Heart Rate for Windows Phone 8 can see your heart go beep, beep...beep, beep

It's no secret that your heart is an essential element of not only staying fit but also staying alive. Heart Rate is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to measure your heart rate while offering a history of these readings.

Heart Rate is similar to the other heart monitoring apps we've seen over the years. The app uses your Windows Phone camera to record tiny pulses in your finger tip caused by your heart pumping. The pulse or color change is recorded and translated into beats per minute. It may not be the most accurate heart rate monitor but it gets you in the ballpark.

Nokia to update Pulse social app for Windows Phone 7.8 and 8

Nokia Pulse is an app currently in beta that aims to make messaging with contacts easier, particularly when attempting to meet. Instead of sending multiple SMS messages, with Nokia Pulse one can send a message with it automatically tagging current location.

The app will also suggest a place to meet, complete with ratings, reviews, map directions and more. It essentially cuts down the multiple app usage when attempting to achieve similar results. The good news is the beta is coming soon to both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8.

Pulse newsreader introduces new web version but pulls Windows Phone app [Updated]

Update from Pulse: "We have been prioritizing web and updating iOS and Android platforms and will look at the Windows phone in the near future. In the meantime, can we persuade you to check out the web app on a desktop platform." In other words, Pulse for Windows Phone looks to be dead for now.

Yet another mystery has fallen on Windows Phone users as the popular Pulse newsreader app has disappeared from the Store. We’ve reached out to the Pulse team for an answer on the matter and will update accordingly.

Recently, the company launched a very snazzy web-based version of their service that is really a sight to behold. The service now syncs between your web version and the app, allowing seamless management of your feeds and news. Unfortunately, any mention of Windows Phone has all be been erased from their site...

Nokia Pulse social app gets another update with new features

Still in beta, Pulse is now at Version 0.95.7

Looks like Nokia is putting some renewed vigor into their Pulse social app which is still in beta form. Version 0.95.7 just went live in the Marketplace and brings some cool new additions with it:

  • Conversation live tile – pin a specific conversation to your Start screen
  • Pulse from landing page – tap in the “Send a message” box and go directly to the Compose screen
  • Recognize multiple email addresses for an individual user

Nokia updates their social messaging app Pulse with new features in latest beta

Nokia is back to updating a lot of their core apps one of which we completely forgot about: Pulse.

We last covered Nokia Pulse when it was announced at Nokia World back in fall 2011. It’s Nokia’s social-app and at the time we had little use for it—there were no Lumias on the market and Nokia’s service wasn’t exactly all that feature-rich.

Today, Nokia announced that Pulse Beta (yup, it’s still not ready for official release) is going to version 0.9 within in the next day or two (ours is still at 0.8 in the Marketplace). The good news is there are plenty of new features coming with 0.9 that are making us reconsider using this app:

  • You can now sign-in on Nokia Pulse with your Facebook account
  • You can start a new conversation as soon as you open Nokia Pulse
  • The Nokia Pulse live tile now shows more information about unread messages
  • The overall performance of Nokia Pulse has been improved
  • You can now consolidate multiple email addresses for a person…
  • …and more easily correct a misspelled email address
  • Your friend who aren’t using Nokia Pulse just yet will get a direct link to the mobile client for their specific phone for a mobile Nokia Pulse experience

Nokia Pulse is kind of powerful. It’s basically a messaging app on steroids. For instance it allows you to send mapping information (via Nokia Maps) to a contact for a meet-up, you can create groups for mass messaging, add in notes, reviews, phone numbers all with a few taps.

Back last year, Nokia introducing a messaging service was akin to when Samsung announced ChatOn—it’s kind of cool but there are alternatives out there.  Flash-forward today though and it’s a bit different—Nokia now means something and we’re much more inclined to jump on their ship as opposed to Samsung’s (then again, ChatOn is multi-platform, Pulse currently is not. However, Nokia Pulse is going to Android and iOS presumably after it is feature-complete on Windows Phone).

You can download Nokia’s Pulse here in the Marketplace. Being a beta, it is not yet restricted to Lumia phones. Let’s repeat that: currently ALL Windows Phones users can try this out but our bet is with v1.0 it will land in the Nokia Collection, so grab it and try it now. Also remember, you're looking for version 0.9 as the latest which may show up in 12-48 hours (we're still on the old v0.8).

Take a look at the video demo and announcement after the break along with the QR code...

Windows Phone App Review: Heart Rate Monitor

Pulse app updated to v1.1, gets less laggy

The popular (and free) Pulse RSS news app just got a bump this morning to version 1.1 adding some background-updating and some Mango fast-app switching. It's also substantially less laggy now, no doubt due to the Magno-recompile.

Unfortunately, not too many other features were added as far as we can tell--still no Google Reader integration, nor ability to add custom feeds (just search). Nor are there any Live Tiles, so in that sense, the alternate Fuse app is still significantly out pacing it and may be a good choice for those who need more.

Edit: Ah yes, as some folks in comments remind us, this app has always been Mango-ized and has a uncustomizable Live Tile. So what's new? Perhaps just bug fixes and generic "performance enhancments". Enjoy! We're sticking with Fuse.

For those who like free, basic but still solid, you can pick up Pulse v1.1 here in the Marketplace.

Nokia Pulse Beta sneaks on to the Marketplace

Nokia Pulse has snuck into the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's a beta version so you still may see some bugs and you may not find it with a keyword search, but it's there.

Pulse is a social app to help you keep track with friends and family and let them keep track of you. As the video describes, Pulse is about where you are, where you're going, what's around, and what do you want to do.

The app does require registration to Nokia Services (free) and allows you to create groups from your contacts. From there you can text, map locations, and share photos privately among group members. Nokia Pulse also supports push notifications and is accessible from your desktop/laptop via the web.

Nokia Pulse is a free app but remember it's a beta right now. You may encounter bugs, glitches and other oddities.  It is nice to see Nokia open up their apps to other Windows Phones and hopefully this is a good sign that we may see other Nokia apps headed to the open Marketplace (Drive maybe?).

If you're curious and want to take Nokia Pulse out for a test drive, you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Laseven for the tip!

Pulse heading to Windows Phone [Update--now available]

As far as RSS readers go, Pulse set the standard a few years ago by releasing their award-winning app for the iPad. Since then, the app has gone to the iPhone and Android as well, bringing it's unique and stunning UI along the way.

Today, Pulse has announced that they have developed a version of their news aggregating application for Windows Phone.  The Pulse app lets readers track their favorite news sites by displaying them in a mosaic that updates as content changes.  The WP7 will take this even further, utilizing live tiles, to bring new content to your home screen.  Users can list up to 20 sites from Pulse's 200+ content partners, as well as other sites of their choosing. Of note, this is just the first step in bringing Pulse to Windows Phone, so users should expect more features and a richer client with future updates.

Pulse also allows makes for easy sharing, via Twitter, Facebook and email buttons.  Content can also be texted to users' contacts.

Pulse has been submitted for certification to the Marketplace and it is expected to be available any day now.  We do know that Pulse will be a free app and once a Marketplace link becomes available, we'll update the post.  In the meantime, check out a video demonstration after the break. 

Update: Pulse is now available. Grab it here in the Marketplace. (Thanks, Mike P., for the heads up!)

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