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If you're a Windows Phone 7 developer, you would probably have heard us talk about this Kirkland, Wash. startup. To recap, it was founded by David McLauchlan (CEO), and Jeff MacDuff (CTO). Both are former Microsoft employees with Dave doing work on the Zune hardware business amongst others, and Jeff working on a range of products including that Windows Phone 7 you're clutching.

Although the platform has been out since last year, up until now it has been in beta. But today they have finally hit v1, along with a bunch of exciting announcements.

So what's new? Well, in addition to the info in the quote below, Buddy has now got support for the Aviary image filters - which has recently been included in Rowi. Along with that, there is now a native .NET SDK which makes it absolutely painless to use the platform in your own app, plus is the first SDK that supports Windows 8! I have personally used the SDK in a Windows 8 app, and it was simpler than the time I stole candy from a baby (I didn't really, promise). The SDK also successfully passes the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK), which is required to publish apps into the Store, and is failed by pretty much every other 3'rd party library due to broken dependencies.

We know what you're thinking though...what good is a press release without an infographic? So we have two, just for you (and the thousands of others like you)...

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IM+ v1.4 is now live - reminder!

For those who use IM+, you'll be happy to know that v1.4 is now available. The big new features are faster loading/connecting (confirmed) and advanced push settings, including a sweet auto-responder and message forwarder:

  • Significantly improved contact list scrolling and overall application performance
  • Push-to-Email option allows incoming messages to be forwarded to your email
  • Autoreply feature will instantly notify your contacts that your are in Push mode
  • ICQ / AIM / AOL / iChat group chats
  • ICQ contacts can now be added into your AOL/AIM/iChat contact lists and vice versa
  • VKontakte and Yandex IM services are now supported

But, we must also remember that MSN/Live Messenger is also now gone, so you are warned--don't upgrade if you need that! Anyways, besides the loss of Live Messenger, we like the improvements and additions. Grab IM+ here in the Marketplace (if update doesn't show, just back out and head back in to the Marketplace to refresh).

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Everyday we learn something new too and this was one of those things either we knew and forgot or just never knew, but evidently you can only have 15 apps on your device with push notifications.

Mind you, push notifications are those things we barely have right now but they do drive "live tiles" to update. And seeing that there are maybe seven apps that we know of that do push updates (Flixster doesn't count as they can't figure out how push updates work), we don't see this as an immediate problem.

But still, we imagine six months from now, a few of you will have 15 apps pushing notifications (and getting 2 hours of battery life--kidding) who will want to install that 16th app. Well, when you try, you'll be met with a "InvalidOperationException(Channel quota exceeded)" error. Of course, developers can code around this by letting the user know they should uninstall one of their other apps, but still...kind of an odd limitation. Though we suppose nothing is infinite, right?

Luckily, Microsoft has some time to push an update to change this should it become a problem, though we're not convinced yet that it ever will be for normal users.

Update: Developer Dave Amenta lets us know the following: "I have lots of tiles updating and there appears to be literally ZERO impact on battery (one updates at least every 10min)". So maybe we do want 16 apps pushing? ;-)

Update 2: Microsoft's Jamie Rodriguez responds. He notes that MS could change the limit in the future and they are constantly evaluating userr habits and needs. Doesn't contradict previous information.

Source: Kevin Marshall's Blog (Clarity Consulting)

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Google Sync now pushes Gmail!

Early this year Google released Google Sync, which makes your calendar and apps work is if they were on an Exchange server. Missing from the app, of course, was push capability for Gmail.

That day has come, people.

Google just announced that Google Sync now supports push Gmail for Windows Mobile (5.0 and higher). The usual caveat applies, however: If you're already using an Exchange server for other e-mail, you're out of luck.

Get the full deets here.

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Ask us about ways to push e-mail to your phone, and the Seven beta inevitably comes up. And for good reason. It's pretty darn good. Now Seven has given a boost to calendar support, with specific love for Google calendar.

Here's what's being rolled out:

  • Ability to accept, reject or reschedule meetings and appointments: users can manage their calendar the same way they would on their desktop, enabling them to better manage their time.
  • Real-time, two-way synchronization: with SEVEN's true push capabilities, calendar updates are automatically, in real-time, synchronized between the server and the mobile device. The two-way synchronization increases users' productivity by letting them manage their Google Calendar on their phone while ensuring that changes are reflected on the server.
  • Meeting reminders: reminders, one of users' favorite calendar capabilities, are also available. Users can choose between visual and/or sound alerts as reminders of upcoming meetings. Users can dismiss or snooze the reminder.
  • Read/Write Offline Accessibility: with SEVEN, the Google Calendar is also accessible offline, for access outside of coverage areas or in places where the use of mobile phones is banned. When offline, users can not only view their Google Calendar, but they can also create, edit and change calendar entries. Server synchronization occurs as soon as the phone is connected back to the network.

Seven's still in a free, open beta, which you can get in on here.

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Motorola set to sell off Good

If you're into the latest and greatest tech, it's safe to say you've blown a bit of cash at some point and later suffered from buyer's remorse. That's got to be the case for Motorola right now, which is set to jettison the Good Technology Group and sell it to Visto Corp. for an undisclosed sum, according to the Wall Street Journal (pay site). [via Gear Diary]

For a while, Good served as a ... um ... good alternative to Exchange and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server when it came to push e-mail. (Heck, Dieter points out that Good even dabbled in MP3 players back in the day. Way back in the day.) But Exchange 2007 and the BES have taken over the bulk of corporate e-mail (heck, again, even Google's licensed Exchange now), and so Good is being shown the door.

Now back to that buyer's remorse. Whereas you and I might have dropped a few hundred dollars on a gadget that quickly gathered dust on a shelf, Motorola in early 2007 dropped nearly a half-billion dollars on Good. That's billion with a "b." And it's probably safe to say Moto's not making that back. Oops. Well, you pay to play, and it looks like Good has become just one more nail in Motorola's coffin.

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Hands on With Windows Live App

We all know the new Windows Live app is out and has been giving us what we need. Push! In order to get your real push up and running you will first need to set up an account with Live mail. Then once set up you can download the app, input your info, and start to sync. Another cool option is the ability to sync contacts with your Live mail account. I had the option checked to merge contacts with outlook contacts but I still ended up with duplicates. That's a persistent issue with the Windows Live client, but a little contact cleanup is a small price to pay for instant email. Check out the video in action and let us know if you're switching to a @live email address.

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