Add to Contacts now available in the Marketplace [Video]

We covered an app a week ago that filled in a big hole in the Windows Phone OS, specifically you can't save Bing searches to the People Hub. This inability is quite inconvenient as it means you have to manually copy information to your contacts, which if you have a few restaurants to add, can take some time.

Now, Add to Contacts, a different and in many ways a better app,  is available from the developer of "I'm a WP7!" meaning you expect quality from the design and implementation. Very Metro-influenced, the app is fast and has great options including the ability to save photos where available.

"With Add to Contacts, the entire process is automated for you, including retrieving an image for your Contact if it’s available!

PRIMARY USE: Go to Bing Search, get local or Local Scout results, go to the apps tab, then tap 'Add to Contacts'!

SECONDARY USE: Search for local results from within the app itself and add them directly to your contacts!

The app provides integrated Local and Nearby search, with the ability so save your most recent search, but the real power comes from tapping Add to Contacts right from your search result profile!"

The app fetches for $0.99 with a free trial. If you need this feature then we have to give a recommendation for this app as it does its job quite admirably. Pick it up here in the Marketplace.

Upcoming app allows you to save Bing search results to People Hub [Video]

Though we love our Windows Phone, there are certain areas that need work. Certain areas that we know Microsoft will fix, given enough time and feedback, of course.  Such is this scenario: You do a Bing search for a local business, restaurant, etc. Upon glancing over the results, you decide you would like to save this company's information to your People Hub which is when you realize you can't do it.

As it turns out, if you want to save a Bing search result to your People Hub, you'll have to do it the old fashion way: by hand. Very frustrating, to say the least.

Now, a new app landing next week in the Marketplace promises to fix that problem. The app is called BizSaver and is made by BC3 Technologies and we got an early look at the app which you can see in the above video. In short, once you install this app you really don't run it anymore. It simply adds itself to the related-apps under your search results, allowing you to directly save the contact's information to your People Hub with a couple of taps.

It's easy, elegant and just works. The best part? As usual it will be completely free with one-nary ad. Look for the app next week in the Marketplace and we'll of course let you know when it is available.

geoDefense save data bug fix on the way

Since geoDefense’s Xbox Live debut, we’ve heard the occasional complaint from gamers who lost their save data. geoDefense isn’t a tremendously long game, but nobody wants to lose their progress – especially if they’ve put some effort into improving their scores.

The developer, Critical Thought Games, has actually been aware of the problem for a while. In a blog post at his site, designer David Whatley explains the nature of the problem:

“Well the issue is in the file handling. Essentially your highscores (and other info) are saved to a file (duh)… if the data being written is smaller than the last time, then the resulting file will still be as long as it was before the save... with the data at the end being garbage.

When I load the data, I get this trailing garbage and the whole block fails the checksum checks and thus it disregards the data as if it had been tampered with.”

So basically, sometimes when gamers replay levels, the new data ends up being smaller than the old data, corrupting the entire save file. This doesn’t affect Achievements already earned, but scores and all other in-game progress are lost.

Critical Thought has already submitted an update to Microsoft that fixes the problem. Hopefully it passes certification quickly, though we know that process can be a bumpy road sometimes. The current in-game version number is 1.5. When the next update hits, it’ll read 1.6 and your saves will be home free.

Until then, Whatley offers this advice:

“…If you play geoDefense WP7, just don't replay any levels you've already won and the bug won't happen. If it's already happened, uninstall and reinstall the game to clear the state. Once 1.6 update is out and you upgrade, then you can safely go back and replay already won levels to improve your score.”

Despite this save data trouble (which many of us have not encountered), geoDefense is one of the better tower defense games on Xbox Live. Read WPCentral’s full review for all the choice details.

Thanks, Marc G., for the heads up! The G is for geometry.