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Nokia has partnered with the Arabian Radio Network ( in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to bring numerous apps for their radio stations to Windows Phone. This is a massive move for the platform since some of these stations are among the most popular in the region. Head past the break to see which stations are available.

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Radioplayer is an online audio player which gives you access to live, on demand and podcast radio from hundreds of stations in the UK. They have an app for iOS, Android, and now Windows Phone 8.

Radioplayer has everything from news and sport - to pop, rock, indie, dance, jazz, soul, and classical music. There’s something for everyone. You can find stations like BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound, Absolute Real Radio, and more.

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Just around six months ago we reported on how the popular streaming app iHeartRadio was pulled from the Windows Phone Store, with an error in it being "posted early”. The issue surrounding the app involve it basically not working any longer, and it was generating quite a negative buzz in user reviews.

Well, here we are on July 1st and behold, iHeartRadio is back on Windows Phone 8 with a 1.0 release. And no, this isn’t the same version we say in January as it has a fresh new coat of paint (aka redesigned) and features some nifty Windows Phone 8 tools, such as Lockscreen support.

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We've received reports from readers that iHeartRadio has ceased to work correctly on Windows Phone 8. The popular radio app is a superb solution for those who enjoy tuning into an array of stations while on the go. It has in fact been delisted for Windows Phone 8 hardware, but is still available for those who are running Windows Phone 7.

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Good news for those on Windows Phone 8 or just use Tunein Radio, as you can now download version 2.3 from the Store.

The popular streaming radio app was “hidden” from Windows Phone 8 users due to compatibility problems but we were able to now download and load it up. The app has not been updated for Windows Phone 8 in the sense that it does not have new graphics, fast resume, doublewide Tile or anything cool—it just “works” now.  We put works in quotes because we still find some stations are hit and miss, but the majority are there and do play.

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Beem, a Windows Phone app that enables users to tap into the Digitally Imported ( music site, has been updated to 1.3. Billed as being developed to become the 'best possible DI.FM client on Windows Phone' by developer MVP Den Delimarsky, the app has seen praise from us earlier in the year when we included it in our Lumia 900 must-have apps list.

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Nokia has announced that ESPN Radio is coming to the Windows Phone Nokia Collection. The Nokia ESPN Radio app will bring over thirty five ESPN Radio podcasts and all ESPN Radio stations to your Lumia Windows Phone.

In addition to the podcasts you will be able to listen to every game of the World Series, College Bowl Games, the BCS Championship game, US Open Golf and every college football game that ESPN Radio broadcasts (War Eagle!). Each station you tune into you can view the programming and the Twitter feed.  You can also tag stations as favorites for easy access.

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Aupeo! is now packing a punch on Windows Phone and released an app on the Marketplace last week. The app enables users to listen to over 120 pre-developed stations, which cover a range of genres including pop, rock, R&B, heavy metal, country, techno, classical, and punk. Stations that follow a specific theme, genre or music mood can also be selected.

In addition to the above stations, users can tune into 'artist stations', which (as the name suggests) plays music related to a particular artist. Aupeo! supports a mood tuner that provides stations based on musical mood - happy, relaxing, aggressive, dramatic, stressful, etc. The service is ad-supported, with a premium version available which removes the adverts and includes higher quality music among other features. But the best part is you're not required to sign up to get cracking, unless you want personalisation, etc.

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Igneous Software, not content with making their excellent BBC Podcast Lounge are surely striving for greatness with their upcoming launch of the BBC Radio Player. We had previously reported on their plans but were finally able to get hands on demo of it at last night’s Windows Phone User Group (WPUG).

The new player will improve on the previous version in a number of ways. The UI has been updated to closely follow that of the official apps on other platforms. Igneous have taken great care to replicate the colours and visual cues from the iPlayer whilst taking advantage of Metro’s inherent slick delivery of typography and graphics.

