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The Surface Pro 3 is slated for release later this Friday, but only for the Core i5 versions coming in 128 GB and 256 GB ranges. The more budget friendly Core i3 and wallet-busting Core i7 configurations, however, are not due until the end of August.

Microsoft may be dealing with somewhat high demand though, as the $999 Core i5 version with 128 GB now has a June 30 ship-by date, slipping by 10 days from June 20. The change in shipping appears only to apply to new purchases, and not early pre-orders. Accordingly, if you reserved your Surface Pro 3 128 GB prior to the last 24 hours, your new tablet/laptop hybrid should still be on track for delivery.

Presumably, Microsoft and Best Buy will also have the128 GB version on-hand in stores for immediate purchase starting Friday as well.

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Verizon is still yet to begin shipping HTC 8X orders, and according to emails received by a handful of our readers who have kindly forwarded copies to us, there's a slight delay. The carrier is stocking both the HTC 8X and Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 handsets in its smartphone line-up (with the Samsung Odyssey coming in the future).

Because the HTC 8X is slightly behind schedule Verizon is offering 30% off any case in its store as a token of appreciation while consumers wait patiently for their Windows Phones to arrive. Both devices are officially being made available tomorrow in stores across the US.

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We have been tipped off that Lumia 822 orders have been pegged as being shipped today. One of our readers tried to pre-order with no luck, but then logged into their account and upgraded through available channels. A confirmation email was sent stating that the order would ship today.

This could be very good news for Verizon customers indeed, we have yet to hear from anyone that has received a Lumia 822 so we’re not going to get too excited right now. We’d certainly like to hear from any of you if you’re seeing similar order confirmations. If you have one already be sure to let us know too.

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If you pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface RT and have yet to receive shipping confirmation, you may still be able to track your Surface shipment.  Even without a tracking number. 

Here's how to go about doing it.

  • Just go to the FedEx or UPS websites and choose track package by reference.
  • Enter your Microsoft Order number and delete the "MS" prefix.
  • Leave the shipping date as the 24th and enter your destination Country and postal code.

If your Surface order has left the factory, your tracking information should pop up. To be honest, I was getting a little worried that my order status was still listed as "processing" with a delivery date listed as October 26th.  In tracking my order by reference, I was relieved to see that my Surface RT is still slated for Friday delivery.

Chime in down below in the comments if you've found your shipping information and head on over to this WPCentral Forums discussion on the Surface shipments.

Thanks, Mr. Brown and abond32, for the tip!

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Time zones, these things are magical. Yes they can be quite confusing, and even stealing a day from your calendar or adding one to it without you knowing. But occasionally the difference in time could result in something sweet. In this case today, Suning, Microsoft's official sales partner for Surface RT in China, will commence the retail ahead of everyone else.

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Microsoft has begun shipping its Surface Windows RT tablets, according to confirmation emails that have been received by those who submitted orders. We've previously looked at delays and possible issues surrounding Microsoft's Surface pre-ordering process that left customers baffled not knowing when they'd receive their product.

We then covered the tweet that was published by the Surface Twitter account, which stated that original shipping and delivery dates will be upheld by Microsoft. No delays, always a confirmation consumers enjoy hearing. 

Could these emails be also sent in error? Only time will tell, but we highly doubt it.

Thanks, Rudy, for the image and tip!

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Windows Phone has been growing at a steady rate, mainly down to advertising campaigns and brand pushes from Nokia with its Lumia family of smartphones. According to data released today by IDC, the platform has been sporting a year-on-year growth increase of 115% - not bad, eh? IDC also notes that the OS has been closing the gap between itself and Blackberry in the last quarter in the fight to become the 3rd major player in the smartphone market.

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The Windows Phone Central Store is the #1 destination for all accessories and products for your smartphone. You may have noticed a number of articles are now frequently covering the deals and offers that are present on the store (be sure to keep an eye out for deals featured in the sidebar). We'll also start reviewing products listed more regularly to give our $0.02 on what's available from manufacturers.

A frequent request from our readers is for the store to be made available to a wider audience. It was both expensive and relatively difficult (if possible) to place an international order. Thankfully the team that runs our store (as well as the stores at our sister websites) has been working hard and now we're pleased to relay the news that it's easier than ever to place an order should you reside outside the US.

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It appears AT&T isn't alone in sending out shipping notifications for the Nokia Lumia 900. We've received a few tips from readers letting us know that Rogers Canada is also shipping the Lumia 900.

