Seidio discusses smartphone cases with us at #CESLive!

Seidio is a mobile industry name Windows Phone users should be familiar with.  The company makes a wide assortment of smartphone accessories such as cases, chargers, extended-life batteries and more.

We sat down with Kevin and Derrick from Seidio today at the CESLive to discuss the companies latest smartphone case offerings.

Review – Seidio ACTIVE Case for Lumia 900 (Video)

The Seidio ACTIVE Case for the Lumia 900

We have a deal running all week on the new Seidio ACTIVE case for the Lumia 900 so we figured we might as well review it for ya, in case you were curious.

The ACTIVE case (yes, it’s in all caps) is one of those new hybrid cases where it comes in two parts—one super soft rubber the other acts as a hard frame. The combo gives a unique design and some great benefits including a built in kick-stand.

I’ve been using the case since last week and all in all, it’s quite solid. Head past the break for my video review of it and a few high resolution photos

Seidio vs. Mobi: Hard Shell head to head

If you want to give your Windows Phone a little protection, a hard shell case is one option that won't weight you down. Mobi Products and Seidio both offer a hard shell case for various Windows Phones. These cases offer an extra layer of protection to the back and sides of the phone while adding very little overall bulk to your Windows Phone.

But does one stand out from the other? Is the Mobi case a better deal than the Seidio? Or is the higher priced Seidio hard case worth every penny?

Make the jump past the break and see how these two cases perform when used with the HTC HD7s.

Seidio Surface Case Give Away Winners!

WPCentral and Seidio would like to congratulate our five lucky winners in the Seidio Surface Case Giveaway.  We had over fifty comments in the forums discussion on what accessories you would like to see come to Windows Phone 7 and randomly drew five names from those entries.

The winners are: ctt1wbw, anglirich, PTK8ofBH, mvierling, and hawkstone.

They will have won thier choice (from what's available) of the Innocase Surface Combo Case from Seidio.  Confirmation emails will be sent out shortly to our lucky winners.  WPCentral would again like to thank Seidio for sponsoring this give away.

Seidio Surface Case Give Away

It has been a while since WPCentral has given anything away and with the help of Seidio, you are going to have a chance at winning a Seidio Case for your Windows Phone. All you have to do is tell us what’s on your mind.

We’ve started a discussion over in the Forums asking which accessory you would like to see become available for Windows Phone 7 devices. Is there an accessory that was available for the Windows Mobile phones that you’d like to see transition to Windows Phone 7? It could be a case, extended battery, docking station, Bluetooth accessory, or keyboard. Here’s your chance to bend the ear of Seidio and any other accessory manufacturers who might drop by.

Give us your thoughts in this discussion and on March 20, 2011 (around 5:00pm CST) we’ll randomly draw five winners from the comments. The prize, the Innocase Surface Combo Case (here's our review with the Focus) for your Windows Phone (your choice from what is currently available). You will need to register to participate and it’s a painless process that starts here.

Good luck and WPCentral would like to thank Seidio Inc. for sponsoring this contest.

Seidio Innocase Surface Combo for Samsung Focus

We’ve reviewed a slew of Seidio products in the past and have consistently found them to be worth recommending. When looking for a case for a new phone, Seidio is one of the manufacturers that should be on your list of brands to research.

The Seidio Innocase line of products has a couple of different pieces. This review covers both the case and holster for the Samsung Focus. Read on for the full review.

Well built, leaves headphone jack open.

Review: Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for HTC Touch Pro2/Snap

If you are rockin’ an HTC Touch Pro2 (or one of the many carrier variants), chances are you are a power user when it comes to Windows Phones. For myself, the Touch Pro2 is the perfect form factor for a Windows Phone. The massive high- resolution screen, spacious QWERTY keyboard, in a fairly thin phone is the perfect balance of features and portability.