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The folks at Igneous Software, the wizards behind some superbly crafted Windows Phone apps, have been busy working on updates for the popular (and highly rated) BBC Podcast Lounge. In an official blog post, Richard Castle goes into depth about what the team has been up to, namely adding auto-subscribing and downloading for favourite programmes in BBC Podcast Lounge 1.4, which is just about to go into testing.

There's more though. The team have also been looking at new project ideas, one that they've lightly touched on in the article. Many of us (who reside in the UK) deeply desire iPlayer streaming functionality on Windows Phone from the BBC, but we're still yet to see anything. Before you get overexcited and imagine Igneous Software developing an actual iPlayer on-demandTV app, unfortunately this is still not yet possible. 

Instead the team have been busy looking at a potential BBC iPlayer Radio app. A working prototype is currently being played with that enables the user to reliably stream the previous seven days worth of programming on any BBC national (and regional) radio station. Want to know something more amazing? This functionality is one step further than what's present on both the iPhone and Android, which offer only national stations. It's that much sweeter indeed.

So we've got the BBC Radio Player and BBC Podcast Lounge app maturing nicely with frequent updates and more functionality being introduced, and now we've got a potential BBC iPlayer Radio app on the horizon. Once they're content with how the BBC Podcast Lounge is heading, the team will look at turning this concept into a feasible app to launch on the Marketplace.

Keep posted for more updates and be sure to check out Igneous Software apps that are already available. We also interviewed Richard Castle, which is well worth the read.

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Slacker Radio has announced plans to arrive on the Xbox 360. The service, which is already available on Windows Phone (see our review), will bring  music and content to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. The free radio app will be made available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and will pack Kinect features for gestures and voice commands to be supported.

Over 200 music stations are included in the lineup, with the likes of ESPN and ABC News headlining the selection. Each station can be personalised, ensuring a unique and relevant experience is possible for each user. The catalogue of not only music, but comedy, news and sport content makes Slacker Radio a varied experience with a reportedly 10x larger selection than Pandora.

Check out the press release after the break.

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The Swedish radio station Mix Megapol has released an official Windows Phone app on the Marketplace. The app enables users to listen to programmes that may have been missed, as well as stream live radio of course. The ability to read up on latest news and updates, as well as sporting an appealing UI makes Mix Megapol a must-have for any station fan.

You can download Mix Megapol from the Marketplace for free.

Via:; thanks Peter for the heads up!

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It's been awhile since we looked at iHeartRadio, the popular radio app available across devices and for the web. It was in October that the app went to v3.0 and received Mango support and a few days ago, version 4.1 hit the Marketplace bringing a nice make over with some bonus features on board.

Gone is the grey photo background and instead we have just pure black with red text. The UI now is much more minimalist and Metro, giving the app a fresh new bold look which we really like.

But the biggest feature is the addition of "custom radio" which is very similar to Pandora. You choose a station to create based on a song, artist or genre and iHeartRadio will select tunes based off of that criteria. You can then thumbs up/down songs and from that, refine your musical selection. Likewise you can still pull down lyrics, pin the station to your start screen and purchase/download tracks from the Zune Marketplace.

All in all it has been working great on our end and considering it's free, we see no reason not to try it if you like your music on the go. Grab it here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Ronald V., for the heads up Edit: Turns out this isn't available to those in the UK, for whatever reason.

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Google is watching every step you take

With the recent news of Google "streamlining" their privacy policies (Translation: data collected from their various Google services will now be pooled together for better advertising), there has been a bit of a backlash. Scratch that, outside of the bubble that is AndroidCentral, many are calling it the "end of do no evil". Why, just check this Bing News search for "Google" and "Privacy" to see what we mean.

So with that as a background, hearing this song parody from Tampa Bay's Q105 radio made us certainly chuckle. Maybe now is a good time to switch from Google to Live Mail? Speaking of, anyone remember Microsoft's 'Gmail Man' satire?

