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Xbox Live Deal of the Week, Pocket God in serious need of updating

Now that some high quality games like Feed Me Oil are launching at the 99 cent price point, would you consider buying a crummy iPhone port for twice the cost? That’s what we get for the latest Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Pocket God from ngmoco:). It’s on sale again for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Pocket God started as an iPhone game from Bolt Creative. In addition to its cute art and humor, the iOS game is known for its frequent episodic updates, which add new environments, minigames, and other fun content, all for free (vanity PDLC packs are also available). ngmoco:), who handles both the Windows Phone and Android ports of Pocket God, simply hasn’t shown a commitment to maintaining parity with the primary version.

The Windows Phone Pocket God in particular is plagued with semi-broken Achievements like ‘Shark Snap – God,’ whose description reads “Score over 100 shark snaps” but actually requires a ludicrous 1,000 snaps. The game hasn’t been updated in over a year, despite a promise from the developers last April. As a result, our version lags at least 8 episodes behind the superior iPhone game (which sell for 99 cents).

In ngmoco:)’s defense, the Xbox Live certification process is notoriously laborious and frustrating for developers. The situation seems to have improved somewhat since December, when we saw an explosion of title updates. That said, the floodgate still hasn’t allowed Revolution’s extremely long-delayed update to pass. I understand all that, but speaking as a consumer, it’s just not cool to sell a much inferior product for a higher price. Given Pocket God’s glitchiness and lack of content, a permanent price drop is in order, not a small sale.

Pocket God is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Play god for less - Pocket God is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

Fable Coin Golf was a pretty impressive Xbox Live Deal of the Week. It would be hard to match that level of quality two weeks in a row. But hey, this week’s sale game isn’t that bad. It’s Pocket God from Ngmoco (which is apparently a real company name). Pocket God is going on sale for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Pocket God is that game where players get to mistreat a bunch of pygmies and participate in lots of little minigames too. It’s silly fun, as our review attests. The Windows Phone version, however, is kind of buggy, with at least one semi-glitched Achievement. This version also receives far fewer updates than the superior iPhone original, though the developer promised at least one more update a while back. But if you just want to beat up on some islanders (who can blame you? *wink*) and aren’t concerned with all the technical aspects and getting extra content every few weeks like iPhone users, you’ll still have a good time.

Pocket God’s sale price starts on Wednesday, September 7 and lasts for one week only. Grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

Pocket God and Puzzle Quest 2 updated, just in time for the Royal Wedding

It’s Xbox Live game updates day at WPCentral. First we covered the news of Full House Poker and Hexic Rush’s updates, and now we’re revealing the recent update contents of Pocket God (review) and Puzzle Quest 2.

Pocket God version 1.1 changelog:

  • Added the Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky episode
  • Miscellaneous bug fixing and optimization tweaks

The iOS version of Pocket God receives regular updates, called Episodes. It has 38 episodes so far. Prior to the version 1.1 update, the Windows Phone version only included the first 32 episodes. Double Rainbow is actually episode 35, which means two episodes have been skipped. The missing episodes both involve a new area, Ape Mountain, that hasn’t made it to WP7 yet.

What changes does Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky bring? According to Wikipedia, it "adds the ability to draw a double rainbow in the sky (referring to the internet meme). The Pygmies will react to the rainbow. This is the first update where the Pygmies can actually talk, when showing reactions from the double rainbow.”

Pocket God’s Achievements are notoriously difficult, which is surprisingly given the game’s utterly casual nature. NGMOCO, the developer who handles the Windows Phone port of Pocket God, assures us that Achievement difficulty will be addressed in a future update. Hopefully Ape Island makes it into the next update too. At any rate, Pocket God fans should be glad to know that NGMOCO hasn’t forgotten them.

Puzzle Quest 2 version 1.1 update includes:

  • The Cheating AI and PWNT! Achievements are now attainable.

Nobody likes glitched Achievements, so it’s good to see Namco has fixed Puzzle Quest 2’s. Now if they’d only fix the game’s lofty price… Puzzle Quest 2 is a puzzle RPG, not unlike Castlevania Puzzle. The original console Puzzle Quest is one of my all-time favorite games. We’ll review the slightly less impressive Windows Phone sequel sometime soon.

You can find Pocket God for $2.99 here (Zune link) on the Marketplace. Puzzle Quest 2 is a much steeper $6.99 here. Both games have free trials. God save the Prince, gov'nah. Cheerio!

Pocket God - Review

Have you ever had the desire to play the role of a god? Control the weather, wildlife and decide the fate of your world's inhabitants? Ngmoco is offering Pocket God for your Windows Phone that puts you in the role of god over a prehistoric land and a tribe of pygmies.

Exercise your powers by controling all aspects of the resident pygmy's environment. You have multiple locations to choose from (island, graveyard, iceberg) and a handful of tools to either make the pygmy's life pleasant or disasterous.

The game has experienced popularity on other formats and to see how it shakes out on Windows Phone 7, ease on past the break.

Pocket God and Fruit Ninja both live in the Marketplace

Well that didn't take too long. Just a few hours after announcing that they were coming, Microsoft has gone ahead and pushed the publish button, releasing Pocket God and Fruit Ninja, each fetching for a fair $2.99.

We're betting both games should be big hits as these are the kinds of titles that causal gamers are looking for on mobile phones these days. Give 'em a spin and let us know in comments your thoughts! (In the meantime, I'm going to unleash my inner-vengeful God in a very un-P.C. way on some Pygmies...)

You can grab both right here: Pocket God and Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja and Pocket God coming this week for Xbox LIVE on WP7

Whoa ho ho! Look at this little announcement just tweeted by Microsoft's Michael Klucher. Looks like tomorrow, the usual release day for Xbox LIVE titles, will be bringing two popular iPhone games to our side of town: Fruit Ninja and Pocket God.

For those who don't know or keep track of these things, both titles are up there with Angry Birds as far as popularity, meaning this is a huge win for our platform. And while Pocket God was known to be coming "soon" (see earlier coverage), Fruit Ninja (see their site) was something we forgot about (though it was mentioned in the original "50" list). Both titles are on Android too and doing very well, but it's good to see that we're catching up by acquiring these big names.

Source: @mklucher

iPhone's Pocket God coming to Windows Phone 7 this holiday season

One of the most popular and universally acclaimed games on the iPhone/iPad, Pocket God by Bolt Creative, is coming to Windows Phone 7 this holiday season.

Basically, you are a god-like figure in the game who rules an island of Pygmies.

Well, I'm sold!

Wielding your powers for either good or evil, the game looks like a ton of fun with a brilliantly warped sense of humor (see Bolt's "From the suggestion box" video). With over 30 free updates delivered as "episodes", the developers have won quite the following amongst fans and at least according to the press release (after the break), even a comic book had been made.

Oh and it's now on Android too, but whatever. Seriously though, the game looks to be quite a lot of fun as we currently don't have any "god" games yet, as far as we know.

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