Xbox One’s Media Remote gets a March launch date – more details to come forth tomorrow

We had previously reported on a leaked image of an Xbox One Media Remote that showed up on via Google’s cache service.

Today, The Verge has reported that reliable sources familiar with the entertainment console have revealed the remote’s official announcement date and its official release date.

Phonos app bumped up to version 4.2, Slacker support in the mix

If you didn’t already know, Sonos, the multi room entertainment center, have yet to release an official app for Windows Phone. That is where Phonos comes in. Phonos gives you the ability to easily control all of the players and music services throughout your home, right on your phone.

Phonos Controller App for Sonos updated to version 4.0

Sonos the popular multi room entertainment system is a great bit of kit but the company has yet to release a official app for Windows Phone. Phonos seeks to fill that gap and allows you to control all the players and music services throughout your home. We previously covered the app and did an interview with the developer a while back if want to read our views on the unofficial solution.

An update to the app to take it version 4 has hit the Windows Phone Store today and brings with it a number of improvements.

Official uTorrent Remote app lands for Windows Phone

The official uTorrent Remote app now available for Windows Phone

uTorrent (, now owned by BitTorrent proper is a free and now ad-supported torrent client that is used by many people out there today. And although there are plenty of third-party apps for the service out on Windows Phone, it’s still nice to see the platform getting officially recognized through a dedicated client.

The uTorrent Remote app allows you to connect to your PC or Mac remotely to manage your bit torrents from afar. No, it’s not a full torrent client to run on your phone—something for which we don’t see too much practicality for—but it is a powerful tool for those of you who rely on uTorrent’s automatic RSS import feature and more powerful options.

Windows Phone App Review: Ceton Companion

Media Center has been a part of Windows for a very long time, it allows for the addition on TV tuner cards and streaming movies, pictures, music and live television to other devices around the home. As it requires a PC running Windows to be put under your television it only caught on with a hobbyist audience.  For those that want to cut the cord with their subscription television service or just build a great entertainment system with tons of flexibility, it is still hard to beat.

When Microsoft built Windows Phone, they left a few things out, one such omission was its ability to integrate directly with Media Center, even basic remote control duties were overlooked.  As we all know, where Microsoft cannot provide, others step in to fill the gaps. Ceton Corp has done just that, having just brought their Ceton companion app and services out of beta.  The app promises more than just a simple remote control functions, we power up our Media Centres and Xbox 360s to see how it does. 

PhoneZune becomes Air Pick Voice and leaves us impressed at WPUG

If you weren't aware of the event or you've been hiding under a rock the past few weeks, there was a Windows Phone User Group (WMPUG) meet up yesterday in London, which both myself and Jay Bennett attended. As well as having Will from Windows Phone UK making a brief appearance, we had a handful of developers (including Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex and Lawrence Gripper) with two walking the audience through their apps. 

One of the presentations was of Air Pick Voice (APV) by KeyboardP. Wait, that name rings a bell? Indeed it does as we've covered KeyboardP's project before, but under a different name - PhoneZune. APV will allow the user to control their music collection (on a PC workstation or laptop) via the WiFi, using an app on their Windows Phone. What makes this really special is that it's all voice controlled. From manipulating playback, to selecting songs, you no longer need to be in the same room as the PC to 'pump up the jam' your way.

To refresh your memory of what this project will allow you to do, check out the video below, and we'll advance on with what's new in terms of development and features for version 1 (which is just around the corner).

Xbox 360 Companion App for Windows Phone 7 coming this winter [Video]

So day 2 here at Nokia World and we got to play around with the Xbox 360 Companion App for Windows Phone 7, featured here on a Nokia Lumia 710. The app is planned for "this winter" which is a little later than we were hoping and it also means what you're watching is still in beta.

Having said that it's pretty freakin' sweet. Think of it as an augmented remote. Sure it an control the Xbox for media, selecting movies and even using a virutal D-pad. But more importantly, it pulls down data about shows or moves you're watching, gives you general information and allows you to browse on the phone instead of the Xbox itself.

While not hologram material, it's certainly headed down the right road by providing deeper integration between the Xbox and Windows Phone and we know we'll be itching to get our hands on this ASAP.

Windows Home Server WP7 Connector

Microsoft has announced the Release Candidate for the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Phone Server 2011. Basically, it's a Windows Phone app that gives you remote server management for your home server.

