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Heads Up: Windows Phone Central forums getting upgraded tonight, expect some downtime in the forums

* Update: Success! The forums are back online!! *

With the official launch of Windows Phone 8, our forums have been crazy busy these past couple of weeks. And to make them even better for our active user community that's growing larger every minute, tonight we're pulling the trigger and rolling out a bunch of awesome updates. 

We'll take the forums offline at approximately 8:30pm ET, and a few hours of downtime is expected while we go through the upgrade process. In the meantime, the rest of the site will still be fully usable.

Welcome to the newly updated Windows Phone Central

As Microsoft gets set to officially launch Windows Phone 8, we're happy to unveil some site updates of our own on Windows Phone Central.

More updates are coming soon to our forums, store and already-awesome app, but if you're reading this on the full desktop site you're now witnessing the new look and feel of We've upgraded to the latest version of VISOR, our Mobile Nations content management system, and we've given the site a fresh look. We've even mixed in a little inspiration from the Metro UI.

Heads Up: We'll be taking the blogs offline for a couple hours tonight as we push out some exciting site upgrades!

* Update: OK, We're back online! We're still working through some of the final upgrade steps, so don't mind the mess. We'll do a follow up blog post here soon going through the details as soon as we're done. Thanks for the patience! *

With so much changing in the world of Windows Phone, it only makes sense we make some changes around Windows Phone Central too. 

We have lots of exciting upgrades planned for, including enhancements to the blogs, forums, store and app. We'll be rolling out a full set of changes over the next week, and we're getting started tonight with some major updates to the blog.

We'll be taking the homepage offline at approximately 9pm ET for roughly two hours, as we push out an update to the our blog CMS along with a fresh new look for the site. We'll fill you in on the details once we're back up. During the upgrade the forums should still be accessible (if you're currently logged in) as will be the store

Thanks for the patience. And we'll be welcoming you back soon with a better than ever site!

Site announcement: We're now IE9 compatible with jump lists

You asked, we listened.

As part of our continuing re-development of our site we're happy to finally bring you proper Internet Explorer 9 support for making the site pinnable (drag our favicon to your Start bar) and jump lists (right click on the icon to quickly jump to specific areas, like our Forums). Also, our old WMExperts favicon has been updated with one that matches our app.

Of course, there may be some other IE9 issues with the site. If you have some, note them in comments and we'll pass them along. And we still have more to come e.g. MS Tag support.