, then fear not as Windows Phone 7.8 will be on its way later this year.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, Bailey and Joe, for the tip!

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A non-working, magenta Lumia 900 for Italian Nokia stores

Although the rumored Magenta Lumia 900 never materialized on AT&T for Mother's day there is still plenty of evidence that the pink legend exists and someone will be getting it soon. Whether it's from Nokia's own Facebook page, a Finnish online retailer or Australia, the magenta 900 is certainly on the horizon.

Now, magenta "dummy" phones have begun appearing at Italian Nokia stores suggesting that Italy may be one of the first areas to get the device. No word on availability of anything else for that matter, just the above picture of one.

Our guess is Nokia still working to fulfill orders on the cyan, matte-black and glossy-white versions and ramping up production for magenta is taking some time. Hopefully though we'll see it soon enough here in the US and elsewhere.

Source: Nokia HD Blog; Thanks, simone, for the tip

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We've reported in the past that AT&T was rumored to be getting a magenta (red, fuchsia, pink etc) Nokia Lumia 900 on Sunday, May 13th right in time for Mother's Day.

Since that report we've had a sighting in a Microsoft Store (since removed) and Nokia's Facebook page (also since removed).

The image above clearly shows once and for all that a magenta Lumia 900 does indeed exist. What's more, those in Finland will evidently have the honors of  being one of the first regions to get their hands on it.

The retail site Gigantti has the phone listed with the SKU NOKLUMIA900MA with a release slated for an unspecified day in, you guessed it, May.

The phone is up for pre-order now but who knows how long it will be up since last we checked, Nokia has not made an official announcement on such a color being offered. Of course knowing that the Lumia 800 comes in that color choice, it's not much of a stretch to see its bigger brother get the red treatment as well.

So AT&T, your move.

Source: Gigantti; via e's PhoneBlog; Thanks, Jonne

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We first reported that a Magenta Lumia 900 may be headed to AT&T for a Mother's Day release back on March 27th. Since then we had a sighting of what looks to a bare reddish pink Lumia 900 in a Microsoft Store on April 13th via in-screen advertising (interestingly, we're told that image was replaced with a glossy-white since we ran that story).

Now Nokia themselves seem to be getting in on the Magenta Lumia 900 action as they have it listed as a color option for the device right ont their Facebook page.

Eagle-eyed reader Michael L. noticed it on the social-network's Lumia 900 demo page, which allows you to toy play with a virtual Windows Phone OS. On that page, you have your Matte-Black, Cyan and Glossy-White color choices but low and behold, there is also mysterious and alluring Magenta.

While a reddish hued Lumia 900 would not be an earth-shattering decision, after all the Lumia 800 has that choice, up till now there has not been an announced Magenta variant for the 900-series.

Seeing as AT&T is the premier launch partner for this device and our earlier tip that a Mother's Day version was planned for release (it also falls on a release-day for the carrier), we're liking the odds of this happening come May.

Would you get a magenta Lumia 900 for yourself or a loved one? Hit us up on comments.

Source: Facebook (Nokia); Thanks, Michael, for the tip

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Magenta Nokia Lumia 900 pictured for AT&T

We posted a little while ago that there may be a Magenta Lumia 900 for AT&T in the works, specifically a tie-in with Mother's Day which falls on Sunday, May 13th. Sunday's are also AT&T release days.

In a Microsoft store, one of our readers Clyde V. noticed this Lumia 900 emblazoned with the AT&T logo displayed on one of the demo screens advertising the new Nokia phone. Now at first we were cautious as tossing on one of Nokia's skin tight Magenta cases can also cause any 900 to look like that bold red color. But upon closer inspection this really does not seem to sporting a case (we'll let you decide though).

We know the Lumia 800 came in white and a glossy white 900 followed soon thereafter (coming to AT&T on April 22nd). And we know the Lumia 800 comes in Magenta, so a red-pink Lumia 900 seems hardly a stretch for them. Anyone waiting to see what happens?

Thanks, Anon, for the image!

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For those of you who are still waiting for the Nokia Lumia 800 to be available in magenta (pink), and reside in the UK, you may now rejoice at the news that the Carphone Warehouse will be stocking the handset in a months time. Following Orange FR, who added the pink model to their website store, you'll be able to order yours on this side of the channel soon enough. Will you be picking one up?

Source: Carphone Warehousethanks, Richard, for the heads up!

