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A new report published by comScore shows steady growth in the US for Windows Phone, a significant contrast to what we saw earlier in the year. While Android remains the number one platform in the region with Apple sat in second, Microsoft is pretty much level with BlackBerry, who has been struggling to halt the downhill fall the company has experienced.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia has sold at least 8 million Lumia Windows Phones during the period of June through September this year. According to people familiar with the situation, the Finnish manufacturer has experienced a fourth consecutive quarter where the sales of its Windows-based mobile phones have increased compared with both the prior quarter and year.

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Advertising network AdDuplex has released data for the month of June and while little has changed, there are positive signs throughout the report. Namely, the Lumia 520 continues to grow in numbers as more consumers opt for the cheap (but cheerful) Windows Phone and version 8 of the OS has finally taken over its predecessor. Sitting comfortably? Jolly good. Let's have a gander at the numbers.

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Gartner has published an interesting report, which details numerous points. The first is Nokia falling to position 10 in the first quarter of 2013. This is out of all mobile phone manufacturers (Samsung remains first). While Windows Phone is increasing its share and sales, Nokia has still yet to experience a surge that will replace the sheer volume of units the company used to ship.

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The cross-platform developer advertising network AdDuplex has released data for the month of February which details some interesting findings and trends for Windows Phone. We've previously looked at data leading up and closing off 2012, but what about the start of this year? We've also recently covered Windows Phone 8 taking over Windows Phone 7 hardware in the US, but how does this reflect worldwide?

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It's been a rather good start of the year for Nokia. The company has made actual profit, thanks to intense cost reduction and growing business, as well as its Lumia family of Windows Phones performing rather well in a number of markets. The company is pushing hard and not only is it attracting new customers, but existing consumers with Nokia hardware are behind the company and products they own, thanks to great support and software offerings.

Now a report has come in that Nokia is the most trusted brand in India, beating Samsung and Sony to the punch. India, along with Asia and Russia have been targeted for Lumia Windows Phones and progress is being made, slowly but surely. Both high-end and low-end devices have been launched in said markets to take full advantage of consumer groups.

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Microsoft has revealed that during Q2 of its 2013 financial year it has broken revenue records with a taking of $21.5 billion. $6.38 billion of that grand total was actual profit, providing shareholder's with $0.76 per-share. While EPS was down year-over-year, net income is reported to be up from $5.87 billion a year ago. It's looking good for the company.

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We're still not sure just how many Windows Phone 8 devices both Nokia and HTC have sold thus far, but Steve Ballmer has informed shareholders in a meeting on Wednesday that Windows Phone handsets in the month since launch were 300 percent higher than the same period last year - we have growth.

Should what the executive revealed in the meeting be accurate, Windows Phone sales are increasing with the launch of new hardware. But until we see official numbers it'll remain speculation as to just how much the platform has grown by. Unfortunately, Ballmer failed to announce how many devices have been sold.

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HTC continues on its downward spiral

HTC has published its financial results for Q3 2012, showing a continuous fall in revenues that we've witnessed through previous reports. The company braced itself for a tough Q3 and revenues were expected to be in the region of NT$70-80 billion for this quarter. Hitting the nail on the head in the estimation, HTC's net revenue was $2.397 (NT$70.2 billion) for the months July through September, down from $3 billion (NT$91.04 billion) in Q2.

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According to Seeking Alpha who have managed to calculate an estimation as to just how much Microsoft has made from Windows Phone in the last fiscal year, the software giant is estimated to be looking at $736 million from the mobile division. While we're still on the steady growth path Microsoft will continue to shield revenue performance of the platform until there's something to frame on the office wall.

Seeking Alpha worked out that by removing each non-Windows Phone layer from Microsoft's EDD (Entertainment and Devices Division), they found Windows Phone revenues has been fairly steady over the past few years, since its launch in 2010.

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HTC has released its audited Q2 2012 earnings report today, which keep in line with unaudited results we touched on last month. According to the report, HTC generated revenues of NT$91.04 billion (~$3.04 billion), while net income sat at NT$7.4 billion (~$247 million) between March and June this year. The company's gross margin was 27.01% with an operating margin of 9%. 

HTC expects a tough Q3 and we will be looking out for further decreases in revenue, profit and operating margins in the next financial report. Revenues are expected to be in the region of NT$70-80 billion, with a gross margin and operating margin of 25% and 7% respectively. Should the handset maker continue to dwindle slowly south in the third quarter of this year, it'll paint a rather bleak picture compared to the height of success back in Q3 2011, with reported revenues of NT$135.82 billion (~$4.53 billion).

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Yesterday saw the start of a new developer group, this time not based in London but on the south coast in Bournemouth. Scott Lovegrove of Ferret Labs and Dan Thomas of Moov2 conceived the meet up. The core idea in creating the group is simple, to bring developers interested in both Windows Phone and Windows development together. With the looming releases of both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 now seemed like the time.  We signed up to attend the event and were invited to present a short talk. With everything from games development to a platform overview of Windows Phone 8 from a Microsoft evangelist, it proved a very worthwhile trip.