We mentioned some time ago that Microsoft was working on a connector for the Windows Phone, code named "Vail", and it looks as if all the hard work is about to pay off.

The app will enable remote server management tasks and relay media streams for Windows Home Server 2011. Once authenticated with your home server, the Windows Phone connector will:

  • Give you access to system alerts
  • User management features that include viewing user accounts, enable/disable accounts and password management
  • View server joined computer details including initiating system backup and viewing backup status
  • Stream media stored on your server to your phone (music, pictures, and videos).

The Connector App will also have Live Tile support allowing you to view a variety of "at-a-glance" information that includes count and type of network alerts, storage used on main server, and the server name.

You find out more information on the Windows Phone Windows Home Server 2011 Connector (WP7WHS2011 for shor?t) and access to the Release Candidate download here.

Source: WindowsTeamBlog Thanks goes out to Tim for the tip!

Media Remote updated to v1.1

Media Remote is a Spotify controller for your Windows Phone and it has recently been updated to bring a few new features to the app. Media Remote is compatible with all types of Spotify Accounts. Application controls cover play, pause, volume level, and play next/previous tracks.

The new features that are included in the version 1.1 update include:

  • Search for artists, albums and tracks to play
  • Information pages about albums (Wiki-information from
  • As well as several performance bug fixes

Media Remote is a free application and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

PC Remote - App Spotlight

PC Remote is a Windows Phone 7 app that turns your Windows Phone into a remote control for your computer. You'll need to download a server program to your computer from to get started. From there, you'll tap the "+" sign on the main page of PC Remote, enter the computer name and IP Address, and your in business.

Features of PC Remote include:

  • Mouse: your phone will act as mouse. You can move cursor and click from your phone.
  • Keyboard: your phone will act as keyboard. You can type from your phone.
  • Volume: you can control PC volume from your phone.
  • Audio and Video Player: you can control songs and videos running on multimedia software like Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.
  • Windows Media Center: you can control Windows Media Center from your phone. Support for Turn off, Hibernate, Sleep or Logout operations on your PC.

PC Remote also has a Facebook portal to their Facebook page so you can keep up with what other PC Remote users. PC Remote is a free application and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

"Remote" lets you control iTunes using WP7

On the off chance you are a WP7 user who loves iTunes, you can now have your cake and eat it too...kinda.  "Remote," an aptly-named new app by Komodex Systems, let's you browse your computer's iTunes Library and let's you play, pause and control the volume via WiFi.  You can also use your phone's keyboard to search for albums and artists. 

"Remote" recently popped up in the Marketplace for $1.99 and requires WiFi and the installation of a desktop client on the computer you want to control.  It works with both Macs and PCs. Of course we have to wonder what kind of commie you would be to run iTunes over Zune, but hey...we're accepting around here. Kinda.

Source: Zat's Not Funny; via: Engadget

Wii remote support in a Windows Phone 7 app?

First off, this isn't some "official Microsoft support thing", so don't even go there. 

But evidently one of the developers (Nick Randolph) presenting at ReMix Australia used a Nintendo Wii remote in some fashion with the Windows Phone 7 emulator.

The Wii remote uses Bluetooth to connect to devices and it's been shown to be very hackable, running on everything from a PC to the new iPad. So any trickery to get it to work on WP7 is easily in the realm of plausibility.

What is exactly being used for? We have no idea. Could be just for simulation, could be something more interesting.  Either way, sounds like these developers are liking what they see. I mean, just look at how shocked Stan is in that second Tweet.

"My MediaCenter Remote" for Windows Phone 7 nears beta status

One of the more interesting and useful apps in development for Windows Phone 7 is "My MediaCenter Remote" which integrates with the Windows Media Center (an under-rated features of Windows 7). Well, it's useful if you don't want to splurge $10 for a physical remote, ya cheapskate.

The latest version by dgaust is near beta, although like other developers he's anxiously awaiting a physical device to actually run it on. The features so far completed are as follows:

  • View and play Recorded TV - done
  • View and play back tv stored by myTV - done
  • View music, and create album playlists - done
  • Remote control media centre - done

What's left is tweaking up some of the graphics, which are a bit dull or just missing at this point (placeholders). Overall though, considering we are still six months from the release of WP7, it's nice to know we should have some advanced media center functionality right out the gate. But we can't help but wish this could actually stream our content instead of just being a remote for it.

Check out the full video of the program's UI in action after the break