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Pip Andersen, a free runner / stunt performer from the U.K, has been featured in an impressive promotional video with the Lumia 900. Pulling off daunting stunts, wall climbing, and showing off some Windows Phone features (photo sharing and visual translation), Andersen really does take the Lumia 900 to the extreme.

How will you push the limits with your Windows Phone?

Source: YouTube; thanks Tony for the heads up!

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Both AT&T and Nokia are still preparing to launch the much anticipated Lumia 900 LTE Windows Phone, which is rumoured to be delayed until April 22nd. The release date is surely drawing closer as Lumia 900 promotion material is featured in AT&T stores, including the above Nokia Lumia mints found at the AT&T store in the Arizona Mills mall.

No official date has been provided, so it looks like we'll have to sit tight and hold off on rumours that are flying by.

Thanks Brandon for sending in the photo!

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Nokia's "Little Ideas" marketing campaign is taking them around South Africa with the same approach as "The Amazing Everyday" in other pats of the world. We've already had the manufacturer hand out free coffee as well as other promotion efforts in Cape Town. In Episode 4, we have a flashmob heading to an intersection in Joburg to showcase an interesting performance.

It's good to see the "Little Ideas" series rolling on, especially in South Africa where promotion is steadily becoming increasingly noticeable. Episode 3 of "Little Ideas", which sees Nokia providing complimentary carwashes, is located below.

Source: YouTube, via: MyNokiaBlog

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WPDownUnder has created a humorous screensaver to compliment the #SmokedbyWindowsPhone competition. Ben Rudolph first challenged consumers who use different platforms at CES 2012 to see if they could best Windows Phone at normal tasks such as uploading a photo to Facebook.

Should you be interested in displaying superiority on your idle monitor, head on over to WPDownUnder to download the screensaver.

Source: WPDownUnder

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The above photo was captured at the Parque Arauco shopping mall in Chile, which displays Lumia 800 advertising banners being hung from the ceiling for maximum exposure on all floors. This may signal an imminent release of both the Lumia 710 and 800 into the country.

We'll keep a look out for launch parties and announcements for further detail. Good to see the manufacturer prepping the handset arrivals.

Source: @BLeavellB, Nokia

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While we just learnt the base price of the Nokia Lumia 900 on Rogers it also now appears there will be a Batman "The Dark Knight" tie in as well. If you head over to their promo page, you'll see them advertising the ability to register to be notified when the pre-order is available--nothing unique there (though good tip if you're interested). But near the bottom of the ad there's a curious addition:

"When you pre-order a Lumia 900, Nokia and Rogers have a surprise for you. Hint: there's a hero rising out of the darkness."

No word on if that involves movies passes or maybe the big granddaddy of it all: a Dark Knight edition of the Lumia 900. Sound crazy? We steer you to the Dark Knight Lumia 800 that had a super limited run (so limited we don't even know where to have gotten one). We're sure more will come out eventually on this "surprise" so stay tuned.

Source: Rogers; Thanks, buggyglint, for the link!

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Of all the cool things we've seen so far at Mobile World Congress this upcoming web tool for developers gets our high marks. As an extension of the Nokia banner creation tool we saw a few weeks ago, Nokia is taking the concept further for developers by allowing them to make full-length Lumia commercials but with a twist.

Instead of just showing a Nokia phone with the Windows Phone OS, it will feature your app. You simply enter the site, give it your URL for the Marketplace, add some music and screenshots, some key words that describe your app and the program will dynamically create an Amazing Everday-esque commercial for your app. You can then download or embed the video into Facebook or your website.

It's a brilliant tool that allows devs to concentrate less on marketing and more on app development. It's free to use and should make some exciting mini-commercials. While the Digital Marketing Toolkit is still in beta, Nokia is soliciting feedback from folks here at MWC and they are looking at a release in about 8 weeks.

Check the somewhat long video demo after the break (the shakiness goes away at 30 secs, sorry). It's a step by step process of how it works so you may want to grab a coffee. Well worth it if you get to the end product though, we swear...

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Should you wish to get some extra exposure for your Windows Phone app, how does a chance with Nokia at this year's SXSW (South by Southwest) sound? If you're heading to the event, you could have the opportunity for Nokia to showcase your work inside the Nokia Lab, a free-standing structure that will be erected near the convention centre for SXSW Interactive.