The event was generously hosted by local digital agency redweb. As well as the excellent space, they were able to provide a great meeting room and a fridge stocked with refreshments for the ever-thirsty developers. We arrived after a very early start to make it for 10am to find that the place was already buzzing with devs. We took our places and the talks began, first it started off with a show and tell section.

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In a new study just released tonight, Appcelerator and IDC surveyed 3,632 'Appcelerator Titanium' developers from May 11-18, 2012 on their plans for app development now and in the future. Though not a survey of consumer demand the data is but one piece of the bigger picture of how Windows Phone (and Android, iOS, BlackBerry and webOS) is fairing amongst developers. For that reason, it should be considered as a metric but not necessarily the only one to measure interest or future success.

The news is not very good for Windows Phone but there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the future iterations of the OS, specifically the ‘Apollo’ update coming later this year.  That's interesting as Windows Phone has been coasting on ‘hope’ for nearly two years now and developers have not yet completely abandoned it, seeing weakness in Android.

For a complete run down, head past the break…

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It looks like things are not as good as they should be in the Nokia camp. According to a poll of 38 Reuters analysts the Finnish company are expected to announce next week a second quarter operating loss of 236 million Euros ($289 million USD), almost double its loss in Q1 this year. Shares have fallen to the lowest value since 1996 which is terrible news to hear.

The team here at Windows Phone Central are clearly giving Nokia some love since they adopted Windows Phone as their primary operating system, however it is clear that the public's perception of Nokia may well have fallen by the wayside. We all know that Nokia had the phone market pretty much sown up a few years ago with Symbian and its S series OS outselling all other manufactures. Things have changed greatly since those days; now with iOS and Android dominating the smartphone market. In many countries where Windows Phone is growing it is still heavily out gunned by the opposition. Take here in the UK for example: For the last two years RIM have held the top spot with the BlackBerry being the number one selling smartphone. Nokia now have Windows Phones that are cheaper than a BlackBerry but it seems that getting the youngsters to part with their BlackBerry smartphones is just too much.

I'm not sure what the solution is for Nokia to be honest. I suppose all they can do is keep on bringing us new super hardware combined with the unique applications such as Nokia Music, PureView and Nokia Drive that come standard with the handsets. Maybe time to step up the marketing just a peg or two Nokia?

We should have confirmation of the exact figures next week when the earnings are reported.

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Source: CNBC

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Nokia released its Q1 2012 interim financial and operating report today, highlighting a €590 million loss. The data is the result of the slow and painful transition from Symbian to Windows Phone, as well as more affordable competition from Android. Ironically the only region to illustrate positive results with regards to volume numbers is North America with a 20% increase (compared to Q4 2011). 

Stephen Elop explained in the report the Lumia handset reception and how some markets, including the UK, are proving more difficult to penetrate. 

"We have launched four Lumia devices ahead of schedule to encouraging awards and popular acclaim. The actual sales results have been mixed. We exceeded expectations in markets including the United States, but establishing momentum in certain markets including the UK has been more challenging."

According to Elop, the manufacturer exceeded expectations in terms of sales with the Lumia 900 launch in the U.S., though no figures were provided. The issue with markets such as the UK is how competitors have secured loyal support, whether it be RIM, Android or the iPhone.

Nokia has announced plans to begin rolling out the Windows Phone "Tango" Lumia 610 in Asian markets at the end of April. Coupled with the Lumia 900 heading to the UK as well as a number of other international markets, Nokia will start to have a comfortable level of coverage.

Source: Nokia (PDF)

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Remember when we covered the BBC coverage of Windows Phone (among other platforms) aiding in the battle against vandalism, fly-tipping and more? Well we're back with another video going into slightly more depth about Love Clean Streets and Windows Azure working together.

Councils across the UK as well as boroughs in London can make use of this technology to provide the public with some power with alerting appropriate authorities for quick responses in keeping Britain streets clean. As explained in the video above with Medway, all entries are categorized, location pinned and available for viewing by personnel who can co-ordinate a response.

Can it get any better? Actually, yes. Once the vandalism has been dealt with, fly-tipping cleared and graffiti washed, the authorities can take a photo of the cleaned area and the member of the public who filed the report will receive confirmation that the problem has been looked into.

You can download Love Clean Streets from the Marketplace for nothing at all.

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Here's a pretty ingenious way for citizens to use the power of mobile phones, specifically the camera, GPS and internet, to take back their streets.

Giving a quick way for citizens to report vandalism, garbage and other such nuisances, people simply take a photo and upload it to a public message board where the appropriate authorities can then act on it. It's a smart way to get government to be more efficient and for citizens to take part in maintaining the community. As a result, the town has reduced graffiti by 73% and response time has gone from 2 1/2 days to just a 1/2 day--pretty impressive.

Goes to show how technology can really make an impact in people's quality of life. Too bad we can't envision U.S. politicians being so progressive about technology and implementing such a program. Head to the BBC site to see the video of it in action, pretty cool stuff.

Source: BBC; Thanks, Neil

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