Missed Microsoft's conference call on the acquisition of Nokia? Get the summary right here

Earlier today Microsoft held a conference call for investors, analysts and the press to discuss its acquisition of Nokia's devices business. The audio only call followed a very tight structure around slides that had earlier been revealed to show some of the specifics of the deal.

If you missed that call don't panic as there wasn't a whole lot of new information, and you'll pick up everything important in the slides which you should be able to download at this link Edit: looks like that link has been pulled by Microsoft so here's a backup on Skydrive (app users remember to swipe right and tap the "View Links" button). Said presentation was then followed by a Q&A which we've done our best to capture in writing which you'll find after the break.

PIX2PPT for Windows Phone 8, PowerPoint made easy

Need to build a PowerPoint presentation from your Windows Phone 8 photos? Give PIX2PPT a try.

PIX2PPT is a Windows Phone 8 app that builds PowerPoint presentations from your Pictures Hub photos, lets you add text, set slide advance times and more. Any PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to your local, Office Mobile folder or to SkyDrive. PIX2PPT is a nifty presentation app for your Windows Phone 8 device.

Microsoft's Windows 8 and Surface event receives auto-tune treatment

Ever wondered what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky would sound like auto-tuned? We sure have, and so has Justin Angel, Principal Engineer for Windows Phone experience at Nokia, who has created a short montage of clips from the Surface and Windows 8 event.

Full Windows Phone Summit presentation now available for viewing

We've covered a lot of ground today with nearly 7,000 of you joining us for our Live Blog this morning of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit.

And there's no doubt we're still reeling from all of the new things announced today from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 7.8. We can talk endlessly about it but for now, we'll just leave you with the full -hour presentation for you to enjoy.

So grab your favorite potable and curl up to your computer's LCD display to feast your eyes on the future of Windows Phone.

Source: Channel 9

UK based Windows Phone User Group presents WPBarCamp

The Windows Phone User Group, a meetup that's organised by platform developers for developers, is changing for the next calendar entry. On Saturday, May 19th, the WPUG will be held at the same premises as the previous event, but instead of starting in the evening and only lasting the best part of two hours, WPBarCamp will kick off at 9:30 in the morning for a beer-centric 6 hours.

So who's invited to such an event? Experienced Windows Phone developers - ie. those with either an app in development or available on the Marketplace. The main goal is for Windows Phone developers to learn from one another to improve quality with end results for consumers. WPBarCamp will be held at The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane with nearest stations being either Aldgate East (London Underground District and Hammersmith & City lines) or Shoreditch High Street (London Overground services).

You can register your interest (and seat) at the next Windows Phone User Group meetup at EventBrite. WPCentral will be there to cover the event, so if you're an attending developer be sure to say hello so we can look to help with app promotion and reach, as well as possible interviews and reviews. Our Jay Bennett will also be providing a presentation that will cover his previous experiences on the platform.

AdDuplex presentation slides from WPUG London meet up

At the recent Windows Phone User Group meet up in London we witnessed a couple of Windows Phone developers showcasing their apps to the audience. As well as this, we had Alan Mendelevich of AdDuplex who came to the event with a developer orientated presentation. The main argument was developers should ensure that effort is poured into not only building the app, but also promoting it around the web (as well as offline).

The 48 slides are packed full of humorous illustrations and useful points for developers of the platform to take note of. While there's no speech to accompany the written detail, it's easy to understand the message surrounding Windows Phone app marketing and monetization.

Head on over to SlideShow to view (and download) the presentation.

Source: SlideShare

Review: SoftMaker Office 2008

One of the best things about writing for this website is when I write up a review, and post it; only to have a whole bunch of people post comments about another product that is unquestionably a more complete package. The review that I’m referring to was the one that I posted on Documents to Go Premium, which is an upgraded Office package over what is included in Windows Mobile. You guys, who are obviously Windows Mobile Experts yourselves, pointed us in the direction of SoftMaker Office 2008; which I’ve heard good things about from a number of different sources since that little nudge.

On to the review, you know where to go.


More Sprint Treo Pro Details from Internal Docs

 An anonymous tipster has sent in some slides from a Sprint document detailing the specs and functionality on the Treo Pro, including some head-to-head comparisons against Sprint's other smartphone offerings.  We do have some new information here too, including the procesor speed and storage.  Frankly, we're hoping that the bits about the RAM are wrong, because it's listed as 512 storage, 32mb RAM.  That's ....low.  While the previous Sprint Treo--the much maligned 800w--only offered 256 MB of user memory, it boasted 128 MB of program memory, four times that of the specifications listed for the Treo Pro.

More details and slides -- including why that RAM shouldn't be taken as gospel just yet, after the break!

[Thanks to the anonymous tipster and to Gabriel for the guest post!]