Relieve stress and sleep sounder with Sound Sleep

Fitness Month continues around these parts with sleep and relaxation apps for our Windows Phones being the focus this week. To kick things off we turn our sights on a fairly basic sleep/relaxation app, Sound Sleep.

Sound Sleep is a sleep aid and stress reliever with a decent selection of relaxing sounds. Sounds that should ease the tension of the day and allow your body to relax and get more peaceful rest.

Chilling out with Relax Melodies on your Windows Phone

One aspect of personal health and fitness is the ability to relax to allow yourself a restful night's sleep. Relax Melodies is a Windows Phone app that hopes to sooth you into relaxation for a better nights sleep.

Relax Melodies has forty one high quality sounds designed to help you slip into a more relaxed state. Sounds can be mixed together with different volumes and timed to stop once you fall asleep.

Relax Melodies is a nicely laid out sound app for your Windows Phone that could help you get a better night's sleep.

Windows Phone App Review: Sleep

Sleep is one of the many sound generators available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace designed to help you relax and fall asleep easier.  And we all know that a good night's sleep is essential for good health and fitness.

We've covered several and Sleep holds its own amongst the sleep/sound/relaxation apps we've tried. There's still some room for improvement but overall, Sleep ain't too shabby.

Windows Phone App Review: Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug is a Windows Phone health/fitness app that produces ambient scene music to help you relax and doze off to sleep. There are two versions available, Sleep Bug (free) and Sleep Bug Pro ($1.99). For the most part, both versions are essentially identical but Sleep Bug Pro has seven additional sound scenes or themes and Sleep Bug has only nine sound scenes and is ad supported.

The nine scenes that are available across the board include Beach, Music Box, River, Jungle, Weather, Horror, City, and Sci-Fi. Sleep Bug Pro adds Zen Garden, Forest, Train, Dreams, Outback, Airport and Underwater to the mix. Still not sure where Horror comes into play to help you relax and sleep.

SoundEscape 7 - Review

Stressful day at work? Need some soothing sounds to ease the tension of the day? SoundEscape 7 is a Windows Phone 7 application that offers seven nature sounds to offer a relaxing atmosphere.

The seven sounds include: Ocean, Rain, Waterfall, Forest, River, Desert, City

I'm not sure if the sounds of the City qualify for relaxation sounds but it may work for some. The sound application has three timers (5, 15 and 30 minutes) and accompanying photos that reflect the mood. The timers come in handy if you need a little relaxation to go to sleep by.

It's an interesting application and while the photos are a nice touch, I would have liked to have seen a photo slide show used or the ability to use your own photos. Staring at the same old photo can get old.

SoundEscape 7 will run you $.99. There is not a trial version available. You can find your copy here (opens your Zune desktop) at the Marketplace.

Ease on past the break to see SoundEscape 7 in action.