HTC 8X and 8S global availability and a pricing hint

We know that the HTC 8X Windows Phone is headed to AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers Canada. We are now learning of additional global carriers and a hint at U.S. pricing.

According to HTC's press release posted on their UK site,

The Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC will be available beginning in November. Available through more than 150 carriers in 50+ countries, the Windows Phone 8X or 8S by HTC will be available from the world's top carriers including: United States: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Europe: Orange, O2 Telefonica, MTS, Three UK, T-Mobile, and Vodafone Asia-Pacific: Chunghwa Telecom, Optus, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel), Smartone, Telstra and Vodafone Australia.

There wasn't any distinction as to which carrier will be getting which HTC device but it is nice to see Verizon mentioned.  Keep in mind though, we haven't seen confirmation from several of these carriers but the 8X's global availability does look promising.

As to the hint on pricing, the press release notes that U.S. pricing for the 8X will be $199.99* at AT&T and T-Mobile. If this price holds true, it is likely after two-year contractual discounts. 

*Note: It is our understanding that the pricing point for the 8X was released in error and all involved are still scratching their heads on the final pricing point.  It could be more or it could be less.  Once we hear something from the carriers, we'll pass it on.

Source: HTC UK

Asus WinRT tablet prices leak, leading to wild assumptions on success and failure

Asus seems to have leaked it’s pricing for its coming Windows 8 tablets and convertibles prompting some to leap to their word processors and get on the fear, uncertainty and doubt bandwagon.

We all know that pricing for tablets is an extremely sensitive subject, just yesterday we looked at Steve Ballmer’s interview to see what he had said about Surface pricing. Even though some sites announced there were new details surrounding pricing, we found it was the same message we already knew. Headlines such as “pricing comes in high, demand likely low” and “Windows 8 Tablets: Born to fail” seem wildly premature. We take a look as these leaked prices and what they could mean.

Office 365 pricing revealed with aggressive subscription options

The new version of Office was unveiled to the world on July16th, and has proven to be quite the upgrade when comparing it to the current version. With its slick “modern UI,” aka “Metro styling,” the price for Office has changed as well.

There are two ways you can purchase Office - buy the software at full price or with an annual subscription. With so many services being subscription based, Spotify, Rdio, Netflix, Adobe Creative Cloud and Zune pass to name but a few examples, why wouldn’t Microsoft adapt as well? These are modern times and consumers have learned that it is cheaper to pay annually for what they want.

Lenovo says Windows 8 tablets will cost between $600 to $700 with RT versions $300 cheaper

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, David Schmoock who's head of North American operations for Lenovo, gave some fairly specific pricing points for both Windows 8 tablets and the more consumer-focused RT variant running ARM processors. It's the most specific data on pricing that has been presented so far on the new but elusive Microsoft category.

There has been some wild speculation as to how much these Windows RT tablets would cost with Surface proving to be the focus of some of the more controversial pricing 'guestimates', going from thousands of dollars to just $199

Microsoft's Windows RT Surface tablet to launch in October for just $199?

Microsoft will be unveiling its Windows RT Surface tablets this coming October with a price tag of $199, according to an Engadget source. Microsoft first unveiled the Surface family of Windows tablets earlier this year, and pricing rumours have been flying all around the room. The tipster reportedly revealed details from a session at Microsoft's recent TechReady15 conference and notes that the Surface Windows RT tablet will launch on October 26th.

Should Engadget's source be correct, this will definitely put the Surface on the map as an affordable tablet experience compared to competing Android and Apple offerings. With the low-end Windows RT version sporting 32GB storage, Office 2013, a variety of connectivity ports, and weighing in at just 676g, $199 would be an excellent launch price. For comparison sake, the Apple iPad 2 starts from $399 for the 16GB WiFi model (or $499 should you desire the new Retina iPad). Too good to be true?

Samsung Omnia M Windows Phone priced to fail in Brazil?

Boring phone with outrageous price?

We’ve reported on Samsung’s Omnia M phone in the past noting that their latest phone is a low-end, borderline Tango entry meant for new and developing markets. That translates into ho-hum specs (4” display, 1GHz CPU, 4GB storage, 5MP camera) and in theory, a low-entry price.