Source: Q105; via FX Shaw; Google image credit: World Under Watch Blogspot

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We're getting a lot of reports in from readers that Verizon is now pushing out their radio firmware update for the HTC Trophy. We reported on this a few days ago, noting that it would fix the GSM roaming issue that many faced when returning to the US.  The update brings users to the following:

  • OS version: 7.10.7720.68 (same)
  • Firmware revision number: 2305.13.20110.605
  • Radio software version:

Note, some users are reporting that this brings the 8107 OS update. As far as we can tell, it does not nor should users expect that update to happen anytime soon (though who knows what Verizon's plans are).

For users though who "forced" their Trophy's to 8107, you probably just blocked your radio update as the server's won't recognize your device as matching those needing this fix. We have a few reports from our forums of just a scenario and for you, we have no answer how to "force" this update. Of course, we did warn users on our Podcast that forcing the 8107 update may have unintended consequences and that's what we are seeing now.

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Should you be a Pandora user, this will be of great interest to you. We're already aware of the team getting cold feet last year when requests were in for a Windows Phone client, possibly due to no background audio. Now that Mango is here, some were hoping for any sign of progress with an app. To lighten things up slightly, we have an unofficial solution surfacing, which is being developed by Janabi Mustafa (see above demo).

Metro Radio will allow users to login with Pandora account credentials and display radio stations on the account with background streaming, album art, and liking options available. The app is set to be released next week, which will provide Windows Phone users with Pandora access.

Thanks Mustafa for the tip!

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BBC Radio apps receive update

The BBC Radio apps for Windows Phone, by Igneous Software, have received an update that brings more functionality to the table. The apps themselves were recently updated to Mango two months ago so this is a welcomed refresh with taking advantage of more Mango-only features. Some of the included features are as follows:

  • Reminder function for programmes later in the schedule
  • Direct links to the selected BBC programme’s website
  • Better checks for playback over GSM if the option to block is set
  • Ability to pin the current station to the Start screen (BBC Radio Player only)
  • Addition of 16 new World Service channels including Arabic, Russian and French (BBC Radio Player only)

You can download BBC Radio from the Marketplace for £0.99 ($1.29). Remember that there are four individual apps for each radio station, these are all included in the main app should you wish to listen to more than one station.

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21 for Windows Phone finally goes to Mango

Good new everyone!, everyone's favorite radio scrobble service has finally gone to Mango with version 3.x. You can now minimize this bad boy in the background and enjoy your radio with multitasking Mango goodness. In addition, you can pin your favorite radio stations to the Start screen for easy and quick access.

We've only played with it for a little bit but darn it all, it's a nice app--fast, smooth and great work on the integrating "Sharing" option. And considering this service is built into the Xbox 360 (for Gold Members), this a great extension to your phone. Grab the free app here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Lerimer S., for the heads up!

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iHeartRadio goes to v3.0 and is ready for Mango

Good news for those of you who use iHeartRadio, that radio-streaming app featuring "over 750 of America's favorite local radio stations", as it's now Mangofied. The app received quite a few new features and fixes including:

  • Background Audio Player
  • Live Station Tile To Start Page
  • Fast Application Switching Support
  • Facebook Fixes
  • Link to Feedback Page

We've seen a similar update with Slacker Radio recently and if Mango has done one thing right, it was making background audio and multiple Live Tiles an option for developers. Radio apps like these certainly show why Mango is such a great update. You can pick up iHeartRadio for free here (Web Marketplace) and check out hands-on video from late 2010 to see it in action. Thanks, ShipWreck, for the tip!

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TuneIn Radio hits v2.0 for Mango

Few apps are as good as TuneIn Radio, which features 50,000 free internet stations all from your Windows Phone. And while the app has an impressive 4 1/2 star rating (from over 800 reviews), it still could be better. How so? How about getting Mangoized in v2.0, allowing it to stream and play in the background. And while that is awesome, it's even cooler to be able to pin each station to your Start screen for quick 1-touch play. Awww yeah.

Take our money, TuneIn Radio! Oh what's that? You're free?  Well then, even better... Get the app here in the Marketplace. And if you're logged in to the Web Marketplace, try this link and see if that sends it to your phone. (Thanks, NickP for the tip!)

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