How does one get the chance to take part, you ask? It's simple. You tell the handset maker about your work, if it's unique and downright awesome they'll showcase it along with other app demos that will be live at the Lab on March 12th. How to enter your app:

  • Have an app that works on a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone device
  • Send the following brief details via e-mail to
    • Your name, company and contact information (include email and phone)
    • A link to your app in Windows Phone Marketplace, or link to the private
    • beta of your app in Windows Phone Marketplace
    • A brief description and any screenshots of your app
    • Why your app is amazing, cool, or unique

Chosen developers will be contacted prior to the event. Visitors to the Nokia Lab at SXSW will experience Nokia's latest Windows Phone handsets, including the Lumia 900, and will get hands-on experience with winning apps. The app demos in the Nokia Lab will run from 11am up until 8pm on March 12th, which provides some solid exposure for both the apps and the Windows Phone platform.

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Microsoft's Cafe Mango is making its rounds around the Dallas/ Fort Worth area this week and I was able to meet up with it. I had just started eating my lunch when I saw the Tweet from @MangoToGo. They were set up and serving lunch about a mile from the project I am working on so I woofed down my sandwich and off I went. When I got to the AT&T store (2710 N Beltline Rd in Irving) they were all packed up and ready to leave. I went up to the truck and started telling my spiel. They agreed to meet me across the street in the Irving Mall parking lot to swap some Windows Phone stories and to give me a chance to get some pictures. They even offered to serve me some lunch. What a great group of people!

They were even nice enough to take a picture of me standing next to the truck (no comments about the bad hair day it was windy). We chatted for a bit and then when we all had to go they were nice enough to give me a couple of gifts.


I wonder if Windows Phone Water taste better than regular water? I bet it does. If you get a chance to catch up with Microsoft's Cafe Mango truck you wont be disappointed. It's a great place to meet some real Windows Phone lovers like us.

You can follow the Cafe Mango Team on Twitter (@CafeMangoToGo) to see where they're going next--stop by and show'em some love if they're near you and tell'em WPCentral sent you!

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Nokia has been busy in Spain setting up "The Amazing Everyday" Windows Phone campaign promotions in a number of train stations, including Madrid's Estación de Ópera. In the video above we can see the team setting up an "Amazing Campus" at the Barcelona University station, and below we can see a setup at Passeig de Gràcia, an important avenue in the city containing many popular pieces of architecture.

Integrating advertising into the locations targeted is an impressive feat Nokia has been illustrating throughout Europe, especially with the deadmau5 performance in London last year. The University will allow Nokia to possibly attract the young souls they previously stated they'd be hunting down to rejuvenate the mobile brand.

Source: YouTube (Passeig de Gràcia video); thanks, Ellis, for the heads up!

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Nokia has hosted a number of events in London the past few months, including Nokia World and a performance featuring deadmau5 with a huge video presentation. Already tripling their expenditure wasn't enough as it seems the Finnish manufacturer still isn't done. Should you be out and around London and happen to spot a London black cab (taxi) wrapped up in Lumia promotion material, you'll be sure to hail it since Nokia are offering free rides.

The handset maker has paid black cab drivers so you don't have to. Fitting in nicely with Social Media Week (February 13-17), which Nokia is a sponsor of, this advertising stunt is yet another effective campaign under the marketing team's belt. Bravo.

Source: Knowyourmobile

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Every now and then we feature apps whose prices are going down for a small promotional period.  Obviously, in general people seem to like free stuff. But how much?

Well, I have an app called FFFFound in the Windows Phone Marketplace, which has been mentioned here on WPCentral a few times.  It's has quite a niche target market, and because of that doesn't have many users.  So before going into numbers, you need to realize that this is an app that not too many people actually want or need.  BUT for the few who are looking for something like this, they love it.  Because the users who have reviewed it have made it quite clear that they love the design, I wanted to get it into more hands.

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We're really starting to hate the fact that there are barely any Microsoft Stores around as they keeping having some great deals. The latest promotion runs from now till February 14th (that'd be Valentine's Day for you Forever Aloners out there) and involves getting one year of Zune Pass for free with the purchase of a new Windows Phone.