For whatever reason though, we’re not seeing Samsung place nice with local markets with their pricing of the Omnia M borderline unreasonably high for such a mediocre device...

Microsoft Surface Tablets priced over $1000? Not so fast...

We updated yesterday's story on the Microsoft Surface Tablet price possibly costing more than $1,000 but wanted to make sure the update got out. For those who didn't catch the original story, Swedish website listed the Microsoft Surface tablet at a price of 6990 krone (about $1,160 US) with Fourth Quarter 2012 availability.

This took us (and everyone else) by surprise because earlier speculation had pricing in the $399-599 range.

Surface Tablets rumors on pricing and being WiFi-only make their rounds

Microsoft's Surface tablet event definitely caused a buzz that was dampened a little with the Windows Phone Summit which was held two days later. In a way, Windows Phone 8 took a little wind out of Surface's sails.  While the spotlight has been on Windows Phone 8, there have been a few rumors growing with regards to the Surface tablets which we'll catch up on.

The release date is still up in the air and Microsoft is sticking with the Surface RT being released with the general availability of Windows 8. The Windows 8 Pro Surface would hit store shelves about 90 days after that. Initial availability will be through Microsoft's stores and select third party retailers. Likely, Best Buy, etc.

Price speculation has ranged from $500 on up with the Windows 8 Pro being the higher priced of the two. At this point, pricing is anyone's guess and is seeing the ballpark pricing as $399/$499 (32gb/64gb versions) for the RT Surface and $799/$999 (64gb/128gb versions). We would hope the ballpark is a little smaller but $399 for a 32gb Surface isn't too bad. Is it? In fact, over at Techie-Buzz, Manan Kakkar notes that even at $599 it's a steal compared to an iPad:

Oh...there's one more rumor circulating about the Surface's release. Initially, the Surface will only support Wifi connectivity. Bloomberg is reporting that initially the tables will go on sale without a connection to mobile-phone networks. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in that a) it will allow Microsoft to keep the cost down and b) you won't have wireless carriers potentially delaying the initial release. Models with cellular connections would hit the market at some point after the initial release.

You can also read TechRadar's early "review" of the Surface. Overall, they seem to like it.

So...we leave you with two questions. What would be a competitive price for the Surface and is "Wifi only" a serious limitation or not a big deal?

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Samsung Omnia M priced at Italian website for €294.99

Samsung only recently announced the Omnia M budget phone for Europe last week, and now we've got hold of a price tag for the smartphone. Italian store ePrice has listed the Omnia M for €294.99, and is targeting the Lumia 610 but Nokia has been able to bring down the prices of their lower-end Windows Phones substantially.

The Omnia M, to refresh the early waking cogs on this Monday morning, sports a 1GHz  CPU with a 4" Super AMOLED screen and 4GB of storage on board. It features HSPA at 7.2MBps. Still no word on availability as-of-yet, but we're sure more details will come to light soon. The device is slated for a European release.

Source:, via: Plaffo

UK pricing for unlocked Lumia 610 and 900 revealed

Clove UK, a mobile phone retailer, has published an article on their blog confirming pricing details for the Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 (our review), which are both heading to the shores. Unfortunately they don't have an ETA as to when the Windows Phones will begin to ship to consumers. 

Should you desire to pre-order the Lumia 610 and / or 900 unlocked from Clove, you'll be set back £228 and £486 (including VAT) respectively. A fairly attractive price for those who aren't locked in contracts and are looking for a smartphone that's both feature rich and affordable.

Source: Clove UK (Pre-order: Lumia 610 / Lumia 900); thanks Tahiti for the heads up!

Off-Contract pricing for the Lumia 900 and Titan II

We have just received word on the off-contract pricing for the new AT&T Windows Phones and it's not too bad.

Just to recap, the Nokia Lumia 900 will launch on April 8, 2012 for $99 after two year contractual discounts. The HTC Titan II will also launch on April 8, 2012 for $199 after contractual discounts.

