Nokia ‘Eros’ and ‘Mars’ pop up on O2 Germany roadmap - but what are they?

File under interesting but no details, the site mobiFlip has gotten their hands on O2’s (Germany) upcoming smartphone roadmap. While there are the usual Huawei, Sony and HTC devices, two Nokia ones have raised an eyebrow.

The first one goes by ‘Eros’ and could be just a mis-spelling of ‘EOS’, the codename reportedly used for Nokia’s 41MP Lumia 920-esque phone, due for revealing next week. Then again, it could be a whole new device or just a carrier variant. Since there is literally no information about this phone’s specs, we can only guess.

Nokia Flame 4G Windows Phone added to T-Mobile's April roadmap

Tmonews have got hold of a leaked T-Mobile US roadmap, detailing a release date for a "Nokia Flame 4G" smartphone. Name rings a bell? If not, don't worry as we've previously covered the mysterious handset, which is a low-end offering if our report is anything to go by. But don't let that get you down as this is a 4G Windows Phone, and not everyone wants (or requires) a high-end smartphone.

Verizon’s HTC 8X and Lumia 822 coming on November 12th with pricing revealed

As we get close to the big Windows Phone 8 announcement next week, certain bits of info are starting to leak out. Case in point, Verizon has been a sieve lately and now we have what looks to be some credible info on two important aspects: pricing and availability.

First up is the expected release date: Monday, November 12th. That coincides with some other info we were tipped on including Verizon employee training that is occurring now and an HTC “Save the date” for the 6th. While AT&T is presumably still beating Verizon here for a launch, it is by mere days. In fact, T-Mobile is then expected to launch their phones just 48 hours later.

Leaked Roadmap - Verizon to get Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S

Verizon set to get the 'big 3'?

Although unverified at this point, the site PhoneArena is claiming to have the Verizon roadmap for upcoming new devices, including those rumored “multiple” Windows Phone 8 phones.

The good news if accurate is Verizon is getting all of the big guns, including the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV S and the recently announced HTC 8X—all considered to be the top of the line launch devices for Windows Phone 8, due to occur at the end of October.

Rumor: Microsoft's Windows Phone plans 2012-2014

File this one under big rumor/subject to change.

MS Nerd has published what he says is the timeline for a lot of Microsoft's major platforms, including Windows Phone, Windows Desktop and the launch of Xbox "Loop" aka next gen Xbox hardware.  While of course tantalizing, there's nothing really to back it up. Then again, when you read it, it's quite realistic and logical as to what you expect Microsoft to do. It even follows their current scheduling of things, so why not?

We'll just hit on the Windows Phone news:

  • CES 2012 - Tango1 Launch
  • Mobile World Congress '12 - Tango2 SDK
  • MIX 12 - Tango 2 launch, Apollo announce
  • E3 2012 - Apollo SDK
  • Mobile World Congress '13 - Apollo +1 teaser
  • MIX 13 - Apollo +1 teaser
  • Mobile World Congress '14 - Windows Phone Nine teaser
  • MIX 2014 - Windows Phone Nine SDK
  • BUILD 2014 Windows 9 Mobile RTM
  • November 2014 Windows 9 Mobile Launch (with Windows 9 and Kinect H2 release)

From what we've seen of how Microsoft releases things, this seems quite logical. The interesting change is of course in 2014 when Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 merge and we get what MS Nerd lists as "Win9M". We're  assuming that means Windows 9 Mobile, but who knows.

Edit: No surprise, but Microsoft's Brandon Watson disagrees with the leak: "I love reading "logical" "leaked timelines" and laughing. #wronginsomanyways". Of course, no one was expecting him to confirm it either.

Check out MS Nerd for some other, non-phone details. Image credit: Jozef Kocúr;  Thanks, Alex F., for the tip!

AT&T Roadmap leaks: Two Windows Phone 7.5 devices (Samsung & HTC)

Here we go folks, looks like AT&T will be launching two all new Windows Phone 7.5 devices in "Q4". The first one up is the Samsung Kupua SGH-i937 and the HTC Bunyip pl39100.

The Samsung is basically the Galaxy SII phone we see a few months ago when Microsoft showed it off--no doubt this will be replacing the Focus and it looks to be a worthy replacement with an 8MP camera, 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen (assumed), 1650 mAh battery and 512mb of RAM.

