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Cityglance, the social networking app for commuters, arrives in the US

Already successful in Europe, social networking app Cityglance has just extended its reach to the United States as well. They call it the world's first social app designed for commuters, and it promises to make your trip better anywhere. And hey, it's free.

Cortana adds public transit reminders in US and UK to help you 'Get Around'

If you frequently use public transportation, Cortana has a nice little surprise for you. Cortana can now alert users in the US and UK about public transit, with notifications for calendar events, as well as updates on delays and outages on buses and trains.

Nokia's HERE Transit gets updated with fixes and new features

HERE Transit (formerly Nokia Transit), which helps you get from point A to point B using public transportation, got a nice little update today. In addition to the usual bug fixes, it also adds some handy new features.

This latest version now lets you view a list of local stations on a map. It also works nicely with HERE Maps, letting you switch between it and HERE Transit in the Journey Planner section. Got some favorite locations in HERE Maps or HERE Drive? Now you can access them through Transit too. It's great to see Nokia tying their suite of HERE applications closer together like a pretty pink bow.

Next Bus UK - App Spotlight

We've already got a handful of travel aid apps for the UK, including London transport, car parking and National Rail. Allow me to introduce Next Bus UK, a helpful app that pulls realtime and scheduled timetables for bus networks across England, Wales, and Scotland. Data is provided by Traveline and will come in handy for any frequent traveller.

Some of the app features:

  • Find the next buses due at over 370,000 stops
  • Find the nearest stops around your location
  • Search for stops using place names, postcodes and street names
  • Save your favourite stops for quick access
  • Shows you the distance to your nearest stops in a list form
  • Choose between using Bing or Google maps
  • Designed for minimum battery usage: only searches your location when requested
  • Built in User guide
  • Easy and quick to use
  • London bus times (not realtime, yet)

A Mango update is on the way that will bring live tile support and more.

You can download Next Bus UK from the Marketplace for £1.49 ($1.99).  Check out the demo video after the break...

Transhub lands down under in the Marketplace

Transhub is a public transportation app for your Windows Phone designed to help you get around Sydney, Australia. Transhub delivers time schedules for buses, rails, and ferries to your Windows Phone and helps you plan your routes.

Key features include:

Multiple Journey Options: Transhub will provide multiple accurately planned journeys to resolve your public transportation emergencies (missed the bus, rails running late, etc.).

Complete, Accurate and Up-to-date Database: Transhub provides complete access to all of Sydney's public transport timetable information. The data is sourced from the official public transport website.

GPS Travel Tracking: With real-time GPS updates of your current location, you can follow the journey plan map that will indicate each stop along your travels.

Personalization: Transhub will allow you to save your favorite journeys, searches and locations to allow quick and easy access.

Transhub looks like a very useful app for those living and traveling to Sydney. There is a seven day trial version available for Transhub with the full version running $3.99. You can download Transhub here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Oh, WPCentral would like to extend a hearty congrats to Transhub for being awarded the 2011 Spotlight Award from Microsoft during the 2011 Tech.Ed Conference in Australia.

Thanks goes out to Alex for tipping us on this!