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Earlier this year, Microsoft surprise its users by releasing its own YouTube app, complete with login and advanced management features of the popular streaming service. At the time, it was thought that Microsoft had come to an agreement with Google over the app, but as it turns out that was not the case. After some back and forth between the companies, Microsoft had agreed to pull the app as they work on a new, compliant version with Google.

Today, version of YouTube is now live on the Store for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 devices.

The new app looks a lot like the app that was pulled and even includes an upload feature for posting videos directly to the service. That should reassure customers who believe the app would be stripped of functionality (one feature that seems to be missing is downloading of videos).

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The return of MetroTube!

We told you a few days ago that YouTube app MetroTube was due to return to the Marketplace for Windows Phone after a six month hiatus and sure enough, version 3.1 just went live.

The app itself is as smooth and buttery as you may have remembered. If you don't remember you’ll really enjoy the superb, fluid UI design which is obviously heavily inspired by Metro design language. Features include streaming of video content, pinning videos to your Start screen, like/dislike, comments, favorites and playlist support and sharing.

You may not get the ability to rip videos for downloading or play in true HD but the app itself is a joy to use and now that it’s free, it’s hard to not give it serious consideration.

Pick up MetroTube here in the Windows Phone Marketplace for free. Let us know in comments your thoughts. Thanks, Rahat M., for the tip

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So for all of you who were waiting on AT&T to get a fresh new batch of coveted Titans, your day has finally come. At least on the website (we can't vouch for your local store) AT&T is now listing the device as available.

Previously, stores and even AT&T online had massive shortages of the top of the line phone. Supply was either tight due to high sales or more likely, HTC not being able to fulfill orders to AT&T. Now it looks like HTC has finally ramped up production and hopefully that also translates into store availability too.

Let us know if you placed your order or if your store received any significant stock in comments! Also don't forget to check our review of the Titan here.

Head to the AT&T store right now. Thanks, Tommy F., for the tip!

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Going back to late 2010, there was a minor controversy with an app called ImageWind. The app was removed from the Marketplace because it pulls live images from Twitter, randomly, in an uncensored way. What it meant was there was a possibility that non-family safe images would appear, thus offending some users and as it happens, violating the Marketplace rules.

In short, it was the first example of "app censoring" that Windows Phone experienced.

Now, the app has returned with version 1.2. So what's new? For one, it has Mango support, so you get some fast-app switching. You also get a "Safe Mode" option to show/hide potentially non-safe images (from our experience, you rarely see anything dirty on Twitter anyways).

It's a cool app, we suppose. Very voyeuristic. Too bad it doesn't support landscape mode, as that'd be ideal for a desktop screensaver.

You can pick up ImageWind for free in the Marketplace right here. Thanks, Kalet, for the heads up

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When when Malatesta sat down with Microsoft last month for a chat about Windows phones and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, we noted that you could "return" an app for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. That's true, but there's a pretty big caveat: You can only do so once in a calendar month. From Microsoft's own mouth:

Customers are able to view purchase history on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile website. You will also be able to request a refund for credit card purchases once a month as long as it is within 24 hours of the purchase. For further credit card billing assistance, use the e-form to submit an issue to Microsoft Customer Service and Support.

That puts a kibosh on buying using the refund mechanism as a way to simply try apps. There are a few in the Marketplace with "lite" versions, but not all of them. And we can't do promo codes yet (though there's a good chance that'll start with Phase II, in which apps will be allowed to have secondary registration codes added).

And do note above the use of the phrase "request a refund." There's a reason it doesn't say "demand." Also, things get a little tricky if you have the Marketplace charges tacked on to your cell phone bill.

What about you guys out there? How's your experience with returns/billing been so far?

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