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Uh oh, this is not good.  Looks like on the eve before its big launch, a major flaw in the T-Mobile HTC HD7's camera has been discovered.

Evidently, the HD7's camera has a pink-color issue whereby whites become heavily rose colored. For instance, take the picture above taken with my T-Mobile HD7: that's of my very white refrigerator. There is also this example from Kevin C. Tofel on Twitter and Matt Miller confirms that this is like what the HD2 suffered from before it had an update. That leads us to believe this can be corrected by software. At least?

Of course, you can also color correct for this in post-processing, but you shouldn't have too. And lets be honest, that's some serious pink.

What say you, HTC?

Thanks, Tim Ferrill, who's at a soccer game, for the heads-up!

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Windows phone 7 Series

What you see above is the Microsoft sign at Mobile World Congress. At first there was nothing special except for a large sticker covering...something.

The savvy cats at Engadget decided to use the "X-ray filter" in Photoshop and lo and behold, beneath the sticker it says: 7 Series.

Seven?  Series? Sounds like that might be hinting at the rumored Business and Multimedia editions that we mentioned a few weeks ago.

While we don't know all of the details about what Microsoft has in mind for Monday, we're still surmising that the overall strategy (and what we've talked about during the podcast #88, #89) is thus:

  • Pink/Zune/Turtle/Pure phones = Feature phones; not full Wp7
  • Business Edition = The true upgrade path for WM6.5 --> Wp7; customizable 
  • Media Edition = Combine the Pink & Business edition for one high end smartphone

Call us crazy, but we think this three-pronged approach (with only two being 'true' Windows phone 7 devices) is what Microsoft is attempting.  Mind you, according to the WSJ, we might not even hear about Pink/Zune/Turtle/Pure at Mobile World Congress. That actually makes sense as those devices are not true Windows phone 7 series nor would they want to scare off their OEMs.

It's also becoming more clear that last week's "rumors" were probably more about Project Pink than Windows phone 7, which we strongly suggested ;-)

So, what do you think? Sound off below!

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See that thing there on the table? No, not the laptop. The other thing. That reportedly is one of them newfangled, non-Windows Mobile "Project Pink" phones that we're betting will be unveiled by Verizon tomorrow. Not much to see, mind you, though it looks like it's inside some sort of charging cocoon. Anyhoo, check it out, and speculate all you want in the comments. [YouTube] Thanks to everyone who sent this in..

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As if we needed more confirmation that on Monday, Microsoft is set to unveil their Project Pink phones (Turtle and Pure) which will be sold in partnership with Verizon, we have this little nugget seen above.

The language and timing is more than obvious: "It's time to share" and "Lets get social" are right from Microsoft's own invite and it sure is a coincidence that it's the same day as Redmond's big reveal.

At least we now know that it is a Verizon exclusive, at least for some time. The only real interesting thing here is we guess those detailed rumors saying that Project Pink was beyond dead and terrible mismanaged were...a bit off? [Berry Scoop via Android Central]

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Today, Engadget got their hands on some more mock-ups and some new videos of Microsoft's "Courier," that project lead by J Allard (MS's Chief Experience Officer). If it comes to fruition, it looks as groundbreaking as Project Natal. The new videos are noted for showing real-life situations on how useful the Courier could be for professionals. But honestly, the device tells its own story, making it very drool-worthy.

The sophisticated and intuitive e-Journal is much smaller than previously thought, coming in under 1 inch thick, weighing in a little over one pound and not much bigger than a 5 x 7 photo when closed. Names like "Infinite Journal" and "Page Stream" are tossed around as is the necessity of the Courier Pen, making this centered around hand-writing recognition (something we've seen mentioned earlier in regards to WP7).

The device is said to be developed on CE6, the same as Windows Phone 7 Series, which seems to be Microsoft's new toy to be used on everything. The big question we have is will this in any way interact or sync with Windows Phone 7? It would seem a no brainer to have something like that on board between the two platforms, but until we hear more...

Either way, 2010 is looking very good for Microsoft: Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 Series, Project Natal, Zune and now Courier. Anyone else getting excited?

Anyone else shocked we didn't take a chance to poke fun at the iPad in this post? Feel free to take up the torch for us in comments ;-)

Read more at Engadget and Gizmodo

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First look at the Project Pink/Pure phone

Looks like the folks at Gizmodo got their hands on our favorite traditional "blurry cam" shots of the new Pink-Pure phone, which looks to be coming to Verizon sometime soon. (More info on the Pure and Turtle here)

The Pure is thought to be running the same core OS as Windows Phone 7, but with a different UI on top. As we've previously speculated, the Pink phones appear to be high-end feature phones, where as the WP7S is more in the traditional smartphone category.