We're not sure what the HTC Bunyip is exactly, though Pocketnow suspects it's the unannounced Eternity or Omega, which is a likely choice. That device will sport a 1600mah battery and also an 8MP camera. No other details are known yet.

Some very exciting stuff. Although not as grand as AT&T's original launch, these two devices will hopefully be more wow-worthy this time around.

Source: Pocketnow

WP7 Rumors: HTC Gold appears on leaked roadmap

What is expected to be one of HTC's first Windows Phone 7 devices, the HTC Gold, has made an appearance on a leaked roadmap for the U.K. Market. is reporting that the HTC Gold is due to hit the U.K. markets sometime in November of 2010.

The leaked U.K. roadmap is in line with previous reports from HTC that they will launch a Windows Phone 7 device by the end of 2010. Oddly, the Gold is the only Windows Phone 7 device on the leaked list.

The Gold joins the Monderian as HTC's leading candidates for the Windows Phone 7 market. We've seen signs that the Gold may be headed to Sprint while the Monderian may be headed to AT&T. Could their U.S. release coincide with the U.K. release? Or will the States get these phones first?

WinMo 7 on another leaked roadmap

OK, we're starting to get the feeling that work on Windows Mobile 7 may be a little farther along than we — OK, at least some of us — believed. What we have here, again from UX Evangelist, is a "Release to Testers" roadmap reportedly from a presentation less than two weeks old.

Also interesting but not too surprising is that Live Search, Windows Live, My Phone and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile all will make the leap to Windows Mobile 7, which if we're reading this right, would come after the second half of 2009, or in 2010, in other words.

Of course, there's that "All dates are subject to change" disclaimer at the bottom, which should go without saying.

Another look at that Sprint roadmap

So we're taking another look at the leaked Sprint roadmap and trying to shake off the shock of the Sprint Treo Pro actually being launched, and a couple of things stand out. And not necessarily in good ways.

As several of you have noted in the comments, the spec sheets are interesting. Let's take a look at the Rhodium, aka the HTC Touch Pro 2.

First off, the Rhodium spec sheet says it will launch in the fourth quarter, which goes against the schedule slide we saw. (Speaking of that schedule, none of the phones listed is lined up very well on the grid. Let the conspiracy theories begin.) The operating system is listed as Windows 7.x. Again, interesting, because we're pretty darn sure that Windows Mobile 7 won't see the light of day until 2010 (if we're lucky).

Finally, and this holds true for the Ace II, which also is on the roadmap, we see listed under "network" EVDO Rev. A (Sprint's native CDMA network) and HSDPA, which falls under the GSM standard. So there's a chance the Touch Pro 2 and Ace II could be world phones. But when we say "world phone," we mean able to run on GSM networks outside the United States. Don't expect to be able to use this Sprint version on AT&T.

So, after taking this with a few grains of salt, what's it all mean? We'll see some new phones on Sprint sometime this year. Probably.

Sprint's Q2-Q3 roadmap leaked

Here's a look at what Sprint supposedly has on deck for the next two quarters of the year, thanks to the ninjas over at the Boy Genius Report.

You'll note the Palm Treo Pro, which was just released. Slated for the second quarter is the HTC Willow, which we expect from those monster leak sheets to be a front-facing QWERTY messanger phone. Probably not as up to snuff as the Maple, but we'll see.

In Q3 is the Samsung Ace II. Dieter took a look at the original Ace about a year ago and was plesantly surprised.

Finally is the HTC Rhodium, which we expect to be the replacement for the Touch Pro.

What's it all mean? The rumors, conjecture and rampant speculation that we may see some of the new HTC phones on Sprint in the next couple of months is looking better. Or, ya know, we could all have egg on our face.

Spec sheets after the break, including for the Cedar, which we don't even see on this roadmap.

Roadmap shows Windows Mobile 7 beta

We'll obviously be swallowing this one with a decent grain of salt, but all-things-Microsoft blog uxevangelist [via] has a roadmap that shows a Windows Mobile 7 beta slated for sometime this year, with the actual release in the "future." We heard a while ago not to expect the final build of WM7 until well into 2009, and none of that's really cleared up with this.

That said, we'll probably be staring at this thing for quite a while, hoping to glean some other tiny morsel from it. Or, if we squint just right, maybe we'll see a sailboat.