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social network

Originally billed as a private network for families and friends to share lasting memories, Path is now making a radical departure from that vision, transforming itself into an ephemeral messaging service. Rather than as an archive for family memories, Path's business model has changed to self-destructing messages that puts it in direct competition with services like Snapchat.

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If you reside in a Russian speaking country, be it Ukraine, Belorussia or Russia itself, VKontakte (or simply VK - is quite the important service. Think of it as a localised Facebook. The service had an app available for Windows 8, but this wasn't a fully featured solution and consumers were missing out on a full Modern UI experience. That's set to change with a brand-spanking new app released for Windows 8.1.

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Nokia today unveiled that an official Vine ( app is well on the way to Windows Phone. If you're not familiar with the service, it's a social network owned by Twitter. You essentially record and share clips that are up to 6 seconds in length. The recordings can be of anything you choose, be it cats, humorous sketches or just random updates. 

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The original Facebook app on Windows Phone back in the day was pretty bad. Thankfully the forces who can make a difference have over the past few months with the Facebook Beta app. That original beta has since become the official app for Facebook users, but the beta is still going strong. That very beta just received an update to version that brings a slew of new features. Let’s check it out.

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Digital Cloud Technologies has published VK ( apps for Windows 8 and RT. These clients will enable users to log into their VK accounts and enjoy social features within the familiar Windows 8 experience - perfect for tablets. If you're not into Facebook and would like to try out something new, it's certainly worth looking into (rather humorously, Facebook Connect is supported by VK). VK is the second most popular social network in Europe, but it is used particularly by Russian-speaking users, not being widely known in the US.

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Guess what? We’re addicted to Foursquare. The location based social network is a fun way to see where your friends and family are at a quick glance. We’re not alone in this addiction, the Windows Phone community has always had some affection toward the service. Brilliant apps like 4th & Mayor have been favorites in the community for a long time, mostly because the official Foursquare app was lacking. By teaming up with Nokia, Foursquare managed to give the turn out a polishes and beautiful app. That app just received another update.

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It seems there isn’t a day or two that goes by without a popular app being announced or available for Windows Phone. Popular being a bit subjective in this case, but we still welcome apps that have high approval ratings for their iOS and Android counterparts to the Windows Phone Store. Scruff is currently looking for beta testers for their upcoming Windows Phone 8 application. Don’t worry, I just found out what Scruff is too - it's a popular social network in the gay community.

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Windows Phone Facebook icon updated

Microsoft has changed the icon used on Facebook for submissions published from a Windows Phone to the social network. We've grown accustomed to seeing a red Windows logo next to any status we send from the handset (via the People Hub), but now the new Windows logo in a purple theme replaces the dated branding. It certainly looks refreshing, but that's always the case with a visual change.

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Telefonica introducing a cross-platform mobile messaging service

Tuenti (official website) has announced an upcoming Windows Phone app, as well as a solution for iOS. Currently the service is available for both Android and BlackBerry (as beta - launched today), with the remaining two apps coming in the next few weeks. So what's the deal with Tuenti and should you be interested?

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Last week at the Windows Phone Summit, it was finally revealed that Zynga will be bringing Words with Friends and DrawSomething to Windows Phone this fall. Actually, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph teased that both games are "so-close-you-can-taste it" meaning we may be getting those marquee titles by the end of the summer (fingers crossed).

It also looks like that Zynga partnership is going deeper than just those two games. The popular online gaming company just announced 'With Friends' which is hailed to be their own social gaming network and it sounds a lot like Xbox LIVE--you can create a profile, see your friend's profiles, message them and see what they have been playing. Heck, you can even meet people with similar game interests.

What makes this fascinating though is the fact that it works across platforms. The social network will launch on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and of course be on the web, making it a true cross-platform gaming social network...thing

We're not sure if it will be any good but we just like the fact that Zynga is on board with Windows Phone these days.

Source: Wired

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The big rumor flying around today is that Microsoft is looking to buy Yammer ( for a hefty $1 billion dollars making it one of the largest acquisitions by Microsoft of late (the other being Skype). 

For those who don't know, Yammer is a social messaging network built for enterprise. It may seem kind of niche but in this services area, Yammer is the top provider and we can see why Microsoft would want to acquire the company.

For one, between Skype, Lync, Messenger and GroupMe, Microsoft is gobbling up a lot of social media services and building quite an messaging empire. Combined with their close relationship with Facebook and LinkedIn and you can see how Redmond is angling against Google for both consumers and enterprise.

The Yammer deal is expected to be completed today or tomorrow and if so, we could see Microsoft integrating Yammer directly into Windows Phone in the near future. After all, they already have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Messenger in Windows Phone 7.5 and they're expected to add Skype and numerous other social networks to Windows Phone 8 "Apollo".

What's more, Windows Phone 8 focuses heavily on enterprise including Bitlocker encryption, secure boot and new Office 365 policies. Yammer and Windows Phone 8 seem like a perfect match, if you ask us.

You can pick up the official Yammer app in the Windows Phone Marketplace in the meantime.

Source: Bloomberg

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Changes are coming to the popular Windows Phone app ...I'm a WP7!. Changes that will give the app a name change and a few design changes.

For those not familiar ...I'm a WP7! is a popular Windows Phone app that lets you locate Windows Phone users in your area, interact with them, share tips and tricks, have access to daily and weekly wallpapers, tap into custom ringtones and tons more. ... I'm a WP7! has grown so much since it's launch in April of 2011 that a core group of users have put together the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" to help guide everyone through the ...I'm a WP7! environment.

With Windows Phones moving to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 right around the corner, the developer has decided to change the name to better capture the nature and intent of the app. The version 3.12 update has been submitted to Microsoft for certification and will give ...I'm a WP7! a new name and slightly new look. With the update, ...I'm a WP7! will become Outsider for Windows Phone.

Why the "Outsider"? Since the app is heavily “unrecognized” by Microsoft and the Windows Phone Team, the term “Outsider” has been chosen in direct contrast to “Insider”. The app's concept and features won't change (well... the features will continue to grow), it's just the name.

Look for the update to be pushed out in about a week and if you haven't checked out ...I'm a WP7!, it's followers number over 300,000 and span 189 countries. It is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Oh...and you can find the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" here on Skydrive. It's a OneNote document and is a work in progress.

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