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Skin your Surface tablet at a Microsoft Store

There are many, many perks to having a Microsoft Store near you. You get great customer service, crapware free devices, and some good deals from time to time. A relatively unknown benefit is the ability to create custom vinyl stickers for a variety of products and accessories. You can spruce up your Xbox 360 controller and now your Surface tablet.

Android is stealing our Metro mojo

As if the iPhone-WP7 launcher wasn't enough, someone has gone and created a pretty thorough Metro launcher for Android called 'Launcher7'.

Featuring tiles, customization and the normal shoddy icons, the app is actually pretty good for Android (so far, they've had less than stellar WP7 "clones"). Anyways, watch the video above from our sister-site Android Central to get an idea. Hey, imitation is flattery and lets be honest, Android never looked so good.

Skin Firefox to look like Windows Phone 7 too

If you already skinned your Windows desktop to look like Metro using Rainmeter, might as well complete the look and skin Firefox now too.

Although 'Metro 1.0' adds a little WP7 flare to your browser, don't expect anything drastic as skinning is sort of minimal. Still, it adds that little extra touch to the whole Metro themed PC and it's free, so why not?

We suppose copying is the highest form of flattery, so seeing as many in the design world want to emulate Metro's look is a good thing (remember all the iPhone skins years ago?).

Now if we can just get a skin for Chrome...

[via Download Squad]

Facade gets bumped up to 2.1

SBSH Mobile has announced that Facade has received an upgrade to version 2.1. For the uninitiated, Facade is an interface customization tool for Windows phones without touchscreens.

We love us some Windows Mobile Standard around here. Customizing and tweaking can be a little more difficult on Standard than Professional, making a tool like Facade pretty handy for those of you that want more control over the look and feel that your phone provides.

In addition to the bug fixes, language updates, and performance and stability improvements; Facade includes some new or improved features in version 2.1. Access to an online Skins Arena will allow you to find and install a skin that fits your personality without forcing you to build your own. The Skins Arena can be accessed from your device or from a computer. Analog Clocks are also supported in 2.1, and are skinnable as well.

Facade 2.1 is available as a free upgrade to registered users of Facade 2. Those of you still using version 1.x can upgrade to 2.1 for $7.95.

WM iPhone - more than a skin

tzywen (whose site is down at the moment) has put up a great little video on YouTube - an E-Ten m600 running some custom software that's awfully close to an iPhone experience, complete with slider-unlock and flick-scrolling. It's not a complete overhaul, but it's still very impressive. Nice job tzywen for programming all this!

Video embedded after the jump.