The source who leaked the images also said it was very intuitive and better than Android.

Besides those two images, Conflipper has been leaking out some actual screen shots from said Pink device, specifically of the dialer/lock screen. While nothing special, it does hint that these phones may be a good deal for the masses, who want a centralized social-media device without any learning curve and more limited power.


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At some point we're all going to have to remember that the fabled "Pink" phones from Microsoft really aren't Windows Mobile. But that day is not today. Gizmodo says it has on good authority (leaked marketing materials, actually) that the phones it previously scored are in fact the same ones we're about to see launch on Verizon.

Also, and this brings us back to our opening sentence, the phones do not run the new Windows Phone operating system. That's not a great surprise. This is something different. Giz also says this platform is all about social networking, and there will be apps of some sort.

What Giz doesn't know: An actual name. They opine that we may see more at CTI in a few weeks, so we'll keep our eyes peeled. [Gizmodo]

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Uh oh. Look what was just seen poking its head out of its shell for the Federal Communications Commission. Why, that sure looks like the old "Turtle" phone that was attached to Microsoft's on-again, off-again(?) "Project Pink."

And when you dive a little deeper, the nuts and bolts line up nicely with that leak Gizmodo scored last year. You can clearly see it's manufactured by Sharp, which, as we all know, also manufactured the Sidekick, which Microsoft later purchased.

So the dots likely are being connected to whatever it is Microsoft ends up announcing next week at Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned. [Zuneboards via iStartedSomething]

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We really shouldn't joke about something as serious as this, but the lead-up has been so long and winding -- years, actually -- it's kind of hard not to.

Yes, Microsoft undoubtedly will debut Windows Mobile 7 in some form Monday at Mobile World Congress. We've been saying that for a long, long time now (November, actually). Now that the likes of the Wall Street Journal is saying it, well, then it must be officially unofficial.

At a wireless industry conference in Barcelona on Monday, the company plans to publicly show a new version of its cellphone operating system, Windows Mobile 7, for the first time, according to people familiar with the matter. The operating system sports a revamped user interface that resembles the look of Microsoft's Zune HD music player, people who have seen it said.

As luck (and Delta) should have it, we'll be at that "wireless industry conference," also known as Mobile World Congress. More on that over the weekend. But suffice to say, big things are in store.

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Microsoft, again: no Zune phone

Looks like Microsoft is once again denying anything about a Zune phone. Quoting a Microsoft spokesperson: "we have no plans to create a Zune phone," which seems pretty open and shut.

Then again ... Assuming there is something in the works, it's not like they would confirm either.  And as NeoWin points out, they also denied ever making an MP3 player, too.

With the rumors flying high this week, especially with the USB reference codes found in the .inf file from the latest Zune software update, Microsoft is probably feeling some heat from their OEMs over the issue--don't forget, they are also very interested in the prospect/denial of such a device.  We can understand if they are nervous and causing some little waves with Redmond.

Regarding that Zune update, consensus seems to be swaying from an actual "Zune phone" to "these are plans to incorporate the Zune experience into Windows Mobile,"

Check out Paul Thurrott's piece over at WinSuperSite, which delves deeper into that issue as well as detailing the recent changes to the Zune software, it's a good read.

Oh Mobile World Congress, you can't come soon enough.  Please rescue us from ourselves.


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Flashback 2008...

MaryJo Foley of ZDNet is continuing her Microsoft "code name of the day" contest, which seems really kind of fun and a neat way to gather info. Well, today's entry is "Rouge."

Rouge? Pink?  Sound related?  She thinks so. Using info that she's gathered she states: 

Best guess on what it is: Microsoft’s business-focused premium mobile services

Meaning/context of the codename: Rouge sounds like the business-side complement to Pink, Microsoft’s forthcoming family of consumer-focused premium mobile services.

Basically, Rouge was meant to beef up Microsoft's "... family of Office Communications Server, its corporate instant-messaging/VOIP/conferencing product."

Call us crazy, but that sounds like the sort of thing we heard described to us about Seven Business Edition, with real-time document editing between multiple sources.

So is there a code-name for the supposed Media Edition?  What do you get when you combine Pink and Rouge?  How about Project Awesome.

[via ZDNet]

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