When it comes to power users, there is one feature that we can’t seem to get enough of no matter what the specs are; and that is battery life. Traditionally, the quest for an extended battery meant compromises when it comes to portability because larger battery capacity meant larger physical size. Seidio’s Innocell Extended Battery comes in an OEM form factor that gives you extended battery life without adding bulk or requiring a replacement battery door for your device.

For the full review of Seidio’s Extended Battery, hit the jump.

Review: Seidio Innodock Jr. Desktop Cradle

There’s something about having a high-end phone laying prone on your desk that just seems wrong. Is it just me, or is getting a dock for that shiny new Touch Pro 2 a high priority for anyone else? Seidio is one of those manufacturers that are really one of the go-to companies when it comes to accessories for Windows phones. A prime example of that is the Innodock Jr. Desktop Cradle.

Review: Seidio Holster for AT&T Tilt

Cases come in all shapes and sizes. Different styles of case tend to cater to certain phones. For example, a form fitting leather case wouldn’t work very well with my Tilt. I’ve used a Seidio holster in the past with a Samsung Blackjack (and loved it), but I was a little unsure how well one of their holsters would work with a phone as bulky as the Tilt.

Stick around to see how well the Seidio holster for the Tilt handles the age old question; does this case make my phone look fat?

Review: Seidio Hold n' Store Crystal Case for the Mogul

At the beginning of the year I reviewed Seidio's Super Slim Hard Case for the Mogul, followed by a review of Seidio's Clip Holster for the Mogul a month later. After 9 months, I am still using both. The challenge with that is that these two do not work together. To answer this Seidio does have a clip holster that will hold a Mogul with their Super Slim Hard Case. Seidio calls it Hold n Store Crystal/Rubberized Case Holster for the Mogul.

I am going to take a look to see if these two items can work well enough together to gain my trust to hold my phone securely without any fear of it falling out of the holster. Read on to see what I have found.

Review: Seidio Premium Leather Side Case

Some of the best cases for Windows Mobile devices are made by Seidio. I have used its holster for the Samsung BlackJack as well as the Rubberized Hard case for the AT&T Tilt/HTC Kaiser. Seidio's Premium Leather Side Case is another great example of their handiwork.

Look and Feel

As the name suggests, this case is made of leather. It�s not real sporty, but it does have a very professional look to it. The feel to me is almost perfect, but it does seem to add quite a bit of bulk to my phone (AT&T Tilt). When my Tilt is in the case there is an extra quarter inch or so of space from the side of the Tilt to the top of the case. The case is wide and rigid enough that I didn�t experience much in the way of buttons being accidentally pushed.


The design is like most of the side cases out there as the phone sits on its side, horizontally, while inside. The case is mostly leather, but there are two strips of elastic that hold the sides of it together, allowing for minimal expansion as you take the phone in and out. The case closes securely with a magnetic clasp. The belt clip is probably my least favorite feature of the case as it is very difficult to get around a belt, but not nearly as hard to remove. The only other complaint that I have is that it�s obviously a universal case in that you can�t get to any of the buttons or ports without first removing the device.


I feel very comfortable trusting my phone to this case. In the event that the case was dropped, there is enough padding in every direction that the phone would sustain minimal if any damage. The belt clip is very rigid and is also covered with leather. I almost would have preferred that the clip have been plastic or something that had a little more flexibility to it.


If you�re looking for executive-level, professional looking case, I can definitely recommend this one from Seidio. The design is practical and efficient. The build is the same quality in both materials and craftsmanship that I�ve come to expect from Seidio. Priced at a semi-reasonable $29.95 (from the WMExperts store), this case is perfect for most all Windows Mobile devices.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Look and Feel: 5
  • Design: 4
  • Build: 5






  • Executive look.
  • Strong magnetic clasp.
  • Big enough for large devices.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Belt clip is difficult to use.


Review: Seidio 1600mAh Extended Battery

I have to tell you about this guy that I work with (at my day job). He carries an AT&T 8925, and he