Should you choose to get either Windows Phone without the contractual discounts, the Lumia 900 will run you $449.99 and the Titan II will be running $549.99.

The off-contract pricing gives you the option to enjoy a new Windows Phone without worrying with a two year commitment or if you're in the middle of a contract and don't qualify for an early discount.

All the while leaves us with one question. Which to get? Titan II or Lumia 900?

Nokia Lumia 900 gets priced at Rogers

When the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone goes global in a few months, Rogers Canada is likely going to be the 900's first stop.  While the when of the Lumia 900 landing in Canada is still a little blurry, the pricing appears to be coming into focus.

One of our stealthy readers was able to grab a shot of the inventory screen for the Roger's Lumia 900 that indicates the pricing to be $499.99.  Unfortunately, no date for release can be seen.

The Lumia is marked as discountable but that is something that Roger's will determine based on vendor agreements and other factors. More than likely the $499.99 will drop a bit once contractual discounts kick in. How low the contractual price will be is anyone's guess.  

Hopefully, this is also a good indication of what AT&T's pricing might be.

Thanks to our stealthy reader for the tip and the pic!

€329 for Samsung Omnia W i8350 in the Netherlands

The Samsung Omnia W (i8350) has gotten it's price for consumers in the Netherlands, €329, slightly less expensive than its Italian counterpart.  The Omnia W, which just recently launched in India as well, is a nice mid-range phone at a mid-range price.  It sports a 1.4GHz CPU, along with a 5MP camera and 3.7" Super AMOLED screen.  It won't blow your socks off, like the HTC Titan, but it won't break the bank either.

Source: Belsimpel (Thanks for the tip, Relief!)

Navigon announces their Windows Phone apps and pricing info [Updated]

Even though Navigon's Windows Phone app, NAVIGON, and the NAVIGON Traffic4all app are already available over at the Marketplace, we've received official notice from Navigon on the release of these two apps. Even though the release is dated yesterday and there's not much new in the press release, there is one little blurb about pricing we thought was important enough to follow up on.

According to the press release, the $29.99 price tag on the U.S. version of NAVIGON is an introductory price. The introductory price will run until 11/15/2011 when the price will jump to $49.99. We are trying to get clarification from Navigon if the $69.99 price for the European version is discounted as well.

As we mentioned earlier, the Traffic4All is a free, ad-supported app or you can pay $1.49 to remove the ads.

We're still working on a full review of NAVIGON and should have that posted in the next day or so. We'll try to give you a better picture on how good or bad NAVIGON performs plus how it compares to a few other navigation apps that are available for your Windows Phone.

In the meantime, you can find the U.S. version of NAVIGON here in the Windows Phone Marketplace, the European version of NAVIGON here and NAVIGON Traffic4all here in the Marketplace.  You can read the full presser from Navigon after the break.

Update: Just got tipped by Antonino over at that the European pricing is an introductory offer as well.  Up until 11/15/2011 the price for the European version will be 59.49 Euros.  After the 15th, the price jumps to 84.99 Euros. 

Fujitsu IS12T pricing revealed--it ain't cheap

Even though Microsoft is reportedly shooting for that low-end price range, eventually, with Windows Phone, the Fujitsu IS12T won't be the phone to do it. In fact quite the opposite.

Pricing for the phone in various contexts i.e. out of contract, in contract, etc. have been revealed on the website for KDDI-AU, the carrier launching the device. From NanaPho who was kind enough to do the math for us:

  • IS12T New retail price $958
  • IS12T MNP retail price $753
  • IS12T New price with 2-year contract $458
  • IS12T MNP price with 2-year contract $252

(USD/JPY = 76.715)

(MNP price is for NTT docomo and Softbank users who want to switch to KDDI)

Yowsers that's a lot, even for a waterproofed, brightly colored, 32GB, 13MP camera phone running Mango. So far, this is the only announced device for Japan, so a lot is riding on it for success. While it's nice to have a flagship high-end phone, we're hoping that some other companies can bring some more mid-range offerings to Nipppon for competitions sake.

Source: Official AU Blog; via NanaPho