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Marketplace Spotlight: Endomondo Sports Tracker

Marketplace Spotlight: Vegas Pool Sharks

Review: Snake Deluxe 2

Remember the good old days passing the time with your Nokia candy-bar phone and playing Snake?  It was surprising how mesmerizing the gray scale game could be.

Just as cell phones have come a long way, so has the game Snake. Snake Deluxe 2 takes the fundamental premise of the original game, adds a splash of color, a storyline and multiple games levels.

Follow the break to see if Snake Deluxe 2 is as addictive and enjoyable as the classic version.

Graphically pleasing. Plenty of gaming levels.
Game doesn't take advantage of full screen. Stylus dependent for accurate movements.

Marketplace Spotlight: Friendly Budget

Ever take a trip with friends and when all is said and done, you can't remember who paid for what? How about a party you're planning with friends and you need to track individual expenses and figure out who owes what?  More times than not, you likely kept track of things with pencil and paper and more times than not, someone disputes the numbers. has developed a Windows Phone app that might help avoid disputes over accounting and do away with the pencil/paper method.  Friendly Budget allows you to create events, track expenses and calculate reimbursements.

Friendly Budget takes into account what everyone contributes to the event, divides the cost evenly, subtracts each member's expense from their portion of the budget, and then reports who owes who to balance things out.  Expense, event and party entries are straight forward while navigation takes a little getting used to. Friendly Budget does allow for you to add expense categories but there's no way to export the data to a spread sheet or other report (although these features may appear in future releases of the app).

If you need a fairly easy way to track expenses and divide things equally, Friendly Budget is worth considering. The app is available through Marketplace Mobile for $1.99 and you can find more information on the app here. After the break, you can see a video demonstration of Friendly Budget that may rival the World's Record for texting.

Review: Wizi

Have you ever needed to send someone directions only to get them lost? Wizi SMS makes it easy to send friends, family and associates your location, a meeting place through tiny URL links that can be emailed or used via SMS.

To see more on Wizi, ease on past the break.

Marketplace Spotlight: PhotoWiz

Review: Lookout (formerly known as Flexillis)

In light of the recent Trojan Horse/malware issue that cropped up with a Windows Mobile game, we thought we'd re-visit what security resources are available for Windows Phones. One thing we discovered was that Flexillis has undergone a face-lift (as well as a name change).

Lookout, formerly known as Flexillis, is an anti-virus, backup, security service that not only runs on your Windows Phone but also has an online component.  Follow the break the read more on Lookout to see if the changes go beyond the name.

Review: Prince of Persia HD

The Prince of Persia gaming series is one of those that jump out as a classic. First introduced in the late 80s, Prince of Persia has made the jump to mobile devices including Windows Phones. While some games go through a complete transformation in their transition to mobile, Prince of Persia attempts to maintain as much of the story and feel as possible.

High quality in all aspects. Controls are easy to learn and use.

Review: SlideIT

Dasur software has recently released SlideIT for Windows Phone as an alternative to the traditional on-screen keyboard. SlideIT will not only allow you to use the keyboard in a traditional manner (pressing one key at a time) or you can slide your finger across the letters to create words.

Sounds a lot like Swype, right? There are a few differences with SlideIT that separates it a little from Swype. After the jump, we'll give you a quick low-down on this new keyboard alternative.

Review: SBSH PhoneWeaver 2.1

The ability to tweak and mold a Windows Phone into something that perfectly fits our lifestyle and schedule is one of the platform's biggest features. Tools like SBSH PhoneWeaver give you the power to manage your settings in a way that gives you a lot of control while simplifying the configuration and management of your settings.

Automatic device configuration. One-time setup
Interface not as clean as it could be.

Review: Slacker Radio

Who says nobody develops for Windows Mobile anymore? Leaked in February only to be yanked, and then announced at CTIA in parallel with the launch of the HD2 on T-Mobile; Slacker Radio brings one of the more robust streaming radio empires to the Windows Phone platform. Slacker Radio is a service designed to bring you a variety of content for little or no cost. In a world where 3G networks and high-powered mobile devices are becoming commonplace; Slacker and similar services have a solid foundation on which to expand their empire.

To get a look at what you can find in Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile, keep reading.

High Quality streaming audio. Wide variety of content. clean interface.
Free version has ad content. Designed only for WVGA screens with Portrait Orientation.

Review: Asphalt 4

The proliferation of games in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile has made the decision on which time-waster to invest ones money in a difficult one. A big part of the choice is based on what types of games you enjoy playing. For those of you who enjoy games that fall in the racing genre, this one’s for you.

Asphalt 4 is a street racing game from Gameloft which gives you many of the features that you would expect from a racing game. Keep reading for the full review.


Large feature set. Supports accelerometer.
Graphics a little lacking.

Mini-Review: Flix (dedicated movie-showtimes)


Review: Mobliza and Buzzword Baby

Windows Marketplace for mobile has been around for a few months now and developers small and large have contributed to help stock the Marketplace's shelves. The Auri Group, one such developer, offers two apps in the Marketplace that focus on SMS or text messages. Mobliza 1.2 and Buzzword Baby are two utilities that may come in handy if you rely on text messages on a daily basis or are at a loss for words.

Mobliza is an automated texting tool that comes in handy when your busy or just don't want to deal with texting. Buzzword Baby is a simple app that generates buzz words or phrases.

Follow the break for more on these two apps and what they have to offer.

Review: Panoramic BlackJack


If you haven’t noticed, one of the biggest things that I look for in a new game for my phone is how well it translates to the mobile platform. There are good reasons that my favorite game genre (First Person Shooters) haven’t made a big splash in the Windows Mobile arena; that is because there are certain controls that lend themselves to that type of game. Card games traditionally require a minimal amount of effort from the user to accomplish what they are trying to do, making them a good candidate for a mobile platform.

One developer that has made an effort to offer a number of different card games for reasonable prices is Panoramic Software. In addition to their card games such as Panoramic FreeCell and the subject of this review, BlackJack; Panoramic also offers other applications such as their Twitter client, moTweets.

To see if Panoramic BlackJack lives up to the standards that we have come to expect from Panoramic Software, hit the jump.

Clean interface. Tutorials. Supports various card counting techniques.