It is no secret the Canadian wireless provider was set to receive the Lumia 900 sometime this month and the Lumia 900 has been available for some time now.  With AT&T and Rogers shipping the Lumia 900, it appears Nokia is on schedule to establish a nice beachhead in the North American market.

Rogers Canada customers feel free to sound off in the comments if you've received your Lumia 900 shipping notification!

Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

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Parcel Tracker goes Mango with pinnable tracking

Ti's the season to be shopping and for a lot of us, shopping online is the preferred method for our consumer indulgence. That involves shipping and package tracking and what better way to keep abreast of all of that than your phone? Parcel Tracker (see review) has been around for quite some time and is considered to be the best package tracker out there. Now with version 4.0, the app has gone Mango and boy is kewl.

Besides the fact that it loads and scrolls more quickly now and you get fast-app switching, you can now also pin your individual packages right to your Start screen for 1-click access to that package's whereabouts. And it's sharp looking too with the shipper's corporate icon on one side, the package details on the other. We like. A lot.

That's on top of the existing live tile, which shows number of update notifications and push-toast notifications when the package details have been updated. Throw in a barcode scanner and what's not to love about this app?

Parcel Tracker goes for $1.49 in the Marketplace with a free trial and gets our seal of approval.

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Andy Lein, over at PocketNow had got his hands on the Dell Venue Pro back in December (2010 for those who require reminding) and the 16GB version of the device proved to be disappointing with reliability.

"I got my first 16Gb Dell Venue Pro on December 23rd, 2010 and I soon noticed that it would freeze up or go to a totally black screen (except for the clock) while downloading and installing large apps over WiFi."

Ordering a replacement for his malfunctioning Venue Pro, Dell finally shipped his new toy, which arrived a few days ago (January 18th). I know what you're thinking - the problem must be fixed.

"Then a new Dell Venue Pro arrived on my doorstep on January 18th! Unfortunately, the new 16Gb Dell Venue Pro had the same problem. "

Ah the excitement then the sudden realization of the problem still persisting to exist. Check out the video to see what happens, should you have a Venue Pro yourself and see if you can reproduce the fault.

With the continued problems that Dell seem to be experiencing, I'm almost beginning to believe that they may be considering for a quick second "why did we enter the WP7 smartphone market?". Hopefully, Dell's future will be solid in the near future as it's fantastic to have such a huge technological brand backing Microsoft on their mobile platform.

Do you own a Venue Pro, and have problems? Have you had a replacement?

Source: PocketNow

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Dell is trying to ease the pain customers are feeling with regards to the Venue Pro. We've reported that production has hit a few snags, delaying shipments of the new Windows Phone 7 device.

An updated post on Direct2Dell updates when Dell might see the Venue Pro shipped.

The January 6 date that’s being reported could be correct for some but not all, as ship times vary by customer and the date/ time that they placed an order.

While everyone waits for the new phones to ship Dell's offering a few freebies in hopes of making things right. If you ordered your Dell Venue Pro on or before December 14th you will get:

  • Free Overnight Shipping upgrade
  • A free Plantronics Explorer 240 Bluetooth headset, which will ship separately in 4-6 weeks.

The shipping bump and $30 Bluetooth headset is a nice gesture but is it enough to make customers happy? 

Source: Direct2Dell; via: MobilityDigest

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Oh uh, this is not good. With reports of Wi-Fi issues, shipping engineering devices and just general shortages, Dell is not off to a good start with the Venue Pro. And things may have just become worse. According to Clove UK, one of the first sites to offer pre-orders for the device, they're now expecting delays of stock till January. Yup, that's a full 8 weeks away (give or take). We're also told that people who pre-ordered are receiving email notifications of the expected delay.

Is Dell checking their production for errors or are they just having supply issues themselves? No word yet though we're reaching out to Dell for answers. All of this is a shame really since besides the Samsung Focus, the Venue Pro is one of the most anticipated and coveted devices by our readers (see our poll). The bigger question now is: What does this mean for the U.S.?

Dell isn't the only one with problems: my HTC HD7 still hasn't shipped from Amazon despite a pre-order and is not expected to ship for at least a week or two (luckily I have another HD7 already). Anyone else experiencing these delays?

Source: Clove UK; Thanks for tip, GP07.

[Additional sources for this story: BGR, wmpoweruser]

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