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social media

If you're frequently online using multiple social networks, you may feel overwhelmed at times when looking at main feeds, especially if you're following numerous sources. Luckily, there are some services out there that enable you to group, filter and manage your social accounts. One of said services is iSwarm (, which has just launched on Windows Phone 8.

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This week Microsoft launched a new site, The site aims to help students without adequate financial resources raise money for a new Windows 8 PC or tablet via their social networks.

The program is three step: First, select the Windows PC you would like. Next, create a profile and invite friends to contribute towards your new high-tech gadget. Finally, collect the profits and flee to Mexico buy your PC.

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Mobile World Congress has been and gone for 2013, and it's now time for reports to blossom to reveal both insightful and useless (but interesting) data. Lissted specialises in Twitter accounts that are most influential to followers. The website has published a blog entry showcasing which brands were most discussed while Mobile World Congress 2013 was underway. The results aren't too surprising.

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There's no shortage of photo sharing apps for Windows Phone, with the likes of Pikchur already available on the store, but here we have eyeMe. The app is also available for iOS and enables users to share photos and updates to social networks. It's a simple but useful offering, especially for those who enjoy taking a load of photos when out and about.

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Microsoft has also started to make use of the Facebook profile it has for the Surface Windows tablet family. Accumulating 6,000 likes already, the page has mirrored posts that were found on the recently deployed Twitter account, so nothing new here, but it's worth adding this account to the list of social profiles followed.

We expect to see more information added to both this account and the Twitter profile in the coming days, as well as competitions for hardware to be given away at a later date.

Source: Facebook (Surface), thanks, Dhishum, for the tip!

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Windows Phone App Review: Social Mints

Windows Phone features deep social integration, whether it be the People Hub or popular social networks, there are a number of ways to communicate with the world requiring little effort. But what if you wanted to monitor what was being shared across the social sphere? Should you be heading up a brand and are interested in what the general sentiment is on social networks, or if you simply wish to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, you'll want to check out Social Mints for Windows Phone.

Just what is Social Mints? It's a free app by Techark Solutions, the developer behind Windows Phone apps including Mood Swing, Dress Pal, Smart Goals Pro and RedMinder, that enable users to keep up with trending topics as well view insightful data on searchable interests. Data is pulled down from Facebook, Twitter, blogs / comments (Digg, etc.), and news (Google, Yahoo, etc.) sources that is then displayed in a number of broken down formats. The best way to think of Social Mints is a light social media analytics client.

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The official Facebook app has been updated to version 2.4, following reports that events were no longer accessible with the main menu entry being removed in 2.3. To be able read up on upcoming events requires the user to hit the "..." menu and filter out the news feed. Just a heads up for those who miss this feature being easily accessible.

Head on over to the Marketplace to download Facebook.

Thanks to those who sent tips in!

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It seems Microsoft has worked some magic on backend services for Windows Phone, as users and sites alike are reporting they're now able to view images that are attached to tweets in the People and Picture hubs. Twitter integration is handled via Windows Live, which was introduced in the Mango update, but was limited to displaying text-only tweets. Now when viewing "What's new?" in the People hub (and Pictures hub) images are now displayed along with the tweet.

Have you noticed the change on your handset(s)? Let us know in the comments!

Source: LiveSide; Thanks, thenet, for the heads up!

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Telerik, the company behind the RadControls developer tools and the Windows Phone Task app, have just published a whitepaper that will aid any developer who has recently submitted their Windows Phone app to the Marketplace. The free document runs through how to effectively present your application with a well designed landing page, upload YouTube videos (with some SEO tips), monitor the analytics, as well as covering some in-app tricks.

The 13 page whitepaper will help provide developers (who have no marketing experience) the knowledge to kick off promotion campaigns on the web that will drive in traffic, while optimising the app to reach full potential. Head on over to Telerik (source below) to check out the free resource.

Source: Telerik

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There appears to be an issue with the Facebook app for Windows Phone, with a number of readers reporting the same problem over on our forums. Should you install the Facebook app from the Marketplace and attempt to login you will be greeted by; "Sorry, there was an error." The app generally experiences problems when alterations are made on Facebook's end. A community moderator at Microsoft Answers has been made aware of the issue, but let's hope the team addresses this soon. In the mean time, the Facebook integration still works flawlessly.

Are you having these issues? Head on over to our forum to join the discussion.

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Ignition Studios, developer of Monkey Mini Golf (see our review), has completed a white paper on marketing experiences with pushing their brand and products through media promotion. Starting today, the games studio will use the next few weeks to publish points from this document to aid other indie developers who are looking to promote their own titles.

The article takes the reader through the history of the video game industry and what limitations are imposed as an indie developer or an established studio. Next, strategies are discussed surrounding social media and how a game developer interacts with consumers. Lastly, we're walked through some marketing metrics:

  • Exposure
  • Influence
  • Engagement
  • Action
  • Retention

It's certainly worth checking out, even if you don't develop games the information can be applied for apps as well.

Source: Ignition Studios

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Joe Marini, Windows Phone principle manager at Microsoft, was in the social media spotlight with three tweets that caught the eye of not only his followers, but news sites and readers all around. Geekwire reports that a Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the news this morning that Marini had left the company he'd joined in 2003, but failed to elaborate on the reasons why.

The first tweet of three in question Joe published was detailing that he was was using a Nokia Windows Phone handset. A fellow Twitter user asked him what he'd rate the device out of 10 and Joe answered with the second tweet, scoring the mysterious handset an 8 and praising the solid feel, good camera, responsive UI, and nice little touches on the body construction. The last tweet posted by Joe was stating what he'd like to see improved, namely the screen size. 

Microsoft calls on its employees, according to its social media and blogging policy (PDF), to "be smart" and not to share any details that would otherwise be disclosed as confidential. Hopefully more information will be made available soon as to what the actual reasons for his departure were.

Source: Geekwire, via: TNW

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The search giant is pushing forward with its latest social media product (anyone remember the rise and sudden fall of Buzz?) called Google+ and beta testing has been well underway with invites being rolled out. TechRadar reports that Google has confirmed that an iOS app will be hitting the App Store in the closing future which will feature native support. Question is, will they support Windows Phone 7?

Google+ is seen as the potential Facebook Killer and has a lot of hype to live up to according to the social media sphere. Since we already have Facebook and soon-to-be Twitter integration, I think Google+ could be a worthwhile addition. If we look at the current Google presence on WP7, it's nothing to be proud of. Users of docs, calendar, GMail, GTalk and other services have to switch between apps and there's no fluidity.

Google+ could become a hub of sorts, which could include all the social features which is present on the web version (chat, video conferencing, messaging etc.) while bringing in other Google services into one location. Then again, we do have Skype coming and WP7 is a very social integrated OS already. Would we really need another social network?

Via: TechRadar

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