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Small update v3.4 for Windows Phone Central app now available

As we covered in last week's announcement of the v3.3 update, there was a minor content enrichment bug which slipped past our normal quality control procedures, and so today brings v3.4 to fix said bug. You can download to your heart's content here in the marketplace.

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.3 released

We’ve just published the v3.3 update to our app out into the global marketplace, this release contains some important bug fixes and brings the app in line with our overall site branding.

Most important of which is a fix for the dark tile issue (where the tile would fail to render), the tile now may take some time to render correctly but in testing has a 100% render success rate finally. Please note: you will need to re-pin the main tile and forums tile to your start screen in order to see the correct new versions.

Site News - Lumia 810 has arrived at the Windows Phone Central Forums

Today T-Mobile announced the Lumia 810, a version of the Lumia 820 that'll be heading to the US carrier. While many would simply assume it's a mere codename alteration, don't be fooled into thinking the same. The Lumia 810 does sport some differentiations that space the device out from AT&T's second Lumia Windows Phone 8 offering.

Because the Lumia 810 is set to arrive in a matter of weeks, we figured it would be a perfect opportunity for discussion to spark. A forum has been designated for threads to be created that cover the new Windows Phone.