At $10 a month that's about a $120 value and if you're in the States, Zune Pass is actually worth it. So keep that in mind when shopping around for the special gift in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Derek, for the photo

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While Microsoft already has a feedback website dedicated to Windows Phone owners providing suggestions on features in the OS, what was missing was an official location to allow users to voice their apparent frustration when it comes to marketing and promoting the mobile platform. We've all had issues with the lack of 'umph!', until Nokia came on board and blew everyone away with tripling marketing expenditure when their family of Windows Phones were announced at Nokia World 2011 in London.

We've now come across a UserVoice page set up by the Windows Phone team that allows users to submit suggestions on how the software giant could improve marketing, and vote on other submissions.

"Just like with your suggestions on features to add to future versions of the product, we'd like your suggestions on how we can spread the word about Windows Phone itself via advertising campaigns, community or social media involvement and other types of promotions. Creativity highly encouraged, let us know what your ideas are!"

Be sure to head on over to UserVoice and input your ideas (or ensure that your favourite suggestions get bumped up by voting). We know a good number of our readers have some thoughts on how Microsoft can improve in this area.

Source: UserVoice

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At the recent Windows Phone User Group meet up in London we witnessed a couple of Windows Phone developers showcasing their apps to the audience. As well as this, we had Alan Mendelevich of AdDuplex who came to the event with a developer orientated presentation. The main argument was developers should ensure that effort is poured into not only building the app, but also promoting it around the web (as well as offline).

The 48 slides are packed full of humorous illustrations and useful points for developers of the platform to take note of. While there's no speech to accompany the written detail, it's easy to understand the message surrounding Windows Phone app marketing and monetization.

Head on over to SlideShow to view (and download) the presentation.

Source: SlideShare

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The Lumia 800 launched in Belgium yesterday and to celebrate it Nokia took "The Amazing Everyday" to a number of railway stations, where commuters (and travelers alike) could receive a free cupcake.

Not only this, but the organisers have planned an "Amazing Moments" contest (much like what we saw in France not so long ago), which will see entrants choosing from five amazing moments offered (or create your own) and explaining the reasons why they made that choice. A panel of judges will then select winners. We're looking forward to see some more unique marketing from the manufacturer.

The Lumia 710 is aiming for a March 1st launch in Belgium, according to the Nokia Momentum Map. A handful of photos of the cupcake distribution can been viewed in an album on the Nokia Belgique Facebook page, while a video of the handout in action can be checked out after the break (sporting a familiar music track).

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Nokia Austria is attacking the public with effective marketing and dominant advertising with "The Amazing Everyday". From covering trams in Lumia advertisement material, to handing out small packages containing food. The video montage illustrates how the manufacturer is working with retailers to set up stands and ensure the Lumia handsets are getting maximum exposure.

The Nokia Arch also makes a return in a shopping centre, sporting interactive demos. An interesting video that's well worth checking out.

Source: YouTubethanks, Ellis, for the heads up!

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We last mentioned Microsoft's Cafe Mango back in November. Back then, the truck was here on the East coast in New York and New Jersey to tie in with the big Mango push on AT&T and T-Mobile.

Now we got word that the promotional truck, filled with Mango treats and sandwiches, was out in Aliso Viejo, California in front of an AT&T store. By giving away some free food and some hands on with Windows Phones, Microsoft hopes to get some converts. It's certainly an interesting approach and we've heard nothing but good things from those who've managed to get the Mango-experience.

You can follow the Cafe Mango Team on Twitter (@CafeMangoToGo) to see where they're going next--stop by and show'em some love if they're near you, tell'em WPCentral sent you!

Thanks, Rudy R., for the pics

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Nokia has already proven to consumers that they've still got the magic to produce some incredible marketing efforts, like Deadmau5 in London, the Haunted House in Berlin, and flash mobs in India. Now we have Copenhagen in Denmark witnessing a football stadium (PARKEN) lay host to the Finnish manufacturer for a Lumia launch presentation.

As one can see in the video above, this wasn't just any presentation. Throw in fireworks, Master Chief (from the Halo video game series), a Ferrari, F.C. København, some music, and you have a spectacular event. The clip montage is only a few minutes long but we're sure it was more than mesmerising in person. Wonder if Nokia aims to continue to smash marketing expenditure records?

Source: YouTubethanks, Markus, for the tip!

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